18 November 2008


Sunday 16th was my last day in Pattaya before … not too long, this is at least what I hope. The beach seller had absolutely wanted to see me in the hotel for my leaving and I had to promise to see him again … I think I will because this boy really turned me on despite (or because of) his shyness. I almost felt some tears in my eyes when the boy walked away.

Temporary monument for Royal Cremation in Bangkok
Temporary monument for Royal Cremation
Back to Bangkok, Tam and me went to Sanam Luang to see the Monument erected for the Royal Cremation, but we both had forgotten to wear black clothes and besides this it was raining again. At night, I could not help going a last time to the Silom area where most bars were open despite the mourning. We went to the bar where I had offed Art ; I did not invite him but slipped him a small tip when leaving, which sparked off some whispering among the other boys.

The last day was the usual race to enjoy the slightest minute left, with a lump in the throat especially this time as it could be – who knows ? - my last time in Thailand … We visited Sanam Luang again, duly dressed in black and admiring the place among hundreds of thais. Back in the hotel, we made the usual last day chores, and then had a last drink in Dick's Cafe. I prefer not to remember the trip to the airport, and the time came for us to part.

After a last Singha beer, Tam went back alone to the hotel ; it made me feel as if I had one night more with him. And I passed the immigration, only to discover that the flight would be late and that I would miss the connection to Geneva. The hassle was beginning again ….

15 November 2008

Rays of sunshine

Tam arrived on the 10th although we had first agreed to meet for Loy Krathong on the 12th … but the busses from Phrae were full because of the Royal Cremation, so he had to come earlier. As soon as I saw him, I was sure that I loved him more than any one, more than the beach seller or than the Threezone freelancer. He was tanned from the works in the fields, he was smiling like always and he had the same radiant attitude which made me fall in love five years ago.

Being rather more educated than your average thai friend, Tam is open to everything and he really loves eating foreign food … he enjoyed the meal I had planned for our reunion in a good French restaurant (Freelax, Third Road behind Buffalo Bar). Be sure the red wine had the place of honour including for this thai country boy. We then went to Threezone where he is as popular as ever, and he did not mind going to Butterfly karaoke with other boys including the freelancer I had "offed" more than once already … what a change from his former obsessive jealousy.

Buddha image near PattayaWe staid together on the second day too and went visiting some gay bars in Boyztown ; we enjoyed the Wild West Boys show as well as the boys : for now this place is by far the nicest among the bars I visited in the area, be it for the atmosphere, the service and did I mention the boys ?

The third day was Loi Krathong day … a day that I have always enjoyed to the deepest when in Bangkok but that has yet to impress me when celebrated in Pattaya. The atmosphere in Jomtien was the same as in a commercial fair, there was little to be felt of the incredible beauty of this tradition that you meet in less touristy places. A lot of pictures were taken but I swore Tam his picture would not appear on this blog …

There was then another visit to the beach chairs, with a nice weather for the fourth day in a row … my boyfriend had brought the sunshine with him and he made no bones about reminding me of this. The beach seller gave a massage to both of us and we then had a nice meal in my favorite open air eatery (Nong Jai, along Pattaya 2nd near Mike Shopping Mall, some nice male staff too). I could not help thinking while eating that I was there sitting at the same table with the two boys I liked the most in the world. Like a caring older brother, Tam brought then the beach seller back home on the motorbike we had rent, as the boy was living very far away in the Naklua area. I had not asked anything to him and it was impressing to see Tam taking care of this young guy which he could as well have considered as a possible rival. This day was the last one before the three mourning days, so I wanted to visit some more bars in Sunee while Tam went seeing some movie in Big C. In fact I went to Le Gun Bar where the cutest boy by far was one of the waiters just arrived from Khorat.

Gorgeous male waiter in Bang Sare seafood restaurant
What can I do for you ? (gorgeous waiter in Bang Sare seafood restaurant)

The last two days in Pattaya took place in a very special atmosphere because of most gay bars being closed and most boys being off-duty ; we went in the countryside out of Pattaya, and I particularly liked the Buddha Image in the Mountain, where two busloads of school students from Nakhon Pathom were also visiting. We had another meal in Bang Sare (Rim Nam Restaurant, first one when coming from the Bang Sare beach (so with Jomtien in your back). Quiet atmosphere, great seafood and view over the sea and Jomtien : despite a very strong wind, it was another enjoyable time with my lover. The cute male staff (see above) was an unexpected bonus....

