31 December 2011

En route for 2012


11 December 2011

Mister Goody Goody

With the floods coming closer every day, I had no time to waste in Bangkok. The Morchit area was already under water, meaning that I could have only three or four days left dry if things had to turn nasty. So I had hardly recovered from my Hua Hin adventures when I decided to call back the Samut Prakan boy. We agreed to meet again at the Baering BTS Station which is the current terminus of the Sukhumwit line (extension to Samut Prakan is due to be completed in 2014).

Once again he arrived on time, walking like a cat despite his lanky body. I proposed him to have a meal in the Silom area, which is a fourty minutes journey away. He had told me he had never used the BTS network alone, which could well be true. I chose to go to Dick's Cafe just for the atmosphere, as I had absolutely no intention to bring him to any gogo bar. Sure this is not the best eating place in town but you cannot beat the place in Bangkok for seeing the world go by in a not too noisy atmosphere. We chatted about this and that, he told me he was gay but no friend of him knew it and it hardly surprised me as Samut Prakan is still very far from Bangkok in terms of tolerance and open-mindedness. As for me, I was more and more impressed by his big black eyes and his attitude, without daring to ask him how he would like to end the evening. I felt really like a teen trying to date his first love – although being perfectly aware the my wallet was probably a big part of the equation.

I brought him then to Soi 4 which was more bustling than ever being on a Friday night. We had still a drink or two on the Balcony terrasse ; I had already noticed that many people were looking at this fresh and innocent-looking boy – probably a rare commodity in the area. So it was no surprise when a waiter brought him a slip of paper where someone had written in thai : "So lovely …" and a phone number. He was smart enough not to give any attention at it ; was he used to this kind of message or did he suddenly realise that he could be a subject of desire by other men, I will never know. Just before leaving, I finally asked whether he would come to my hotel or go back home ; the decision had to be made before the Siam change station where our ways would split.

On the Siam platform, he said me – in thai, as his english is very poor : "OK I go with you but we do not do anything". It was already good news for me : looking at him the whole night long was enough to keep me happy. So after a last drink in Waterloo Bar, one of the Saphan Kwai karaokes, we went to bed in the most platonic way. I thought I had met a very righteous boy who only wanted to know a farang man as part of an experience.

It did not last long. Without a word, the first physical contact in bed was the beginning of a long cuddling and kissing and exploring and exploding. At 6 o'clock on the following morning, he was again all over me and I clearly felt something long and hot trying to find its way between my buns. "Too much, to soon" I told him and he went on groping and kissing till late in the morning.

One week later, I met him again in Pattaya where I had convinced him to come and join me, although he had told he had never gone so far on his own. I brought him to the "Oh Aharn Thai" restaurant, and then to the Panorama Pub. Finally, we went to one of the gogobars in the area where he was quickly approached by the mamasan who was seemingly trying to recruit him. We spoke about all this, and it was another night of uninhibited pleasure.

On the following day, we went to the Buddha Hill, and then to Dongtan Beach and then further towards Jomtien ; I had to make all the schedule, he seemed to accept and to be interested in anything I wanted to show him. When asked whether he liked where he was or not, he always answered telling "chew chew" – the thai slang word meaning "chill out" – making a V with his fingers.

Genuine rookie, or casual moneyboy ; I still cannot figure. We are still in touch through Camfrog and I hope to meet him on my next trip (should there be one), but I really cannot imagine whom I will meet again. What I will remember is an unexpected refreshing experience, which is exactly what I am looking for when I come to Thailand.