16 November 2009

Last day in Paradise

This evening will be the 21st time I will leave Thailand to go back home. I never can get used to go through what is a real ordeal - and this is like that since the very first time. And the thought of a long and tiring flight is another sad prospect.

The last two days were spent with Tam in Bangkok after our nine days in Pattaya : this allows us to sort out all sorts of things like last-minute shopping, laundry, and for Tam the mandatory visit to an aunt in Minburi. This also makes the transition to "normal life" easier. And I have to say that it makes me love Bangkok more, as it is the place where I will have the last good time before all the hassle waiting for me at home.

Yesterday, while Tam was in the sticks, I had a short trip to Silom where I have spent a lot of time during this stay. I wanted to see Soi Twilight for a last time – as if I wanted to be sure this place was not a dream. And I also wanted a last massage …

The Bangkok Massage boys had almost dragged me to their den but I decided to walk on to see what was available. The Bonny Boys were not up to my taste and there were not a lot of them outside so I went on to the Red Massage some meters further. Three or four guys were sitting waiting for customers, including a rather small one with a shy but beautiful face … I went upstairs and asked to see all the boys, and about seven or eight more lads sprang from nowhere .. a good bunch of guys of all styles, but I chose the one I had seen first.

He came from Cambodgia and was 19 y/o ; the message was rather curious : I had asked for an oil massage but he did not use any oil at first. He quickly managed to spend some more time insisting on my buttocks while I was still lying down, and he moved my arms in such a way that my hand was located exactly under his naked groin … I did not need any persuasion to do what I had to do and his cock quickly showed that he liked it. I was liking it too and we cuddled some more time before I came.

I was thinking that the sex had been good but the massage very brief, when he finally brought oil and another towel and made an ordinary but nice massage for exactly the time I had paid for. After some more cuddling – but once again no mouth-kissing - it was his turn to send a long spurt of his liquids inside my mouth.

I rewarded him accordingly and hurried back to Saphan Kwai where I was to meet Tam. After another meal in Rakhang Thong, we decided to go to Sanam Luang again … bad choice as the demonstration by the yellow shirts was just breaking up. Nevertheless the night market was in full swing, and there were even some boys along the streets, among many policemen and all the demonstrators looking for their bus. Tam told me he had come across injured people due to what he thought being a crash ; only this morning we heard that this was in fact a bomb attack.

We escaped the place for our last night together before long. And believe me or not, I am almost weeping my tears when writing this.

Night Market in Sanam Luang
Night Market in Sanam Luang

14 November 2009

Randy devil

The best boy I had this time was not found in the bars : I finally could get in touch with one of the Gayromeo lads I had contacted before my trip.

His messages had been very straightforward and exciting : "can do everything", "I send you picture of my dick" and the like … not very romantic but we sometimes need to speak clearly, don't we ?

He gave me his phone number and we had an appointment in front of the movie rooms in Centre Festival (so very close to my hotel). Missed meeting as he failed to turn up, which did not came as a big surprise.

I called him back and we finally met in front of Tuk.com : he was only 40 minutes late … Small guy; seeming to be in a hurry … and curiously he spoke mostly english while our messages were all in thai. We hopped on a songthaew to my hotel and this was the big feast … a very passionate guy, who makes you understand what a sex worker really should be : kissing, fucking and being fucked, giving you the illusion he is really enjoying himself. It seemed everything could have been possible with this little sex bomb … exactly the kind of guy you would take for some hot group session.

gayromeo boy
From my computer screen ...

His age was officially 18 but I still wonder whether this was true … the ID Card had an almost invisible picture ("should replace it but no have time"). He had worked in Euro Boys before (where I have always found the boys to be quite experienced despite being on the youger side, special training perhaps ?), but I still wonder how one can be so skillful at having sex when being so young - or am I deluding myself about the young generation ?

Having seen this sex bomb on Gayromeo, I felt like having spent some time with a celebrity – and he did not refuse to have his pictures taken and sent on the net. He is often on line these times so you should find this little devil easily … don't expect too much preliminaries however, it's all about sex, and good sex. And beware the ID …

gayromeo boy
... to my bed

13 November 2009

Out and about in Pattaya

Beaches, pool and shopping .. there was of course a lot more than this during my nine days stay in Pattaya … and it was roaming the restaurants and the bars. The typical evening schedule being : a good meal with Tam, and then me heading to the bars with Tam spending time with his friends – some have not gone back home yet.

