31 December 2015

Happy New Year



Land of Smiles

A job well done by the admen of Lay chips in Thailand. The boys are all over Facebook posing with the bag over their mouth.

Sorry, they are much better-looking without it !

12 December 2015

Wish I were there

I am now at home and cannot help thinking that my planning was quite poor this year. Not really my fault because I had to squeeze in my last trip between some of the few commitments I still have at home, but this made me to miss the "Bike for Dad" event.

Ready for the ride !
I love riding a bike (not the noisy and puffing kind), I love Bangkok and Thailand, and this event was an unique opportunity to blend my two passions. And this in a quiet and secure environment, far from some rowdy drivers who make Thai roads the most dangerous in the world. Seeing the Ride live on the thai TV made me regret not taking part still more. What struck me the most was seeing all these people smiling and obviously happy to ride together behind the Prince.

Oh, I do not wish to be too excited, and can imagine the social and political background of this event. But if riding a bike could make thai people more united, I am all for it. I could even imagine that this could be an incentive for them to ride their bikes more often in their everyday life, and generally to live in a more healthy way, but I would not hold my breath.

In some way I could manage to take part in the event, as one of the rides planned out of Thailand took place not far from my home. There were about 150 people attending, mostly thai people living there, and mostly women. The atmosphere was very cheerful, with everyone smiling and happy to be together paying a tribute to the beloved King. I could spot two or three lads that I would have liked to know better, but it was obviously not the right place to even think of it.

On top of that, I understand that there is now a big two-weeks annual festival in Udon Thani with a lot of shopping, parades, live music and fun (and some brawling too). It is called Thung Sri Muang Festival, takes place from December the 1st onwards and is aimed at honoring His Majesty the King. Reading from Facebook, it seems that every boy living within 50 miles around wants to go, but obviously they have neither transport nor money nor place to stay in town … I guess I could have selflessly helped some (or at least one every day) by offering bed and board free of charge, with some beer money as a bonus.

So time to be smarter when planning a next trip to Thailand … But then there is always something interesting going on in this fabulous place !

Thung Sri Muang Festival, Udon Thani
Festival in Udon Thani

02 December 2015

Saphan Kwai massage shops

Samuel Johnson could have said it : "when a man is tired of Bangkok, he is tired of life". Eleven nights and a half in Bangkok versus only nine in Pattaya : if that is an indicator, no doubt I would lean towards the Big Mango against Sin City every time the usual fruitless quarrel rears its head. Between my trips, I spend more and more time around my homely hotel room in Saphan Kwai, and this for one plain reason : I feel really good there.

Most of my days were spent going here and there in Bangkok ; when in Farangland, I live in a quiet - albeit very scenic – place, so any reason is a good reason to partake in the vibrant Bangkok life among thousands of people. When enough is enough, I then come back to Saphan Khwai, often being the only farang left in the BTS train after Phayathai station (except on week-ends). And from the station, it's then a rather circuitous route to my room, in order to see what's is on offer in front of the many massage shops now operating in the area.

thai massage boy
Waiting for a customer
I did not visit all of them, and this was probably wise as I read in a thai forum that not all provide extra services. Most have a queue system, so you will go with the boy whose turn has come ; however you usually can insist on choosing the boy you prefer, or even ask for one you know from a previous visit or from someone's advise. Do know that except in Nine Spa, there is no privacy if you ask for a thai massage or foot massage. Other kinds will entitle you to a more or less private room, but usually with light partitions not going up to the ceiling (common air-conditioned system). If you have time on your hands, it has been suggested that you ask for a foot massage first, just to see how things are working and which boys meet your requirements.

The places I visited were all clean, welcoming and charged reasonable rates especially before 5pm. So from Saphan Kwai BTS station (exit n°1) and going back towards Pradiphat Road, you will pass by these shops :
> Amor Spa and Am Fine under exit n° 1 : two adjacent places, one small and the other larger where I could saw some handsome lads but did not enter.
> Going on along Phahonyothin, enter the second soi on the right leading to 39 Underground Sauna : again two adjacent boy-only places on your right with many cute guys : I-Sabay and Romphruk. I went twice to the latter, which has mostly vietnamese boys ; extra-service proposed and tip agreed, and then the boy will more or less accept to be in the nude
> Turn left, pass by Phahon Theater (another infamous gay place by all accounts), you will find Pailin on your left. Few boys in front of the shop but it seems busy inside ; strict queue system I am said, including girls.
> Follow the very narrow pathway and then turn left back to Phahonyothin : facing Big C you will pass by Noble Spa, and then Sabaidee just at the corner of Pradiphat Road : these are shops with both boys and girls and a queue system as well, but you could probably avoid it if you order an oil massage and ask to choose – especially in the last one where I had only a nice foot massage by a nice girl.
> Cross the road and go to Big C, follow the car entrance and exit on the right of the mall and then turn right on the Soi leading south to Suthisan Road : you will reach Seven Massage who has just relocated in a subsoi here. Boy-only place where I did not had enough time to go, but looks promising and very professionnal.

thai boy massaging thai boy
Will extras be part of the game ?
And finally there is of course Nine Spa in the Liberty Garden Hotel, the only place which comes close to a real gay massage shop with private rooms and slightly higher prices ; here, extra services are part of the game, possibly including hard ones. You choose your boy from a tablet which shows their pictures. The cashier is not always available and as he is the only one you can see in the flesh (so he has a definite advantage over others), you could regret it at first. Most of their boys are nowadays hill-tribe boys from Tak province ; I highly recommend Phet who knows perfectly how to make you shiver with pleasure along the whole process, bringing you like in a trance when serious things begin.

The premises will undergo a complete renovation, and the shop will have to move near the BTS station – but I still do not know exactly where. If I don't get any information before my next trip, be sure I will comb the entire area until I can find it !

21 November 2015

... and Pattaya nights

The bar scene in Pattaya was not as depressing as the New Dongtan Beach, except for the Sunee Plaza gay area shrinking every year. Nice Boys was the bar where I felt the better, but I did not have time to visit neither Eros Boys nor Good Boys – although there was this dark-skinned blond-haired lad that did not seem shy at all. Sitting in the very welcoming Sky Bar was the closest I came to this den of debauchery.

