17 November 2013

Changing, but same-same

I liked my ten days in Pattaya, not more than usually but not less. My boyfriend staid with me everyday but this was not a burden : it seemed I have met again the smiling boy I saw for the first time ten years ago, with the added bonus that he has now fully acknowledged the fact that I had to be alone and free for some evenings.

Apart from the above lao boy, I did not take advantage of this freedom, and we spent most of the evenings together, first in a good restaurant and then either looking for the never disappointing show in The Venue, or sipping some gin tonic in Sky Bar, facing the now forgotten Threezone Bar where we met on the first time. To tell the truth, I liked to be there too because this place offers unobstructed views over the almost opposite Good Boys Beer Bar, allowing me to inspect the boys for a possible visit (which did not come).

Hat Sai Kaew beach near Pattaya
Escapade to Hat Sai Kaew (thanks GB for the tip)
I also had enough time to visit most of the gogobars in Sunee Plaza and Boyztown ; for the first time I found that the latter won hands down regarding the quality of boys on display. I liked the staff in X-Boys Land, but hated the mamasan who came begging me to invite a boy as "they have nothing to eat, no customer, never seen that in Pattaya" and so on. Most inappropriate as I was with my boyfriend. And still more uncalled for when I knew that they asked an outrageous 260 THB for a drink.

In Sunee plaza, I went to Eros Boys Bar just to see how a sleazy bar looks like (there are not a lot remaining these days …) and once again was ensnared by one of the waiters, whose invitation to go in a side room I could not resist – just like last year. I visited every gogo bar and some beer bars, but was mostly disappointed by what I saw ... low season I guess ... 

As for the massage places, it came as a surprise that that the "traditional" gay shops like Blue House had very few staff on duty, when other places in the Tuk.com area were brimmed with beautiful young men (and girls for some). On one night I passed in front of Apple Massage – facing Bordeaux Restaurant – very late at night and a handsome lad called me. I obliged but another boy told him that it was not his turn ; despite this, I think I could have taken the first one but in order to avoid an incident, I chose both. Not a big deal at 200 THB for one session (plus tips), and as the place was void of other customers, there was no restraint in the action – except they did not take out their clothes. I took him alone some days later, again in an empty room, and this time he stripped immediately and went directly to the deed. These places would be a huge hit with more private rooms, and if the customer was sure that he could choose his partner without it turning into a tragedy.

Young seller having a rest in Jomtien at Jomtien gay beach
Beach seller taking a break in Jomtien (not the one I tell about)

But we come to Pattaya for the beaches (and the temples), right ? I found myself completely comfortable with the atmosphere in Jomtien, in one of the smallest and quietest concessions far from the hustle of the red/orange/yellow chairs. I did not even have to complain about the Russians which I found much more polite and respectful than some depict them. Not a lot of Thai boys for sure but still some sellers which would have more success selling their ass than what they offer - sorry to tell it downright so, although most of these guys have probably got it since long.

I had the chance to meet again Phat, who was a very shy rookie when I first met him five years ago (see below : "beach seller", October 2008) ; just coming back from two years in the army, he has now turned into a wonderful young man. I only noticed that he would not mind at all a massage session in my room .. what a change since 2008 when it was so difficult to convince him to come and still more difficult to make him strip off … 

So much for this 2013 trip, the last one during my working days ... Next year will be another life, but I still do not know what it will look like.

07 November 2013

Lao boy

Apart from the three days of debauchery with the boy from Khorat, I had mostly very quiet days in Bangkok. Even without indulging in visiting bars and other immoral places, I feel that I am never bored walking along the streets or in the commercial centers – ubiquitous eye-candy being part of the equation.

I paid some visits to the bars in Saphan Kwai, only to see that the quantity of boys has decreased dramatically. Although I do not like peeping into a bar without having a drink, I had a look into Be High (only gogo bar in the area) and did not enter as only one boy seemed on duty on that evening. In the karaoke bars, the boys do not seem interested if you are alone and some even stay outside : the trick would be to make eye-contact before entering, so that the boy follows you hoping for an invitation and more. One of the karaoke places in Saphan Kwai (Waterloo) is said to have been converted to a massage place although it was the best kept bar in the area.