Tam is always eager to eat thai food – although he cannot stand too spicy food which always allows me to make fun of this poor thai boy who streams with sweat as soon as he swallows some hot stuff. Not like his fellow countrymen, he also likes farang food and I had reserved our first night in Pattaya for a very nice meal in the Petite Planete Restaurant in Days and Night … This is a good French restaurant established since about 15 years which tells a lot. The pumpkin soup was a little too sweet for him but what he liked most was the Cotes-de-Bourg red wine I had ordered and which both of us enjoyed…

The other place we went most often was an open-air restaurant close to my hotel ; this delightful place is located along Pattaya 2nd Road on Tipp Plaza, which located between Mike Shopping Mall and Center Festival. Not gay at all – we felt sometimes like being given some funny looks by other farang customers – but with both thai and farang food being regularly good and plentiful and a very good atmosphere epecially at night. Like most eateries in Pattaya, there is always one waiter or more who is especially cute and enticing and I was beginning to have a special relationship (smiles, frequent glances … ) with one of them when it was time to leave.

Nong Jai Restaurant, Tipp Plaza in Pattaya
Nong Jai Restaurant, Tipp Plaza in Pattaya

What about the bars ? I had visited some of them during my first trip so I tried to visit the other ones. All in all I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw especially in Boyztown area. I event took a boy there, which I had not done since a long time.

My favourite was by far Funny Boys, who had just got some new lads from isaan, and this is where I picked Golf, a very sweet boy just arrived from Nong Han in Udon Thani province … short time of course (sending Tam spend the night elsewhere being out of the question) but great time. Funny Boys had a wide selection of guys, some stunners, a nice noise level and the perfect timing for seeing the guys go on stage and dance without being bored by a too long shift.

Most of my time was of course spent in Sunee ; I "offed" a young guy from Villa Rouge Bar during the short time the bar was open as I had been completely enthralled by his face as he was sitting on the scene waiting for his turn to dance : 19 y/o from Nakhon Pathom, rather effeminate which is not really my style but he was soooo cute. And I went to most gogo bars there, except Look Boys which was open and had boys in front of it but no one inviting you to enter. Curiously enough I did not enter any other beer bar than Threezone – which had loads of nice freelance boys with new ones turning up almost every day.

11 November 2009


My holiday would not be a good one if I spent all my time in Pattaya. But it would not be a true one without at least some days in the sin city. Why ? Boys, of course, but also the sun and the beaches – I explained some months ago why I need a lot of sun-bathing - mostly for my health.

I was lucky this year as the weather changed around October 25th, while it had waited for November 10 something last year. Jomtien is not the proper place to get a good tan … the roof pool in my South Pattaya hotel was more efficient and Jomtien beach had to be left for relaxing and admiring the beauty of nature …

However I had a one-day trip to Kor Larn with Tam and another boy – the beach seller I met last year, who had never been there before. This time we hired a speedboat, hoping to escape the crowds … only to find ourselves on another beach with groups taking turns to land and to embark. By chance the afternoon was more quiet, but I guess I'll have to study carefully the map next time in order to go to one of the smaller beaches – if there is one left.

Haat Mae Ramphung east of Rayong
Haat Mae Ramphung east of Rayong
Another trip was made to Rayong with Tam and Phi Kho ; I had wanted to discover the beaches beyond Rayong since a long time and I was not disappointed. No need to go to the overcrowded and overpriced Koh Samet : on the mainland you will find miles of almost desert beaches (at least during weekdays), with clean and warm water and some delicious and cheap seafood restaurants – just check that that have fresh food … I surprised myself thinking that this was the kind of place I could well choose for a quiet retirement … but it would probably be too boring to stay there, as it is a long 100 km drive to Pattaya.

We also passed in the small fishing village of Samaesan which is the last one in Chonburi province before reaching Rayong. Besides a museum and a pagoda offering great views over the sea, Samaesan has no beach of its own and – to tell the truth – stinks of a strong fish odor. However I was said that some islands could be reached by hiring a boat and it would be possible to sunbathe and swim in the buff (information to be confirmed as I thought that these islands belonged to the Royal Navy). Also I could not help spotting some beautiful men in the streets of Samaesan : Burmese and Cambodian hired by fishing boats calling at the harbour.

Fishboat and fishermen near Samaesan
Fishboat and fishermen near Samaesan
Samaesan is about 40 km from Pattaya through Sattahip and could be reached on public transport using Rayong-bound bus until the Samaesan junction, and then on a motorbike taxi. Of course better to have one's own wheels – especially if you should be lucky with the young fishermen …

07 November 2009

Good boy

After five days in Chiang Mai, it was time to come back to Bangkok … and this time I was not alone as Tam was to stay with me until the end of my trip. Curiously enough, I was not feeling incomfortable with this despite the little restrictions it would bring to my cherished freedom : not being alone has its advantages too especially when your companion is a delightful mature boy who loves life, accepts your infidelities, and has the brightest smile in Thailand.