Beer bars were loaded with too many gay boys and lady boys for my taste, so I spent most of my time in Jomtien Complex. In BC Bar, the boys are clearly on the male side, besides being generally very cute and eager. Sorry I had not kept up learning khmer language, but I found their english not bad at all and there is always someone speaking english or thai to help you. I took one to my room, and another in one of their rooms above the bar : not a loss of time if you want to know. I was just lucky that the boys I fancied were not already busy with customers.

Kawai Boys gay bar in Pattaya
Kawai Boys in Pattaya
Boyztown had also some interesting staff especially in Kawai Boys which I liked very much – but once again I did not visit all places. Let's just say that the level of drink prices does not always match the cuteness ratio : I was really disappointed in Toy Boys, but that is probably only a matter of personal taste.

As for the massage places, I tried only the one facing Bordeaux Restaurant, among the six or seven shops scattered around the Tuk.com area. I asked to choose my masseur and had the chance to be treated by an absolute delight : Kaow, a young (legal) boy from Nakhon Phanom, who gave me a strong and skillful massage ; unlike most masseurs, he was not reluctant at all when it came to kissing and to wanking himself to completion. He is now back home but will come back after the rice harvesting I guess.

And finally I went to a gay karaoke suggested by my boyfriend who had joined me on my last day in Pattaya. The place is in fact the Royal House Message in Day 1 Night Area, which turns into a karaoke at night. There is a whole line of boys that you can call to your table every half-hour or so, for a 200 THB fee (of which the boy gets 100), pleasant, though there is some pressure to call each time the shift is over. I paid 1700 THB for a red Label bottle, mixers included, and of course some tips to the boys and the waiters. This can make the night out a little bit expensive, but the atmosphere was good and a good time was had by all. This is a rather thai for thai place, so very few gay guys in sight, which I liked.

And that was all for Pattaya for this trip : a rather quiet Pattaya, which keeps all its appeal at night but where I will have to be more inventive for filling my afternoons in the future.

19 November 2015

Pattaya days . . .

Only eight nights in Pattaya … I was not in a hurry to go and not dying to leave either, but that was enough. And this although I had never staid for such a short time in Pattaya for most of my 29 trips to Thailand. Oh, no boredom at all, but I felt like one of my favourite toys had been broken : afternoons on Jomtien Beach are definitely not what they were any more.

I could do with less boys, less sellers, less cute beach attendants. But being crammed like sardines is definitely not my idea of a nice holiday. No more privacy, so few free space to invite an unexpected friend to sit down, no more sellers passing just in front of my seat, and hardly any view to the sea except from the front row : sorry, that's no more for me. I went only twice, partly because the weather was really rainy this year, and mostly because I did not feel the need to go. It seems another Pattaya attraction has gone, and the most frustrating is that this reorganisation is beyond all understanding. Let's hope that common sense will prevail in the end, at least when these idiots will have buggered off back to the barracks where they belong.

Hat thian
Purple sunbeds : on the agenda

I had invited my young friend from Khorat to come to Pattaya, as I had not met him since many months. He pushed me to go to Koh Larn and we spent the day on Thian Beach, which we liked very much . The rules about chairs were rather lax, prices quite affordable and the place acceptably busy despite a high russian attendance. I was so pleased that I came back alone, and once again enjoyed my stay despite being on a Sunday. So I guess that trips over there will be on the agenda on my further holidays in Pattaya. I even noticed an all-khmer staff on one of the first concessions (the one with purple chairs), and can imagine that repeated visits could slowly build some intimacy with one of the boys or another …

The last trip back to Pattaya was spoilt by heavy rain, but a russian was nice enough to use his mat to protect me from the shower .. so much for the usual bad naming. By the way I like their president more and more too...

08 November 2015

New-found freedom

I love my boyfriend and have great times together. And he is always the one I am thinking of when I feel lonely. However I must say that this holiday so far has been great, thanks to the fact that I have been on my own most of the time. No more constraint for meeting boys, for elaborating plans, for early appointments : this is something I appreciate still more than what I thought.

I used this new-found freedom wisely but firmly. I can now contemplate handling a calling card with my phone number to this waiter in my favorite restaurant, and even if the chances to have him in my room are thin, feeling it IS possible is priceless. I must also thank Christianpfc, the well-known blogger that I had the chance to meet for the first time in the flesh (and in the restaurant above). Speaking with him strengthened my impression that everything is possible, and that luck, patience and perseverance could bring you much satisfaction when it comes to thai boys.

ultimate goal : bringing cute thai boys into my room ...
Ultimate goal : bringing cute thai boys into my room

Incidentally, lack of stamina due to weariness can be easily overcome by chemical aid. Finding easily the magic bullets could be a chore, but a friend of a friend of my neighbor told me about a shop in Sukhumwit where everything can be found for a reasonable price : very nice for my peace of mind in the very unlikely case I should need them.

So you guess than I have a great trip so far, with new outlooks opening up every day. See you to-morrow in Pattaya where I hope the mess on the beach will not put me off …. Otherwise there always will be Sihanoukville or ….UdonThani !

06 November 2015

High cuteness ratio in Udon Thani

I had not liked my former stay in Udon Thani, mainly because of the lack of places to meet boys. Things have changed now as I have joined the mobile internet side and the Facebook community. And Udon Thani is still a place where the cuteness ratio stands very high, you can see it as soon as you leave the airport. So this time was a great one, even without any boy in my bed during the three nights I spent there.

If the Nong Khai boys had disappeared, I had just made contact with a local boy just a few days before leaving to Thailand. Barely legal, but clearly very eager to meet, without even telling about money – although a financial reward is always part of the equation. A first appointment had been made for day one in the evening, but he cancelled it at the last minute, as his mother did not want him to go in Udon at night (he lives upcountry about one hour from the main town). Finally we agreed to meet at the bus station on the following day, and he showed up almost on time. But what I saw was definitely a young-looking and shy lad, so I decided to not even try to bring him to my room. He had come to town for buying school books, so we sat in front of Central Plaza waiting for the opening hour.

Nong Prajak Park in Udon Thani
We chatted a little, but he was much more reserved than on Facebook, and he proposed to go to Nong Prajak Park ; in a more private atmosphere, he unexpectedly told me he had a hard-on …speaking frankly, I too was in the same condition, but of course no way to do anything in the park. We then went back buying his books, he his a brilliant student despite a very poor background. I added an english conversation handbook as his skills in the matter were very limited, and of course paid the bill.

