28 July 2007


I generally do not let myself influenced by advertising ... but if I were in Thailand now, no doubt I would try these Volz crackers ...
(special thanks to the 2bangkok website)

20 July 2007


In France we say that the best moment, in love, is when you climb up the stairs ... Planning a trip to Thailand is a little bit like this, because at this stage you still have the time to think carefully, to make choices ... In fact you are already in your trip but, what's more, you still have all the time and access to all information for making the right decisions.

So since I bought my flight ticket for next October, I am now in the process of planning the details of my trip. Not that I am too much into detailed planning - especially for holidays - but it helps not to be stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time ... coming back from Pattaya to Bangkok just after a long thai holiday for example !

As I love Bangkok, I always stay there for some days after arriving in Thailand, or between upcountry trips. And I must stay in Pattaya for long periods, for .. err ... health reasons that I already wrote about. This leaves too few days for exploring other parts of the country.

My first intention was going to Phuket where I did not set foot since before the giant wave... but reading the boards convinced me to rather go to Chiang Mai where I will stay four to six days ; there were great reviews about Chiang Mai both on the Sawatdee forum and the Thaivisa gay forum ; also many enticing threads on the thaimalemessageboard refering to the beautiful mountain boys ... I mean, views .... who can be found in the area.

Gay bar in Chiang Mai Climbing Wall area
Typical gay bar in the Climbing Wall area
Having staid last time in the Pornping Tower close to the Night Bazar, I would have gone back there as it is a nice and convenient place .. but too far from the Chang Phuak bars, and I always found it a pain in the ass to go back from Chang Phuak at night (travelling the other way is much easier).

A german poster on Sawatdee wrote he had a great time in Novotel, which is close to the Chang Phuak bars, has a pool, and is quite affordable if you use their own website to reserve (novotel.com), so I think I shall go there. Being out of the main touristy area is another plus, as well as the possibility to easily ride a bike (another of my favourite pastimes) to some places I have already spotted : Huay Thung Thao lake, the Samoeng loop, and of course Doi Suthep if I am fit enough !

Nice Chiang Mai hotel
Clinching argument for Novotel : the pool
So here I am bound to trip to Chiang Mai (Nok Air should be my choice, because travelling by train is really too time-consuming). Coming back would be on another flight, or preferably using the Nok Air flight to Udon Thani for one night (would REALLY love to spend a night there without any boyfriend !), and then another night in Khorat (where I have not set a foot since ten years !) before heading back to my Saphan Khwai nest.

Nice schedule isn't'it ?

08 July 2007

Boys next-door

I am not too much into boys from magazines : too smooth, too white, too clean ... In the bars I always end up offing the boy-next-door type and am rarely disappointed. Here in Farangland, no boy like this in the streets but many on the thai forums... Here is another list of my favourites ...

catmagic, 18 y/o thai boy

He wants to be called "catmagic", 19 y/o, 168 cm and 50 kgs ... manliness at its best

Khim, 18 y/o thai boy

Khim, 18 y/o, 176 cm, 60 kg ; he would like to be pampered like a baby ... any candidate ?

Off, 23 y/o thai boy

Off, 23 y/o, 165 cm, 50 kg ... I am now trying to find out where he bought his pants.

04 July 2007


The Siamdevil website seems to be definitely closed now, but there many other thai sites with boys - although less daring than Siamdevil.

Now I regularly read the Gboysiam personals, where many thai guys send pictures, messages and phone numbers. Unlike Siamdevil which seemed to lure mostly money boys, Gboysiam aims mostly at gay thais looking for friends - even if some ask for some support or at least for someone who would take care ... I do not think farangs would be welcome on this site but I think I will try my luck when I will be in Thailand.

What is great about this site is the eye candy which it provides free of charge. Besides the odd nude picture, you will find heaps of young cute thai guys ... here are some of them (including some slightly under 18 y/o, but Gboysiam being an open website and the pictures not being sexual at all, I think I can post them without any problem). Some pics are not great quality (probably taken with mobile phone) but the featured boys are ....

Boy, 17 y/o thai boy

His name Boy, 17 y/o, 172 cm and 56 kg ... he would like to chat with friends ... At least two of the answers he had, told him he had a too upcountry (baannok) face and he would better go back where he come from !!! Pay douay !!! ....

Khe, 24 y/o thai boy

His name Khe, 24 y/o, 178 cm and 65 kgs ... would like to chat with everyone except if you are called Daen ... I could stand a chance ...

18 y/o thai boy

He doesn't give his name, is 18 y/o, 170 cm and 60 kgs, and is looking for friends for chatting and playing games. His beautiful face has got him a lot of votes ... he has mine too !

More to come ...

01 July 2007

Biggest ones

suggestive thai boy
. . From what I can see, I would say ... isaan ? . . . 
Not that I am particularly interested because I know that generalization is not truth ... but there is a thread now running on a thai webboard about where in Thailand you can find the boys with the biggest ones ....

The general opinion is that the Northern boys have it generally short and round (about 5"/ 6"), and if you find bigger ones, they probably come from the mountains or from beyond Mae Sai (meaning : Burma).
You will get the right size (6 / 7 ") from the boys in the center of the country.
Num isaan have it long (from 7" upwards) and big, swarthy (almost black), stiff, and they know how to use it (เอาเก่ง).
The biggest ones come from the south : 7" to 8", fleshy, dark-coloured, but rather violent and not inclined to wheedling ...

Our thai counterparts seem to have the same feeling as us, but they do prefer northern boys because they are neat and clean, handsome and unblemished. And of course some dek nua have it quite big too ...
Which I can personnally confirm ...