Air Asia was as efficient as usual for bringing us to Sawanaphum and the first evening was reserved for what Tam likes most : having a good meal. This country boy always amazes me for his wide knowing about thai food, especially seafood which is his little weakness. Saphan Khwai is an ideal place if you like a good meal : besides the many street stalls which are overrun every evening by a crowd of locals, one of the best choices is the Rakhang Thong Restaurant in front of Pradiphat Hotel : this is a semi open-air place where the food is constantly good and cheap, the service efficient, and the beer plentiful and I am always happy to go there with Tam, as I would not sit alone in this kind of place.

After a fantastic tom yam kung and some grilled fish with a delicious phanaeng sauce, we agreed to go to Sanam Luang : the market at night is a good attraction, although I prefer strolling around the magical square where the rent-boys are. So while Tam was wandering around the night market, I walked two rounds along the Saranrom park, and then along Khlong Lot before coming back to the Defence Ministry. At 10 in the evening, a lot of boys were standing there among the usual cars slowly driving around them and stopping from time to time for further enquiries. I did not feel intimidated at all and if some boys completely ignored me (there are more thai drivers than farang pedestrians in these areas …), other tried to strike up a conversation, the first question usually being "do you speak thai ?". I could have taken more than one and almost fell for a 18 or 19 y/o dark-skinned lad standing near the bridge on Charoen Krung Road. He looked like a little rascal and finally I thought it was not a good idea to go with a boy on the first night with Tam in Bangkok – I have to be a good boy from time to time …

Defence Ministry
Where the action is at night : near Defence Ministry

So we got together again with Tam (how have we been able to live for so long without mobile phones ?) and ended the night in the Saphan Kwai karaokes : Street Boy (almost deserted this time), Waterloo (great decoration and many groups of thai revellers including many girls) and finally Heaven.

On the second day, we did some shopping and I quickly understood that Tam would be very happy with a new digital camera. I bought it for him in Big C Saphan Kwai : not the most expensive one, as Tam has now understood that his farang's pockets are not so deep and he knows exactly what I am ready to pay for him and what I will refuse. We then paid a visit to Soi Twilight where Tam loves seeing at least one show in a bar … this time we went to X Boys and it was not too bad, and the quality of the boys there appeared quite good for me.

After the good deed I had done in the afternoon, I had less qualms about going out alone… and I went back to Sanam Luang : it was 11 pm and there were as many boys as the day before. I met Mike near the bridge on Kanlayanamaitri Road – a 19 y/o boy from Bangkok, with the looks of a soldier and the beautiful face of a half isan half southern guy. We had a short chat and I walked on along the khlong and then along the Park : many proposals were made by boys, some gorgeous but too young, some less attractive but all very polite and respectful. Finally Mike was still there when I came back at his location : we quickly agreed on the price – the usual 500 bahts - and he told me he did not want to bottom … OK for me and up we went into a taxi which brought us to a short-time hotel beyond Khao San Road : 200 THB for two hours, clean, TV with sex DVDs. The sex was good although the boy did not like French kiss.

I finally came back to the hotel at the same time as Tam. He had spent the evening with the owner of Threezone Bar (in Pattaya), who happened to enter Soi Pratuchai just when Tam and I were there sitting at Maxxis Café and talking about him …

All in all another great night in Bangkok before the last stretch of my trip in Pattaya.

06 November 2009

Along Chiang Mai streets

Boys near Chang Phuak Bus Station
Boys near Chang Phuak Bus Station

On the footbridge near Warorot Market in Chiang Mai
On the footbridge near Warorot Market

Some eye-candy along
Chiang Mai streets

05 November 2009

Impressions in Chiang Mai

Five days were not enough to taste all what Chiang Mai had to offer ... and first of all there was the absolute cuteness of most of the boys met everywhere - the bars being no exception. I staid in the former Novotel Hotel (now branded as Mercure Hotel) which has a location that cannot be beaten for those who want to be close to the main gay area. Besides this you will be in a mostly thai area with the usual markets and street restaurants - by the way the one facing the entrance to Sri Pattana Market across Chang Phuak Road is a good one.

My first visit was for the row of sleazy bars near Night Bazaar ... someone had written that they were doomed to disparition but from what I saw they are quite active with sometimes more customers than boys ... how many bars can tell this in Thailand now ? Sure the guys seemed to be on the younger side, and also not really thai as far as their ID is concerned ... But the main problem is one I had already faced two years ago : these guys do not seem eager to mingle with newcomers : they stick to the regulars - who are quite a fair number. So you will have to be extremely insistent - or be content with the free eye-candy (some here are real stunners).