We were about to leave when he said : “I go to the toilets, do you come with me ?”. And here he was opening a cubicle inviting me to enter with him ! I never had anything in a public toilet, let alone with an angel-faced young guy … It did not last long, as I quickly realised that the situation could become very nasty if someone has heard or seen something. We had enough time to kiss, I sucked him in a rather awkward position, and he obviously wanted his ass to be taken care of … The naughty little devil finally understood the situation, and reluctantly opened the door in a luckily deserted restroom. But God I was happy not to be faint-hearted ! Future encounters in a more convenient place (ie. my room …) are already on the list, I will then be sure he is legal.

Kumphawapi cutie
An appointment with another boy was planned for the next day, but his relatives did not want him to go to Udon … too risky …. although he had already worked as a waiter in a Sri Racha night club (he is the guy I was due to meet in Chainat, but he has now gone back to his family in Udon Thani province). I was expecting everything, as the meeting place was the Tesco Lotus in Kumphawapi, another small town 40 km from Udon Thani. Waiting for him gave me a good opportunity to observe the local lifestyle, I was especially impressed by the number of farangs established in the area. Finally I saw him, astoundingly much cuter than in the pictures. No hanky-panky in the restroom, we only had a short chat but it was obvious he was interested in a future paid encounter, probably in Bangkok where he would like to work. We had not talked about sex on Facebook, but he was neither surprised nor offended when I asked him if he could do everything. And he was OK to have his picture in my blog …. a very cooperative young man indeed !

Finally little activity but two fantastic encounters with two incredibly cute boys, that I will obviously never forget and try to repeat as possible. And also a lot of eye-candy all over the place, for example in the UD Town food court, where many male students find a side job at night as waiters.

02 November 2015

Back to school, boys

You can feel it in the atmosphere : to-day the schools and universities reopen after a three or four weeks holiday. Which does not prevent the computer shop where I am now to be full with youngsters playing I do not know which games.

Some had probably made their way to Pattaya in the hope for some bucks ; I will always remember this October evening where the long gone Fogus Bar was suddenly full of boys .... with their luggage, on their way back to their homes. In one day the place had lost all its charm.

31 October 2015

Short break with my boyfriend

The touristy part of this trip has been reduced to his minimum, as my boyfriend has just opened a karaoke in his home village and of course he has to make the shop turn.

The income is not great, purchasing power upcountry is not very high and the average bill does not reach the Pattaya levels for sure. Some week evenings can be very depressing, while Friday and Sunday allow more people to come. Those who had a chance to go to this kind of places know that the comfort is not great, but a lot of sanuk can be had. Of course some foreign sponsor helped him to start the activity, without hoping a huge return except giving a boy the opportunity to earn a decent living.

Tha Ton bridge
He could find an uncle to replace him for four days, so we met in Chiang Mai and a short drive with his car brought us to a very nice first stay in Tha Ton close to the burmese border. This place is known for its temple, which offers great views all over the region. We then went to the Tachilek market in Burma for some shopping.

No stop in Chiang Rai, so no update on the local scene, and it was then Phayao and its lake - still one of the best-kept secrets in Thailand.

And I could finally reach his home in Phrae province and see how the bar looked like : a small place in the middle of the rice fields along the local main road, with nice (female) staff and fresh beer.

It was already time to hop on the plane from Phrae and go back - alone - to Bangkok for some days.

30 October 2015


After a short warming up in Bangkok, the first part of my trip was dedicated to the north : not really a free choice, as my boyfriend lives and works there. However I had kept two days for myself, in order to check the situation in Chiang Mai.

Well I am sorry to say that the scene in the Rose of the North did not really impress me, knowing that such a claim cannot be asserted through a two-days stay. I visited most bars in Soi 6, thanks to the very accurate map provided on the Chiang Mai news website (link on the right) : most have a good atmosphere, the boys are welcoming and nice, but not in great numbers. And the sleaze factor which was permeating the famous alley facing the D2 hotel has gone : very few rough guys, and only some neat and tidy young men eager to find company for a night or support for life.

I visited only two bars in the Chang Phuak area. Freeguys was a favourite of mine, but has now turned to a host bar with karaoke late evening. The light is too weak so you simply cannot see clearly the boys : a pity as some could be very interesting ; 200 bahts for a drink seem a little bit steep in these conditions. Adam’s Apple is little bit more welcoming but I did not stay for the 22.30 show, and the boys there are really into muscle, which is not really my thing.

Freeguys gay bar in Chiang Mai
Staff in former Freeguys bar

Once again I was more lucky with the massage boys. I went exploring Chiang Mai Land village where there are at least three shops with boys. Despite the early hour, Sixty Nine club seemed to have already many lads available, judging from the number of motorbikes parked in front. However I wanted to try 333 Club, which is on the main street (but will change location very soon). Only three boys had arrived, most of them come only at about 7 o’clock, I chose Bank who first massaged my legs, and quickly asked me to turn over ; it did not take long for him to got to the main part, which he did skillfully despite being rather young. I asked him to take off what was still hiding his nudity, which he obliged and we ended cuddling together, as I could not take my hands off his silk-like skin.

Some further days would probably have allowed me to know the scene better, at least by visiting at more suitable times ; I have always been surprised by the fact that Chiang Mai seems to welcome newcomers rather reluctantly, and that you need more time for being acknowledged by the boys.

24 October 2015

Starting full speed

Here I am again… looking at my usual hotel room and thinking that it is like my second home, which I think of almost everyday when in my country.

As expected, travelling with an arabic company was much more bearable than with the european ones. Two hours walking and sitting in Doha Airport in the middle of the trip was just what was needed for some relaxation. The second leg to Bangkok was flown in an Airbus A-800, which really offers more comfort and room even in Y class.

Leaving the airport, I had to remind my taxi driver to turn the meter on, which he obliged, and he was then very delightful and chatty. I told him about the best way to go to Saphan Khwai : the shortest route is not always the quickest.

Unfortunately I felt very quickly the effects of an old sore which could greatly disturb my trip. Long and too fast walks in the airports had awakened an old heel tendinitis which could bring me to cancel some trips. I had to go to a clinic where I was prescribed some medicine which will at least allow me to walk more or less normally.