I also went to Silom area to Dicks Café for some meals and sightseeing, and also to the former Super A Bar where no boy was to my taste. Besides the Soi Twilight Gogo bars which I now avoid, I also found some absolute stunners in Scorpion Bar - the vietnamese boys I guess - but did not stay long as I was not in the mood to take someone on that evening. As for the massage places, I tried Marso but could not choose the boy and left for the neighbouring X-Boys Massage. There, I had a pleasant time with a tall young man from Nakhon Sawan that I had noticed opposite when seating in Dick’s Café ...

Aun , lao boy in Bangkok and Pattaya

Finally the only boy I had closer contact with was one I called in Staxx Karaoke in Saphan Kwai. Please note that the place has been completely refurbished and is now very welcoming including for farangs. I quickly called Aun for a drink, a boy from the Vientiane area in Laos speaking and writing perfectly thai. We chatted mostly about Pattaya, as he wanted to try to go there, so that he could meet more people. I could not take him to my place but finally met him some days later in Pattaya where he had been hired by Kawaii Boys. We had some fun in a nearby short-time room where he was very keen and affectionate, and I also went with him to Jomtien where his perfect body and his rose underwear revealing an interesting bulge fooled more than one.

Aun will not be my next boyfriend and he knows it ; he even wished me good luck with my boyfriend, which proves either a good education or a very commercial attitude .. A nice boy to stay with, and for a longer time than in a short-time room.

02 November 2013

In the sticks (2)

From Phrae onwards, the route took us into the remotest parts of Thailand, following the lao border until we reach Chiang Rai.

The first day ended in Pua district, Nan Province. We visited some more wats in Nan town at first and then the Bua Thong wat in the countryside. Although not being crazy about visiting temples, I must say that I loved to visit them ; in this area, they are built in the thai-lue style : rather small compared to others but many offer beautiful murals, and they are also remarkably shaped, the model being Wat Phumin in Nan town.

We visited another waterfall but I can say that there is some deceit to label this Silaphet Waterfall in Pua District as a waterfall. It was more a resting place with many selling stands and some running water. I guess the locals have found the right idea to bring some tourists to their place, hiring another cute male guide to promote it on Youtube, see at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAbAp23I-fY

Bathroom at Huanam Homestay, Pua district, Nan province
Bathroom at Huanam Homestay, Pua district, Nan province
Our resort for the next two nights was very close, and it would have to be the highlight of our trip. Tam being mad at eating mushrooms, had found this Mushroom Farm homestay, and I decently could not refused him to go there. A nice although rustic place in the middle of nature, overlooking rice fields at the foot of the mountains, and of course mushrooms on the menu for two days. And two gorgeous local boys as waiters, which I would not complain about. (google "Huanam homestay" for reference).

The next day was a trip to the Doi Phuka National Parks, where we did not see a lot of people as the roads here are rather challenging and there are very few facilities. We made our way to Bor Klua, along a spectacular route with some viewpoints unfortunately obscured by a persistent fog. After a never-ending 72 km in the middle of nowhere, our next stop was the Huay Kone border point where there is nothing to see unless you come here on the day when there is the thai-lao market.

Phu Sang Waterfall, Phayao province
Phu Sang Waterfall, Phayao province
We left the Nan Province along another scenic route, this one in a much better condition running across Phu Langka National Park. We reached then the Phayao Province with a very nice stop at Phu Sang waterfall, the only waterfall with hot water which is of course a favorite playing ground for the local kids. The aim of the day was one of the numerous resorts on the Phu Chi Fah mountain ; we could not help going to the Phu Chi Fah summit as soon as possible, only to find another very foggy landscape.

With a bright sky on the following day, we got up at 5 am like every one … at least like the few tourists being there on that weekday. We were lucky enough to see the top of the mountain in a clear sky and also to see the sea of clouds of which the thais are very fond of. Unfortunately the fog rose up again suddenly hiding the rising sun, so everyone was a little bit disappointed about their trip. No great views either at the neighboring Pha Tang viewpoint, where you walk along the lao border (or inside lao territory, who knows ?) near a village inhabited by chinese people.

Rai Rom Pho Thong Resort, Phu Chi Fah
Love nest on Phu Chi Fah
We finally found clearer skies when going back to the Maekhong valley, an area I cannot get tired of seeing. And we took the time to visit again the famous White Temple south of Chiang Rai town as well as the spectacular Khun Korn Waterfall, where Tam showed unusual qualities as a hiker ; the three kilometers we had to walk along a convenient footpath were worth the effort, as the water was in full swing after the rainy season.