Chang Phuak (white elephant) Monument
Chang Phuak (white elephant) Monument

Still better, go to the Chang Phuak bars where the gay life is, and you will have the choice with the new Power Boys (part of the new Lavender Hotel}, the recently reopened Adam's Apple or three older bars which are New My Way, Freeguys and Circle. However these bars are not within walking distance and rather difficult to find - especially the New My Way.

Frankly my preference went clearly for the New My Way and Freeguys : both have a 100 % male staff and I found many guys I could have liked to take, had I the opportunity to stay longer. Besides this, the shows are imaginative and with a lot of nudity although not really sex-oriented. The other places looked more ordinary for me although the show in Adam's Apple is on par with its neighbours.

If the boys here have the looks and the hormones, their skills or their will to please are more limited ; the both I "offed" (a small burmese guy in Freeguys and a 19 y/o thai yai cutie in New My Way) could not stay the whole night, and still more they refused any kind of French kiss ... They are obviously maen in all areas and they do not forget to boast about it.

Tam joined me for the Songkran Festival where a lot of farangs attended too ... and our reunion was duly clebrated with a fine meal near the Night Bazaar. Loy Krathong is absolutely wonderful in Chiang Mai with the lighted balloons everywhere in the sky, fireworks, joy and satisfaction in every eye, and of course the always touching ceremony of letting one's krathong float down the river. The only downside was the absolute lack of awareness by some thais, making the trip rather dangerous.

Back to Bangkok now for a short stay before the finals in Pattaya ; Tam will be with me from now so I guess I will have to be a good man ...

01 November 2009

Following the Emerald Buddha's footsteps

Would you believe it ? The theme of my trip to the north was following the Emerald Buddha's footsteps ... this highly revered figure was discovered in Chiang Rai in 1434 ; it then stayed in Lampang and Chiang Mai until 1552 when it was taken to Luang Prabang. It is now in Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok where it was brought in 1784.

North Hotel gay-friendly hotel in Chiang Rai
North Hotel gay-friendly hotel in Chiang Rai
So my stay began in Chiang Rai and I visited of course the local Wat Phra Kaew as well as the countryside on a rented bicycle (the Merinda shop where Phahonyothin Road turns left to the south is a good place).

My hotel was the North Hotel in the Night Bazaar area ; 15 rooms and a guesthouse atmosphere, with really very small rooms but OK for two nights. This hotel has also a more or less advertised massage service with boys ; about 3 to 5 of them come at dusk and are available to offer their skills and more if needed.

This could provide a nice alternative should you not be able to find anyone to your taste in one of the two bars in town : Lobo Boys and Regency. Both are located in the immediate vicinity of the Wangcome Hotel and are very quiet, Lobo Boys also having a "for sale" sign in front. However the quality offered is quite decent in my opinion ; I took a guy in Lobo on the first night and he proposed a very satisfying massage in my room (for which you will have to pay the massage fee to the hotel) and could as well have taken another on the following night - but I had already used the in-home service.

I spent then one night in Lampang, a wide and green town also known for its horse carriages. Despite its not convenient location in the countryside, a visit to the Phra That Lampang Luang is a must : you should not miss an opportunity to visit this wooden wat which is said to be the oldest construction in northern Thailand. Besides this, the place (amphoe Ko Kha) where it is located is pleasant and the local population very welcoming. By the way the Emerald Buddha was not kept in this wat but in another Wat Phra Kaew in downtown Lampang.

I had very accurate information from a thai website about a house with boys. I could find the house - close to the Clock Tower in a small soi leading to the School number 4, and sure this was the place as it matched all the details except one : the house had been done up a little, whereas the information I had (dated July 2009) told about a rather old place. No boy was to be seen except the normal life of a thai family, so I guess I had arrived too late : the house had probably been sold and the owner (described as an already old man) had retired from the business.

Horse taxis in Lampang
Lampang taxis
To tell the truth I do not know if I would have dared to enter the place ; the website told about 4 or 5 boys, all of them aged 16 except one aged 19, and no room on the premises.... sounds a little bit hazardous for a lonely farang doesn't it ? Anyway this shows that Thailand has a scene that we do not know, with thai rules and thai prices (100 THB for the owner, 500 THB for the boy), and access to this information seems to be very sparse.

My hotel was the Kim City Hotel where for 600 THB you get a huge room - simple but clean. As a premium you gain the privilege to look at the waiter in the restaurant downstairs, who is probably the most charming guy in town : a dark-skinned well-built boy - about 19 y/o - with the innocent smile of someone who has still to realise how cute he is.

Next stop in Chiang Mai which seems to have a lot to offer these times... beginning with the Loy Krathong festival.