As a consequence, I did not even visit the Silom area during my first three nights in Bangkok. From my hotel, most Saphan Kwai venues are within easy reach, and then I had already two appointments with Facebook “friends”. At first I went to Be High bar, still there but with only three boys on this Wednesday evening ; unfortunately the young captain/manager is not available. All bars were very quiet and the owners quite pessimistic. However a new place has just opened, another karaoke called D-door (or something like that), next door to Haven in Soi Kawtei (where most boys bars are). There are still some cuties to be found in Saphan Khwai, like this 18 y/o karen boy, not shy and whom I will take to my room for sure.

But the main change in Saphan Khwai is the increasing number of massage places with boys ; there are two of them just under the BTS station, three more in the backsois near the infamous Phahol Cinema, and Seven which has just moved to the area behind the Big C parking exit. Add some places with both boys and girls, and Nine Spa in the Liberty Garden court, and that gives about 10 shops within in a very small area.

Seven Eleven thai boy
Available 7/11 boy
My first appointment was with a dark-skinned 19 y/o from Bang Na, who was OK to spend the night with me. As soon as I saw him approaching among the crowds of travelers leaving the BTS station, I knew I would like him : tall, dark-skinned and lean, so meeting exactly my specifications, and of course looking much better than on the pictures. He was a nice boy, not too much engrossed in his mobile phone, but was reluctant to kissing. I hope to see him again in Pattaya, where he would like to work in Toy Boys, where he would be undoubtedly very successful. No picture allowed for this little gem.

On the following day, I had a long bus ride to Minburi, where I had another appointment with a boy working in a 7/11 shop. I had reserved a room in a local hotel where he showed up on time. He did not loose time to open his trousers, and I must say that I liked what I saw …. Believe me, you are surely not cheated on quantity when you buy a sausage in his 7/11 outlet ! I went back to Saphan Khwai for sleeping, letting him make good use of the room with one of his boy- or girl-friend.

17 October 2015

Time for another round

Touring Thailand in good company

Still three days … and I will escape the cold here in Europe for another one-month stay in Thailand. My boyfriend is now working and cannot leave, so we will have only four or five days together in the northern area where he is living. That will leave me a lot of free time to spend on my own : for my homework, Facebook, gay websites and forums were used much more than tourist guides !

My calendar has already some firm appointments, mostly in Bangkok. At first there will be this dark-skinned student who proposed his services on some appropriate Facebook group ; actually, he is the reason why I decided to come a little earlier than previously planned. I will meet him in Bangkok and if we get along well, I will invite him one or two days in Pattaya - where he already seems to stay more often than your usual broke student ... "I like the sea", he tells me.

There will be a promising Seven Eleven boy too (a fantasy come true !), whom I will meet in a far away suburb, fee and appointment already set. And also this pretty - legal - young thing who worked in a Sri Racha pub when we got acquainted, and has since moved to Chainat. We never chatted about sex with him, so it will be part of the thrill to get him into my room ; if this fails, I will have at least added a new province to my list !

I have also booked a three-days trip to Udon Thani, as there seemed to be some interesting lads in the area ; however most were underage, including a Nong Khai student who had been pledging his love daily for one month and has then disappeared – he has since entered a mor-lam group as a dancer. So I am still eagerly looking for someone, knowing that all bars in town have now closed. I will perhaps stay one night in neighbouring Nong Bua Lamphu, where I can only hope to be lucky.

Sure I know that inviting Facebook boys could be at best deceptive, at worst dangerous. But who could resist the continuous flow of cuties appearing daily on the social networks ? And then I regard it as a way to pay off all the time and efforts I put in learning thai ...

massage boys in gay Bangkok
Massage boys bunch in Sukhumwit shop (Thailand Gay Guide)
During my extensive researches, I was also happy to discover how many new massage places open – and close – all over Thailand . I will try some, thanks to a japanese website (listed on the right), which gives detailed maps and enough information in english. According to a thai forum, there are added services offered in many ordinary massage shops, just like in Pattaya, including in some shops I had passed by daily in my beloved Saphan Khwai area - unaware of their mere presence.

Chiangmailand massage joints look promising too, so Chiang Mai should keep me very busy for the two days I will spend there alone.The huge information available on the Chiang Mai News website (listed aside too) will be put to good use for sure !

Thailand has always something new and promising to offer ; why should I be jaded going there for my 29th trip ?

12 October 2015

Dual pricing

As western visitors, we often feel being overcharged only beacause we are just that : farang. I can understand it when I have a to pay a little more for motosai taxis or a hotel room though even so I feel that I am being taken advantage of, and supposed to be much richer than I am. I dislike it when the difference is made not because of my passport but because of my skin color : I would like to be sure that these ubiquitous chinese tourists pay the same price as me. And I am on the verge of non accepting it (meaning : turning my heels back) when the difference is farang prices being 10 times higher, like in most national parks : this is blatant robbery, especially as the maintenance in these parks is often hardly worth even the thai price.

Until now I did not see this bad habit spreading among the boys. Street boys in Grand Palace area ask 500 bahts whatever the customer’s nationality (although I usually give more), and the massage shops have the same price list too. In the bars I never discuss the price before and will normally give some extra above the going rate if satisfied.
thai boy
However when chatting with a boy online, the boy almost always broaches the topic of financial reward. So I was not really impressed when a boy I chatted with on Line, bluntly shown how natural double pricing was for thai people.

The 18 y/o boy was from Suphanburi, and was OK for coming to my hotel in Bangkok, but only for short time. There was no time lost as his brother had told me that he was OK for selling his services so I could skip the usual small talking, courting, convincing and agreeing sessions. When I asked for the price, he answered : "When I go outside, I usually charge 1500 bahts including transport, but for foreigners I ask 2000 bahts". I did not answer anything, mainly because coming from Suphanburi and going back would have cost probably more than 500 bahts, not counting three lost hours for the boy, so his final pay would have been rather low.

So I will keep his name for a later visit to Suphanburi, where I spotted an interesting cheap hotel with pool, as well as many attractions and places to visit – but there is so few interesting things to do in these provincial towns at night .... Or I will wait till next year when he will probably be a student in Bangkok.

30 September 2015

Indecent offers

This morning, I had at first a message on Messenger at about 4.30 am (so 9.30 am in Thailand) : "open your cam and let's jerk off together" ; it came from a Facebook "friend", a young student in Buriram who seems to spend his whole life on the net where he is openly looking for a long-term sponsor. And one hour later, another distant friend in Bangkok sent me the same offer - no money asked in both cases. I duly rejected both offers, partly because I was not in the mood so early in the morning, and mainly due do the fact that I do not really know the actual age of these two guys - and in these hysterical times, better safe than sorry.