And then it was back to reality in the hot and bustling Chiang Rai town. The local Tesco Lotus was a mandatory visit after so many days in the country, and a huge pizza a well-deserved reward. The beer we had in the only remaining boy bar in Chiang Rai (Regency Bar facing Wangcome hotel, half a dozen of decent guys on duty) was like a transition to the new part of my stay : Bangkok, Pattaya, and its famous dens of iniquity...

Up to Phu Chi Fah, VERY early in the morning
Up to Phu Chi Fah, VERY early in the morning

27 October 2013

In the sticks (1)

I had spent more time preparing my trip to the North than listing all the gay venues that I should not miss … perhaps I am becoming older or I like more being with my boyfriend than roaming the bars ? True but I akso happen to love Thailand and discovering everything this country offers.

Road to Phu Hin Rongkla National Park
Up to Phu Hin Rongkla National Park
This trip brought whatever I was awaiting, except some nice weather. Tam enjoyed every second of it, as he likes to drive a car (I left him driving all the time, as he is of course used to drive on the left side of the road, and he drives quite well). His smile was a reward in itself, he still has the most beautiful smile in Thailand when he is happy. And like every thai he likes to show where he has gone tripping, which he regularly made through his Facebook and his Line accounts. By the way he allowed me to post his picture on my blog so he will now appear here and there.

After an uneventful flight with Nok Air (1000 TH all flights if booked at a certain period in July ...), we took delivery of our rental car - Toyota Vigo 4x4 - from the Budget desk in the Phitsanuloke airport. Unfortunately it was a rainy and foggy day which made the landscapes in the Khao Kho mountain (Petchabun province) almost invisible. We could just enjoy the new wat being built on a hill along the famous Route 12 to Lomsak, which will probably become another well-known touristy attraction in the few years to come - some russian tourists were already there !.

Pha Chu Thong in Petchaboon province
Pha Chu Thong

The weather on the second day was thankfully better and after a long drive up into the mountains we got to the Phu Hin Rongkla National Park which is known as a battleground between the thai Governmemt and the communist rebels from 1967 to 1982. The highlight is the Pha Chu Thong where the thai flag has since long replaced the red flag. Beautiful landscapes and views all the way up and down.

We then arrived in Uttaradit for the night, after a visit to the Chat Trakan waterfall ; the waterfall offers spectacular views but the beautiful boy who served as a guide on a Youtube video was nowhere to be seen. We arrived there along with a group of young (male) cyclists coming from Phitsanuloke Uni. Look at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv43xcAFR-0 for the waterfall (or the boy).

Uttaradit is a lively town with very welcoming people. Our hotel was the Siharat Hotel (see Agoda for prices), which offers one of the best quality/price ratios in Thailand, as well as good eating places and a commercial center nearby.

Sri Sachanalai Historic Park, Sukhothai province
Boyfriend in Sri Sichanalai
On the following day, Tam had the good idea to visit the Sri Satchanalai historic park rather than the Sirikit Dam. Many wats in a very quiet atmosphere, and all can be easily accessed by a car which was good news for a somewhat lazy boyfriend.

We then headed for another waterfall in Phrae, Tam's native province, just beyond the iconic Cho Hae wat. The evening took place in a local karaoke with local boys, including a beautiful guy (Tam's nephew) due to enter the army three days later.

24 October 2013

Flying start

Three days since I landed in Suwanaphum and I still did not see a lot of Thailand. Not that I am sick but I hardly had the time to unpack my luggage that the boy I had met last year in Khorat was calling me : "Are you already in Thailand ? Can I see you as promised ?" Of course I answered yes as I am not the guy who does not keep a promise. And one hot session on Camfrog had been enough to convince me that I should not miss the chance to meet this boy again.

Three hours later I was in Morchit for welcoming him : he had never come to Bangkok and he would not have found his way alone to my hotel.

Useless to say I did not regret these three days. As he was a rather shy guy, I did not have to go outside too often which could have made me somewhat uncomfortable : he is 19 y/o and looks younger so I prefer not to have been seen with him in too many public places. However I was once again a guide for leading him at least to the not-to-be-missed places like the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. And I was pleasantly surprised that the mandatory trip to Mahboonkrong did not turn into a shopping spree as this boy was very budget-conscious : three or four tee-shirts for him and his friends and it was over.

Sexy thai boy
Another Khorat boy that I would like to know better
He was not shy at all in bed and I am still marveling at how these late teens are skilled when it comes to sex. Of course I gave him a large sum of money for helping him with his studies, and he now would like to go to Pattaya with me. Not sure however that the boyfriend would be OK with this. Sorry, still no picture allowed for this boy ...

