31 October 2017

Seven months late

Long time no see ... Sorry, I failed to update my blog since about seven months and that is a lot too much. I did not even take the time to tell about the end of my stay - not that there was a lot to talk about.

My boyfriend joined me for my last five days in Thailand, longer than I had expected. I feel I have less and less commitment towards him, as if he were now more like and old friend than a boyfriend. He is running a small karaoke bar upcountry and needs some financial help, which I am more and more reluctant to give. The obvious way out would be to break up once and for all but I stil cannot forget all the good times we had together, especially when travelling around the country.

Young thai rider
The highlight of my final days (and that was in April) was the start of the Cycling Tour of Thailand, a perfect combination of my biggest passions : cycling, boys and Thailand. It took place very early in the morning and the scarcee attendance and very loose controls allowed me to enter in the heart of the opening ceremony. I could gaze both at the bikes and at their riders, most of them lean and tanned asian men aged 19 to 25. A pity that I had to leave two days later, as I would happily have followed them (not on a bike though) until their last stage in Chiang Mai. For the record, thai riders did well in the race, with one satge win in Phitsanulok.

Since coming back to my country, I had a lot to do, which explains why I did not update until now. Well, this explains only a little : I could update when I spent most of my time at work, while I am six months late now being a happy pensioner.

Well, not so happy as our present President seems to hate us older people : we are the only class which will have to pay higher taxes while others, mostly the rich, will have huge and useless cuts. Be sure that the extra money I will have to pay for taxes will be saved at home and definitely not in Thailand ! So much for that Macron : the world admires him (or so we are told) but he is actually only a liar and a conceited little jerk.