Why did I get these indecent - albeit very nice - offers ? At first I lay blame on the full moon period, and on the beginning of an exciting one-month holiday for the boys - a matter of seasonal hormonal boost. But then I thought of all what I had became familiar with, due to months of (too long) daily Facebook sessions. Athough not being able to understand 100 % of what the boys write, I am now rather familiar with the way they interact and what they think, or rather how they want to be regarded. And I cannot help wondering to see how brazen, sex-driven, shameless, thai teenagers (and probably teenagers all over the world) are now appearing.

They do not hide being gay and download lots of pictures with their flirt du jour, they use the word yet (fuck) as if fucking was as common as breathing, and their state of mind is ngian (horny) almost as often as the usual nuay (tired). And being under or over 18 does not make any difference, including for (thai) people much older.

Is it only a posture, or have teenagers changed so much since the years when we were teenagers ourselves? I would rather guess that I am the one who is naive and out of fashion.

Not that I am complaining about this new frame of mind ...

Horny thai teenager

18 August 2015

Cannot wait

I am still there and well, thank you. No new entry since my return : this can only be explained by the fact that, not being in Thailand, I had nothing interesting to share. Not that I have more now, except that a new trip is in sight.

I did not want to visit again in October/November, as this is the time I used to go when I was still running the rat race. However sometimes you just cannot wait any longer, and that is what has just happened. I am tired to chat with the boys on Facebook and telling them "sorry now not in Thailand, I will go soon". Now I do not tell anything but will warn them few days before I land again in Bangkok.

I love your wallet
Chatting with the boys on Facebook is another very addictive activity when stuck in Farangland. And looking for new ones is still better. It seems there is a never-ending flow of new young guys accepting to chat (thai language only), and not refusing an encounter or more. Most are real cuties, at least most are much better-looking than the guys in the bars … and we all know that in real life asian boys are still more lovely than on their pictures. You just have to escape those who want upfront money to be transferred for some reason, those who look for lifelong love (read : fat wallet), and of course the usual cheaters.

I remember old times when only getting some written news material from Thailand was a bliss ; now we can chat (and sometimes much more) daily with the nicest boys on earth. I can only tell myself that internet is definitely not so bad …

So I will land around October 20th for one month (still some commitments at home). For the first time in my life, I will fly with one of the Middle-Eastern carriers. Not that I like it but I really found my last return flight very tiresome (12 hours 30 in cattle class) and I love the idea of splitting the journey in two : 7 + 7 hours looks definitely much nicer than 13 + 1.

The news about the bombings in Ratchaprasong are a further incentive to go to Thailand again, if only to show that we love the country and want to support it in these sad times.

16 March 2015

Staffing problems

During my final days in Bangkok, I took some time to visit the Saphan Kwai bars which are close to my hotel. What struck me was the poor number of boys staffing each bar I went to. In Charmming, there was even no boy available at all when I went, prompting me to turn my heels back without even ordering a drink – something I usually hate to do … Perhaps I want there too early : the boys now are very lax with working hours and often do not show up before ten o’clock … perhaps they are too busy to check their Romeo account ?

Be High gogo bar has been renovated and looks better than before. Still few boys, and still approaching even when uninvited, but the captain/waiter/mamasan is a cute young isan lad, who said me not to be available until bar closure. Drink 150 THB.

Not many boys in the other bars, and not really attractive in my opinion. I wonder if they do not keep the most handsome ones for their regular customers, as I saw very cute ones sitting in front of some places but not going inside to take care of customers … Perhaps I should have given some more time to visit Heaven Karaoke, who seem to have some well-hidden cuties ?

Times must be difficult as I saw big smiles and welcoming words from some bars owners that had ignored me before. Oasis at the end of the soi is now a TV repair shop, Waterloo is definitely a karaoke bar but massage is available on the premisess. Nothing changed for Adam, Street Boy, Staxx, Heaven and U-Turn ; one of the owners confirmed me that staffing was their main problem, due to social networks which boys prefer to use to make contact with potential customers. They now hire boys from Burma and Laos too, despite their patronage being mostly thai.

thai boy shower
On a better note, I went two more times to Nine Spa (left when entering Liberty Garden Hotel from Pradiphat Road) : this is the place where boys have their pictures shown to you on a tablet. Second time was with Laem, and on the third time I wanted to choose a new boy but immediately changed my mind when I saw Song (that I had chosen on the first time) in the flesh. Both were very skilled at their massage, and at ending it in the happiest way. Rooms are clean and have their own (cold or lukewarm) shower, prices are very reasonable. From the pictures on the tablet, and some I could see « live », I can confirm that this shop is right on if you like your masseur young and slim. Curiously enough, they do not advertise much although they had a page in Thaimassageboy website some months ago.

A stop in Magic Hands near Malaysia Hotel did not turn out as good. I had no choice of the boy, and although he was nice, I could see clearly his face only when going to the post-massage shower. He had not given any clue to a happy ending and even did not agree to my invitation to shower together. However the premises are nice and clean and will deserve a further visit.

Back to farangland now, only to see the euro in free fall against the baht and the US dollar (used in Cambodia and Laos). This will lead me to more frugal choices – if possible ! - for my next visits to the area, even if I had secured some provisions to my Kasikorn account when euro had still a reasonable value.

09 March 2015

Little Cambodia

I discovered a new interest in Jomtian bars, but in fact I quickly limited my visits to only one of them : BC Bar, near Poseidon Hotel. They have everything I could wish : nice boys, good lay-out and welcoming atmosphere. The boys here are mainly cambodian, so I could as a bonus test my basic khmer : not really conclusive, but trying was good enough to arouse some interest from the boys – especially those not comfortable with english or thai. As a beer bar, drinks are cheap enough but they add 30 THB for boy drinks, which are then passed onto the boy, so you know where your money goes.

BC Bar Jomtian PattayaI quickly developped a circle of three boys and had good time with them although they had of course a tendency to speak khmer together. One of them spoke good english and another fairly good thai, so we could hold some conversation beyond the usual sign language. Little by little, it became clearer for me why I am more and more attracted to cambodian boys : beyond their often browner skin, and their lean body (due to a healthier food I guess), I learnt that very few khmer guys have tatoos on their skin, as those are regarded in a very negative way by khmer culture. Moreover katoeis are much less accepted in Cambodia than in Thailand especially in the work environment, hence the fact that a majority of khmer guys behave like real men, whatever they do in bed. .