I will now have one free day before my boyfriend joins me for a one-week trip to the North. Probably not a lot to say about new boys, but I am really excited at seeing some of the remotest places in Thailand. It will also be another chance to spend quality time with my boyfriend of 10 years, and that is the most important.

29 September 2013

Soon ....

I just read in one of the gay webboards that when it comes to going to Thailand, there is no time like the first time ... Twenty-five trips and seventeen years after my first trip, I would rather think there is no time like the next time !

For me this next one will be in less than three weeks and I am probably as thrilled as in 1996. I realise much has changed since then, when everything was possible, and noone gave a damn about what was happening in the bars or in your bedroom. However this country still seems to always have something to surprise the most jaded traveller ... "amazing Thailand", the slogan cannot be better.

And this is why, four weeks before my one-month holiday, I am thinking that I will stay in Thailand for a longer time than the time I still have to wait ... petty calculation for bored worker I know but it helps. And then I see this TV magazine which gives the programs until the day when I will leave ... and this announcement on Nicky's Pages about an event where I COULD go ... and my interest for home news fading while I am looking closer and closer at the thai news....

Gracious thai boy and girl
Grace and beauty
Some faint chills down my spine now make me sure that I will soon be THERE, climbing up the bridge over Pradiphat Road, savouring some pla thapthim manao in an open air restaurant, and walking along the streets  the eyes wide opened in front of so much human grace and beauty.

25 August 2013

Best time

« The best time in love is when you climb the stairs », said a former French politician. I am not sure this applies to a trip to Thailand, but it was again a great pleasure to prepare my yearly holiday in this fantastic place.

Like two years again, it will be another trip to the North, and another trip with my boyfriend of ten years. The idea is to rent a car in Phitsanuloke and then to follow the lao border from Petchabun to Chiang Rai, visiting National Parks, mountains, and waterfalls along the way. It will be only a one-week trip, but should be as interesting as the one we had along the burmese border in 2011.

Why is it that I am attracted to discover as many places as possible in Thailand when I am far from being so curious about my own country – which is another beautiful place by all accounts ? Frankly, I guess a part of the answer is that most tourist attractions may possibly come with some eye-candy (in the form of nice looking young men), and that is probably what makes the thrill, and the difference.

I know that the natural beauty of waterfalls are sometimes enhanced by such welcomed additions, and hope I will be lucky enough to find some... in all good faith of course as my boyfriend will be in tow.

Waterfall boys
Nature at its best

12 May 2013


Being now overworked, I don't really have time to plan my next trip to Thailand – let alone updating this blog. And I am still waiting for better opportunities to book my flight with reasonable schedule and price … as long as you don't have secured your next flight ticket, it's still hard to plan a trip.

There will be one for sure, and hopely many more, as I am still hoping to be able to retire next year. But you are never sure in these days, as delaying retirement age seems to be the only tool that most governments want to use to address their most urgent financial needs. A lack of imagination and a crime against justice and freedom if you ask me.

So no plan for now except meeting with my boyfriend probably in his place in the North where he has at last found a job after some bad health problems. The news of my next retirement has not fallen into deaf ears and he is now trying to convince me to spend it in his province. Well I do not think I would be able to live upcountry for a whole year, and even to spend a whole 12-months in Thailand. Too many commitments here, too many hobbies I like and I could not be deprived of. My first goal would be to be able to spend two months or more in Thailand, be it in Bangkok or Pattaya and with trips to small towns – just to experience what freedom looks like.

Khorat cute boy
Boy on the net 
In the meantime, I keep in touch with the Camfrog boys I have met, but finding new ones is now more difficult. The limitations to access most rooms from outside Thailand are still implemented, and I understand that from the thai side, the pictures disappear after 30 seconds – not a lot of time left for flirting ...

However the boy I met last time in Khorat (ten minutes for chat, twenty minutes for sex and bye-bye) keeps on sending me fiery love messages, and would like to spend more time with me. He is the next-door type and is not shy in bed although claiming that I was his first kiss and his firts shower à deux … not sure about this when reading his Facebook page …I think I will invite him to come in Bangkok for some days, and will serve as a guide for this country boy who seems to be more interested in shopping than in late night gay venues.  Sorry no picture allowed for now.

(as usual, except mentioned otherwise, the boy above is not an acquaintance of mine and his picture is here for your viewing pleasure only)