28 June 2006

Hat Yai & Songkhla

Wandering around the (small) gay district in Hat Yai we found another bar which is called T-Thong and is located almost next door to G-Men. We went back to G-Men where there was a ahow at 10.30 pm ... in fact all the boys go on the scene for about 30 minutes and this is a nice time to be had. Studio 54 was opened too but there seemed to be a group partying there so I did not go. That's all for Hat Yai except that this town has very cheap good hotels and very cheap good (non-gay) massage places ...

Yesterday we spent the night in Songkhla, a town nicely located on a cape between the Gulf of Thailand and Songkhla lake. The beach is very busy in the afternoons with all the students coming there for a break, and God these southern boys are to die for if you like tanned and smiling young men...

Songhla Beach
Quiet days in Songkhla Beach

To-day a short bus ride (3 hours) brought us to Nakhon Si Thammarat where they doesn't seem to be any gay life at all but I am sure Tam will have found some nice place....

26 June 2006

Hat Yai

Tam is really the most beautiful boy on the earth when he is smiling ... and since we met again in Don Muang, he IS the most beautiful boy again (well, among some others ...). So here we are travelling again in Thailand, and being now in Hat Yai where Tam had never gone before. 

There were five bars here last time I came (three years ago), now there are only three left, all within walking distance one from another. The first one is Buddy Pub, they have about ten boys almost all of them over 30 y/o and noone worth the 150 THB they charge for one beer - but this is probably the kind of boys malay gays like ...

At G Men Pub it is a different story ; about 12 boys who would do well in any bar in Pattaya or Bangkok. Yesterday we finished offing two boys and the mamasan and bringing them to the local disco (Sutus). Anou a 19 y/o from Roi Et and Nou from Hat Yai were nice as well as the young mamasan and all had a great time. We separed before going to bed, Tam not being into group sex ... 

We will go tonight again in G Men and will also visit the third bar which is the Studio54. Jackys Pub and Banana Pub have closed about two years ago but I do not remember ever having seen this news on the net.

Besides the bars, Hat Yai is a nice place for shopping, everything is cheap and shops have all items you could wish. But do not come to Hat Yai for the wats, there is nothing worth seeing. Songkhla where we head to-morrow is a best place for touring.

OK that's all for to-day, local youngsters have just finished school and are very noisy in the internet place I write from ...

18 June 2006

So happy to go back ...

Seven months and no update at all ... and one and only reason for this : not a lot of interesting things to tell about.

Like before, I get in touch with Tam every week or more, and sent some money to him like before... Everything seems to be like before. In fact I just hope we will stick again together and I think we will. I have understood how much I miss him and he has understood how easily I could leave him.

From what he said me, he has been working for a while as a waiter in a resort near his home, he has broken his motorcycle and lost his former phone number ... Apart from this everything is OK and he had no loss from the floods in Phrae province where he lives (he could have lied to me about this and could have asked me for money but he didn't, that's probably why I trust him).

We had a big problem when I sent him some money for New Year and his birthday. I wrote 25000 THB on the transfer order and the young bank clerk wrote 25000 euros... I signed without checking and some days after got a phone call from the bank about the bad situation of my account.... Tam could have left for ever with the 1.250.000 THB he had been credited unexpectedly, and what could I have done ? But he didn't ; he even went especially to Pattaya (where he still has his account) to help correct the mistake. Finally I got most of my money back (at least the difference between 25000 EUR and 25000 THB), and was so happy I sent some more. Of course 25.000 EUR is not a big deal for some of you but for me it REALLY is.

Gay soi in Saphan Kwai Bangkok
Gai soi in Saphan Kwai, Bangkok
Anyway we are due to meet again next Friday. Although I did not really wish to go in July, the winter was so cold in Europe, the work so hard, and I have been so afraid during five or six days to lose in the same time him and 24 500 EUR, that I made my mind to book a three-week holiday.

We will go to the South for about one week : flight from Bangkok to Hat Yai and then coming back to BKK via Songkhla, Nakhon Si Thammarat beaches and Prajuap or Hua Hin. After this, one or two days in BKK (with the pilgrimage to one of the sleazy joints in Soi Anuman Ratchathon), and then one week in Pattaya. No reservation at all except the Air Asia flight, I just hope the weather will be nice. Preparing this holiday was at least a great help to bear these cold boring working days.