I offed one of the three guys for his good looks and his limited english ; if sex was so-so, I truely enjoyed his company. However on the following day, I wanted to take one of his friends ; he had no problem about this when I spoke with him. So we were once again chatting and laughing and drinking and I was flirting with the former boy as well as with the prospective one. However at some point the latter left the table without saying anything. I thought first he had gone to the toilet, then of a visit to the local tobacco seller ; only after half an hour, boy number 3 told me my new friend was « busy », he had got a phone call of a farang who wanted to have him that night.

cambodian boyUseless to say I left angry, but not without taking the first boy for another night together. If this farang happens to read this blog, I can only call you an asshole at least if you knew that « your » boy was promised to another one that night ; people with good manners don’t behave like that. As for boy number 2, the one who left, I will take great pleasure ignoring him next time I go – supposing that I can resist to his beautiful smile of course.

Beyond this disappointment, I miss the atmosphere and the boys there, and hope they will stay long. This bar has already a good patronage, but thai authorities likely give them a hard time more often than it suits.

07 March 2015

Pattaya gay areas changing

How could a stay in Pattaya be only a matter of sea and beach when there are so many boys running around admiring your looks and your wallet ? With my boyfriend’s blessing, I could visit - alone - some of the dens of immorality which mark out the local streets. I even could negotiate some « free » nights in my hotel room, knowing it is so frustrating to find a gem in a bar and not being able to know him more intimately … I know there are often short term rooms for that purpose, but I never find them very romantic for a tryst.

lovely thai boy
I did not visit all Pattaya bars ; in fact I visited only some in Boyztown, and was really amazed to see how low some of them have gone. Vassa Bar was full of screaming ladyboys except for two boys who seemed not really at ease in this bunch, Dream Boys was average and Lucky 777 was pathetic, you find better-looking guys in every motosai row in Pattaya. I was alone in everyone of these bars, which is not a nice situation when you do not like what you see. I also happened to enter Wild West Boys in the middle of the show, as I had to get some change for the songthaew … only to realise that a visit to the next door Family Mart would have been more fun and less money for the same purpose.

Soi Sunee was as usual better. No hanky-panky this time with my favourite waiter in Eros Boys, the backroom is now closed and I was not in the mood to do the deed in public, unlike some customers ; this bar has a nice gang of boys too, anyway much better than it appears from their website. I kind of boycotted Krazy Dragon, not wanting to support bars which push the price up – they are generally quickly followed by other neighbouring bars.

Actually, I spent most of my evenings either chasing massage boys in Day and Night shops (where it is now commonly accepted that you can choose your masseur), and getting to know better the Jomtian Complex bars, that I had visited many times in the afternoon but almost never at night. Transportation was not as difficult as I had feared, so I went there three or four times, and this was a very refreshing change from Soi Sunee and still more from Boyztown area.

06 March 2015

Sea, sand and sun

These ten days in Pattaya have been wonderful thanks to an almost continuous sunny and hot weather. I could indulge in my favorite daytime activity : lazying in the heat or looking at the world go by from under an umbrella.

During a first stay, I had observed that the new regulations had not changed too much the layout of Jomtian Beach, except for the chairs being more packed than before. Sure we now feel a little bit squeezed, but that was not much of an inconvenience as many deckchairs were unused. Vendors were still there, some of them absolutely gorgeous - especially among icecream sellers. I just had to get used to more and more families encroaching on "our" territory ...

Jomtien gay beach on Wednesday
Jomtian on Wednesday : an eyesore
I had the curiosity to have a glance on a Wednesday when the beach is closed, courtesy of Dear Leader. Well that was not a pretty sight : few people roasting in the sun, rubbish everywhere, and hideous heaps of unused deckchairs and umbrellas. How authorities can accept such a disaster is beyond me, everyone would be so much better with a 7/7 opening. Those who prefer clean and desert beaches have still 99 % of thai beaches for them, in addition to the wide spaces left between the concessions in the 1% remaining.

Chatting with one of the beach operators, he told me that the general opinion was that the beach could well be completely wiped out of every chair and umbrella within one year … only an isolated opinion of course, but should this nonsense happen, it would mean bye bye Pattaya, welcome Sihanoukville.

Thai boys at sea
Boys holidaying at sea  - the thai way
My boyfriend and me also spent one Wednesday on Nang Ram Beach beyond Sattahip. Unfortunately this was on a thai public holiday and the place was overloaded with thai (and some russian) groups and families by noon. We left immediately, at least once we were able to move our car that had been blocked by some thoughtless driver. Lot of eye-candy of course, but I am not really at ease shooting pictures of young men in the middle of so many people.

26 February 2015

Charming Chanthaburi province

Facebook and then a very detailed report on Christian’s blog had drawn my attention to a tourist attraction very popular among thais and looking rather spectacular : Khao Khitchakut in Chantaburi province. So when my boyfriend suggested we could go there, I accepted immediately. 

Khao Khitchakut is technically the name of a district and of a National Park ; its main attraction is located on a mountaintop and is the site of a Buddha footprint, and also offers many rock formations in all shapes. It is open only for two months in the year (grossly from mid January to mid March), so it attracts a lot of people – mainly thai. Moreover it is open day and night, and requires some physical effort.

Going there from Pattaya, logistics were rather easy to arrange : rent a car for two days, reserve a room in downtown Chantaburi and here we are, leaving Pattaya at 3 in the morning (the witching hour …), the boyfriend driving under the shrewd guidance of this sleepy farang. 

Way up towards Buddha footprint on Khao Khitchakut
Up to Buddha footprint
Two hours and a half of rather quiet roads later, we arrive at Wat Pluang, where the pilgrimage begins. In the middle of the mountains, we land in a small village brimming with touts, restaurants, souvenir shops, people going and coming back … business seems to be good there ! We then have to sit on a four-wheeled car, and then another, which climb very steep and bumpy trails where we mostly try to keep seated without pressing our neighbours or falling on the side … great fun, reminding af an amusement park. From then it is still a 1 or 2 km walk along well-maintained stairs, lined with bells, rocks sprinkled with yellow flowers left by pilgrims, and small shrines .. in the morning mist, all this combine to provide a very poetic backdrop. 

