18 August 2015

Cannot wait

I am still there and well, thank you. No new entry since my return : this can only be explained by the fact that, not being in Thailand, I had nothing interesting to share. Not that I have more now, except that a new trip is in sight.

I did not want to visit again in October/November, as this is the time I used to go when I was still running the rat race. However sometimes you just cannot wait any longer, and that is what has just happened. I am tired to chat with the boys on Facebook and telling them "sorry now not in Thailand, I will go soon". Now I do not tell anything but will warn them few days before I land again in Bangkok.

I love your wallet
Chatting with the boys on Facebook is another very addictive activity when stuck in Farangland. And looking for new ones is still better. It seems there is a never-ending flow of new young guys accepting to chat (thai language only), and not refusing an encounter or more. Most are real cuties, at least most are much better-looking than the guys in the bars … and we all know that in real life asian boys are still more lovely than on their pictures. You just have to escape those who want upfront money to be transferred for some reason, those who look for lifelong love (read : fat wallet), and of course the usual cheaters.

I remember old times when only getting some written news material from Thailand was a bliss ; now we can chat (and sometimes much more) daily with the nicest boys on earth. I can only tell myself that internet is definitely not so bad …

So I will land around October 20th for one month (still some commitments at home). For the first time in my life, I will fly with one of the Middle-Eastern carriers. Not that I like it but I really found my last return flight very tiresome (12 hours 30 in cattle class) and I love the idea of splitting the journey in two : 7 + 7 hours looks definitely much nicer than 13 + 1.

The news about the bombings in Ratchaprasong are a further incentive to go to Thailand again, if only to show that we love the country and want to support it in these sad times.