28 July 2014

At odds

Google screwed me over
I am really at odds with the Google system.  I wanted to delete pictures on my tablet and guess what ... this deleted them on my blog too ! Of course I never had any warning that this unfortunate action would have such an awful effect. As if anyone was supposed to know the impenetrable relations between Picasa, Google Plus, Blogger, Drive and the like ....

So for some time now many pictures will be replaced by a very nice grey road sign, and I guess I will need some days to find the former pictures and download them again.

I will try to add some new ones to make up for the inconvenience - stay tuned !

07 July 2014

Enticing massage shops

I spent nine nights in Pattaya and what struck me first when arriving was the low numbers of cars in the streets, a clear signal of low tourist numbers. Low numbers at Jomtien Beach too with full ranks of empty chairs, and tiny attendance in most bars I went.

I visited many of them, both in Boyztown and Sunee Plaza ; no great atmosphere in most except in Eros Boys where I had hardly stepped into the bar that a young cutie from Surin pounced on me – and I was the one thinking that Eros boys were not known as the most handsome in town !

The last den of sleaze remains Good Boys bar, where I had long chats with one of the boys here ; finally we could go behind the screens, at my request, as this one was not keen on having a private encounter – and a higher tip. No jerking-off contest that night (ten contenders and reward 500 have I been said), but more than one cubicle was the scene of very intimate activities.

On a different note, for the first time since eighteen years I was treated to a round of drinks by the owner of a Sunee Plaza bar ; this was in Sky Bar, where Tam and me spent some time – but not that much - chatting and looking the world go by. A kind attention which is for me the best incentive to go back if the place is nice, which it is.

To find more life, we had to go to Jomtien where the bars were very well attended ; however the cutest boys were already looked after by regular customers. Lack of Cambodian boys who had fled the country due to a groundless rumour, was also obvious as they are usually a nice addition to the place. And we did not forget our usual visit to see the show in The Venue, as good as ever.

Among a deserted Sunee Plaza, I indulged only once into closer encounters, and it was in Happy Boys where I chose to try their massage service – at least this is the way they call it. When I think of it, I remember having had more pleasure roaming the Day and Night area and looking at the massage boys, than visiting Soi Sunee. They have really hot guys there, and at least three shops are now boy-only places. In Relax@Me, a sturdy 20 y/o from Udon managed to get me to visit three times – good chemistry was enough.

thai boy massage
It seems that I am now more and more enticed by the massage shops rather than the bars : everything is so more convenient with on-site activities : no need to care about
transportation, meals, hiding the money ... and telling lies to the boyfriend to have the hotel room vacant ...