We finally reach the holy print, at the food of a huge boulder perched atop the mountain, where we join the huge mass of pilgrims of all ages, chanting, praying, making offerings in the middle of nowhere ; we can only be impressed by an atmosphere tinged with sharing, faith and mystery.

Khao Khitchakut boulder
Masses of pilgrims near Buddha footprint

Some more kilometers of rather slippery trails lead us to Pha Deng, where we write our wishes on a red piece of cloth that we then attach to a tree. And then it is the way back, with the trip down on the 4D pick-ups, still more spectacular in daylight. 

We spend the rest of the day in downtown Chanthaburi, resting in our hotel (World Travel Lodge, excellent), visiting the delightful old town and the massive catholic cathedral, and having a meal along the river where local students like to gather after school.

The following day sees us in the Phliu waterfall wich is another famous attraction for thai tourists, as they love splurging in fresh water and offering food to the fat fishes living in the stream. Finally we come back to Pattaya along the little-known and quiet Chantaburi beaches, not forgetting a seafood meal on Suan Son Beach (Rayong province) where tourists are really few and far between despite the hot sun and nice landscapes. 

Real Thailand (facing Koh Samet)
All in all a worthwhile trip in what some call the real Thailand (an expression that I do not like, is not Soi Sunee real Thailand too ? ), allowing me to log another province on my lifelong mission to sleep – local boy alongside not required - in each one of the 77 thai provinces (now 36 and counting). 

Further information on Christian's blog

22 February 2015

Magic southern islands

Due to work commitments, I never had the chance until now to visit Thailand during the best time of the year, that is January and February. Eighteen years of frustration have at last been compensated by a stay in the southern islands with my boyfriend. I just realise that for the first time in my life I have been able to enjoy a continuous sunny weather for more than three weeks, which never happens in the mountainous part of France where I live.

No gay adventure this time except the strong relation I have been in with my boyfriend since almost eleven years. Southern Thailand being mostly Moslim, no place for adventures, and anyway cute southern boys are not in great numbers – although those who have a nice face are really to die for. No sign of availability either.

Sunrise on Koh Yao Noi
Sunrise on Koh Yao

We spent three nights in the little known Koh Yao Noi island, in Phang Nga province, where the muslim inhabitants could until now maintain a low-profile tourism with few very expansive resorts and many middle-range family operations. You do not go there for the beaches as the water is generally shallow, but for the atmosphere, the simple and tasty seafood, and the landscapes. We took a boat tour to some of the many islands, some of them offering fantastic views, rode mountain bikes along deserted local roads, and spent a lot of time doing nothing, which is really not boring at all in this kind of place.

We had arrived through Phuket airport, and left to Krabi where I had planned a four day stay in Koh Lanta, renting a car from Krabi airport. This stay coinciding with both Valentine's Day and my own birthday, I had chosen to splurge on a rather expensive (by my standards) beachfront bungalow on the quiet Klong Nin beach. Everything went smooth, sunsets were beautiful as promised, and beaches large enough for everyone. If French tourists were a majority in Koh Yao, German ones seemed to prefer Koh Lanta.

In Krabi mainland, we visited some interesting waterfalls, along with the Emerald Pool much appreciated by farang youths escaping the cold season during their winter break. And I was also very proud to see my boyfriend able to climb the 1267 staircases leading to the summit of Wat Tham Sua, from where the view over Krabi town is impressive.

Krabi town from Wat Tham Sua summit
Exhausted boyfriend looking towards Krabi town
That was the touristy part of my trip, which I like almost as much as the fun part. Now back to more carnal pleasures with about two weeks to be shared between Bangkok and the unavoidable Pattaya.

13 February 2015

Free in gay Siem Reap

After my first stay in Siem Reap last June, I felt exactly like after my first visit to Thailand : I must come here again. And I came again, for only four days but that was enough to make me sure that this place had to rank high in the must do list for my next trips to Thailand.

khmer boy riding bicycle near Angkor Wat
Quiet riding near Angkor Wat
Being done with the visits to the temples, and being on my own, I spent some time riding a mountain bike to visit the area. I rode once towards the Thonlesap lake and anothertime towards the temples, which you can approach without buying the rather expansive pass. I especially liked the ride to the West Baray, which is this huge human-built reservoir close to Angkor Wat. Pity I had not brought any repair kit : I did not dare to ride the dirty road rounding the 8x2 km lake, fearing a puncture in the middle of nowhere with very few traffic.

During these rides, I could not help noticing the beautiful boys riding there own bikes on their way to the university and back. I love these khmer boys and their slim body, their white shirts neatly adjusted on their long black trousers … Overtaking these beauties or crossing their path was always a chance to admire their constant smile and their invariably cutes faces. I had rarely the chance to look at so many nice human beings gathered in the same place, since my trip to Luang Prabang.

More intimate meetings with khmer boys were not very difficult, and the massage shops near the Pub Street area were up what I expected. In the middle of huge crowds of international tourists, I was consistently approached by girls offering all kind of massages for 3 to 10 US dollars, and never forgetting to boast « private rooms » ; a short glance to look at the available male staff and if someone was good looking enough, I only had to answer : « OK but only with boy ».

khmer boy at lake
Khmer boy
There are more than half a dozen of places like this in the small street leading to the night market, and more on neighbouring streets. More and more have knocked up individual cubicles, which always lead to the boy offering a special ending. Some have high expectations, other do not ask for a price and seem happy with 25 or 30 US dollars. Every evening there seems to be new cute boys showing up, which would have kept me busy enough if I had staid for a longer time. Some are probably very close to the age limit, especially as khmer always add one year to say how old they are (something to do with the time spent in their mother’s womb, according to my khmer language book).

In some bars, boys work freelance and you can take them to your place ; however one of them told me I had to pay his « boss », but it could have been as well a way to stay in the shop for a possible new customer.

The massage shops, or street trade, are the best way to find friends. Not many boys go to the few gay bars remaining : Linga Bar which is now operating opposite their former location, where they have been replaced by another gay bar named Famous Bar.

09 February 2015

Surprises and disappointments

Bangkok is always my home port when I stay in Thailand, thanks especially to my hotel which accepts to keep my (excessive) luggage when I tour the provinces. But the Big Mango is also an attraction in itself where I like to relax and visit. Staying here in January, something I could not afford to do when I still was in the salt mine, also makes the city much more enjoyable.

Until now, I could only stay for short two-days periods. I used one of my evenings to visit the Hotel Malaysia lobby, where I have so many memories from my first trips to Thailand. Nothing has much changed – including the prices I am said - and the atmosphere is still the same as before : sleaze that you never see but that exudes from everywhere and everyone. A welcome addition to the area are the massage shops on the soi who seem to house some nice and willing cuties, making a further visit mandatory.

Street boy hustler in Bangkok
The good old days in Saranrom area

I also paid a visit to the Saranrom area, which came as a big disappointment : not more than about ten boys, all of them standing along Atsadang Road as if they were fearing police controls. This was on a Monday evening, I hope that the good old days of the Saranrom street hustlers have not gone.

Besides its overpriced gogo bars, Soi Twilight has got some beer bars that I had never taken the time to explore. The most interesting for me is the 1069 Bar just before reaching Classic Boys, also known for its vietnamese boys. And God they are cute ! I had a bad experience before with one of them that I had taken to a neighbouring short-time hotel. As always, I had not negotiated a price before, and was surprised to be strongly demanded 2500 THB when I had thought that a little more than 1500 THB would have been enough. The guy was cute but resolute, so I paid. I understand that the rules are now like these : if the boy is « offable », 500 THB for the bar, 500 THB for the so-called massage room and at least 1500 THB for the boy. This is what I was quoted by two of the guys working there, one of them with a « bad boy » look that I could not resist. I have still to figure whether some would accept to spend the night at my hotel.

After a short stay on my own in Siem Reap (more to come about it), I am now waiting for my boyfriend and a trip in the southern islands. No sex tourism this time (muslim area), but lazying on desert beaches and discovering the local cultures are on the agenda.

02 February 2015

Pattaya still a gay paradise

The news of the demise of Pattaya as a gay paradise are grossly exaggerated, I am pleased to say. During the three days I just spent in the beach resort, I could even find again part of the atmosphere I liked so much five or six years ago.

Pattaya gay beach after the crackdown
It was so at the beach, where I usually spend a lot of time. Especially on saturday, I was happily disturbed by many vendors, some of them ranking very high on the cuteness scale. There were even some boys showing themselves obviously looking for customers … a rare sight from what I understand. As for the new lay-out of the chairs and umbrellas, I found it a little more cramped than before, but at least my favorite operator was still there, with enough seats to choose.

I did not go to many bars, leaving them for a later visit. I liked the atmosphere at De One, which is the new name for the former Yaya Bar, where I chatted for a long time with a boy from Chayaphum who told me he was 27. However he had already worked in Soi Sunee 10 years ago, so when he was 17, in the (in)famous La Copa Bar – the La Copa’s former owner being now the De One new owner, this is a not surprising return to the roots.

The other places visited were Nice Boys, where I found the boys quite ordinary despite being very willing and daring, and of course Sunny Boys because of its new reputation as the place to be in Sunee Plaza. Well, from what I saw of the boys still there at 11.00 pm, I think that coming earlier should be still more interesting …

The beach and soi Sunee reminded of the Pattaya of old …unfortunately the traffic, the neverending construction sites, and huge price increases in some restaurants, brought me quickly back to reality.

29 January 2015

Charming Thailand as ever

Until now, everything bad that I had  read about Thailand has turned out to be false. I did not wait more than one minute at immigration where I arrived yesterday at 3.00 pm, the taxi queue system was OK and quick, and I was not ripped off by the taxi driver who turned the meter like they always had. And of course my hotel in Saphan Kwai was like before and I was welcomed like the old customer that I am.

Mundane trip ?
Arriving after a long flight does not allow to paint the town red (no pun intended dear khun General), so it was a quiet first night probably made easier by the visit I paid to a massage shop. I had read a review on the CFS website about the shop located in front of Liberty Garden hotel, which is very close to mine, so I could stay local for this.

The guy welcoming customers showed me the available boys on a tablet, and I chose him as soon as I saw his picture among the ones displaid : a very polite youngish northern boy,who offered a rather strong service with long and repeated strokes all the way from the feet to the head,  and then concentrating very gradually on the essential. Despite very little interaction, although there was no language barrier, I left happy and went directly to my bed. I saw later that I had been serviced by the same boy as the one in the CFS thread ... thank you to the writer if he reads this entry.

I really got the lay of the town to-day going to Central Latphrao for some shopping, and registering my phone number. The most mundane trip in this country is quickly turned into a feast due to the eye-candy on the way. As ever.

26 January 2015

Wintertime fun ahead

You never know what a holiday in Thailand will bring to you. However on the eve of leaving for my 28th stay in Thailand – the first in winter -, I am sure there will be many great times and, still more, the continuous impression of feeling good, wherever I am, whatever I do.

Unfortunately this trip begins amid a very bad atmosphere in Europe, due to the horrible crimes in Paris, and also to widespread worries about the economic situation. The value of euro has lost more than 17 % against thai bahts since my last trip in June, which will probably cause some unwanted limitations. I had booked flights and some hotel rooms and sent money before the freefall but, not being thai, I always think that what I spend to-day will have to be replaced next year probably at a higher rate.

Siem reap boy
Siem Reap again ...
The program for this five-weeks trip includes four days in Siem Reap, which I am eagerly looking forward to. I will go there alone, and have not planned any visit to the main temples – I already saw them last June in a more quiet atmosphere. So the days will be filled with resting, enjoying the guesthouse, perhaps biking, and of course admiring the local talent. I have been rather diligent at my khmer lessons but this will probably not be enough for having long chats in the local language ; at least I should find further incentive to go on learning.

In Thailand I will trip with my boyfriend to Southern islands. This has been a long dream of me but until now I had never been able to come to Thailand in winter, when the weather is at its best in the area. We will avoid Phuket as the beach situation there seems to be hopeless, but I could have the opportunity to spend one night in Ao Nang, where two low-key boy bars are supposed to be open.

For the remaining three weeks, both Bangkok and Pattaya are on the map. Depending on the atmosphere in the beachside resort, and most of all at the Jomtian beach, I could stay longer in the capital or in some other towns that I never visited.

If I needed only one reason to be happy to go back, it would be enough to have a glance out of the window and see snow falling with more to come at the end of the week. Finally these winters in Europe will not be missed !

01 January 2015

Happy New Year

Beginning a New Year is always
plunging into the unknown

thai boys plunging