10 November 2008

Beach seller

After two weeks with a lot of daily packing and unpacking, I was happy to arrive in Pattaya for an eleven-day stay in my favourite hotel. With a nice roof pool, an attentive and never intrusive staff, and far from the gay ghettos, this is a place that I like to call "home away from home". Despite a never ending bad weather, the first half of my stay has been as pleasant as it could be, with the typical schedule being lazy afternoons at Jomtien, and roaming the Sunee Plaza bars in the evening.

Beach boys on Jomtien gay beach, Pattaya
Beach boys on Jomtien gay beach
If I did not mingle much with the Jomtien beach assistants this time, I had a special relation with one of the sellers – whom I cannot give too many details about, as he is still working there. Talking a lot with him, I could discover how hard the life of these guys can be – at least for those who do not want to accept the proposals that they invariably get from many farangs.

This one was a good-looking 18 y/o from Isan, not gay at all and very shy – except for selling his stuff where he showed genuine talent despite his limited English. He had left school at age 11 mostly because his mother abandoned the family and he had to take care of an ill father. He worked at home, then staid some years in Bangkok as a construction worker, and finally came to Pattaya as an occasionnal seller.

He told me his "boss" gave him 30 % of what he could sell, but not a lot of farangs were buyers, so the income was not high. What struck me was his incredible willpower to face all the problems he had, and his invariably good-humoured nature despite a not so bright future. Refusing any extra money above the agreed price and uneasy like a child when I offered him a mobile phone to replace the broken one he had, it was obvious that he was not a liar but a good boy.

Cute beach seller in Jomtien gay beach
Shy (and cute) beach seller
He moonlighted as a masseur too and took care of me with much more strength than many others on the beach. On the following day, unable to stand it any longer, I asked him if he could give me another massage, but this time I would need a special one. After some hesitation, he told me that he had gone only once to a farang's place (he feared being raped ...) and only for an ordinary massage.

However he finally accepted to go and I have to say that I was very happy to give him the tip he had asked for – I will never forget the time when he took his briefs off and his virility at first very discreet quickly developped into a long and slim pole that I had the pleasure to bring to climax. This is when he told me he had never jacked off before, and only had wet dreams – will I ever know wether this was true or not ?

Other discoveries of this first week were the Jomtien night venues that are easy to forget when you live in Pattaya. A special mention goes to Rockhard Boys where the guys are really cute and the atmosphere very hot.

Another usual haunt was an old favourite of mine, the Threezone Beer Bar in Sunee Plaza, the place where I met Tam five years ago. After a long "lady-boy only" period, they now welcome freelancers again and they have some real cuties coming on a more or less regular basis. Besides this, the thai owner is a very nice guy, and he has completely redone the place ; what has not changed is the unobstructed view over the entry to Villa Rouge and the soi life, which leads to carefree and relaxing unforgettable times.

A promising excursion to Kor Larn which turned quickly to a nightmare because of pouring rain (but these wet half-naked russian boys are so hot!), and more than one disappointment from visiting some Boyztown bars : these were the other events of this first week. To-night Tam will join me for the rest of my stay and this prospect makes me surprisingly happy despite what it means as regards my cherished freedom ..... I guess that I love him more than I thought …

06 November 2008

Halftime in Bangkok

Coming back from Isaan, I decided not to go to Pattaya immediately, but rather stay three more days in Bangkok.

Shy owner fled the scene, sorry
I can swear the coffee boy from Saphan Khwai was not the reason for this difficult decision, as I quickly understood that he was not available ; a very shy guy too as he chose to flee the scene when I asked him if I could take a picture of his shop. So you will have to go to Pradiphat Road if you want to see him (Sunday closed). Avoid Mondays because it seems it is his girlfriend's free day.

I finally went back to the Flower Shower Gogo Bar (or is it the Taurus Bar ?) in Silom Soi 6 (between Golden Cock and Nature Boy) as I could not help thinking of Art, the dark-skinned boy I had chatted with on my first day. He was still there, and this time I "offed" him to my room and he accepted – after much pressure from me - to stay for the night. Was it because of his dark skin ? Or his wild looks ? This guy turned me on big scale, and each time I touched his skin, I felt horny like with very few boys before ; a matter of chemistry I guess as he his not outstandingly cute. He also proposed me to go to the internet cafe and find boys on-line and invite them for a sex party in my room … which I declined for obvious security reasons. Unfortunately this boy was also a heavy (ciggies) smoker and had the typical barboy biorythm : looking at TV for the whole night and going to sleep at dawn, so I was almost relieved to see him go back home at 6 in the morning.

Not wishing to spend another day in Bangkok, I then chose to take one day off in Hua Hin. Using one of the numerous rot too leaving from Victory Monument saves the long trip to the Southern Bus Station, so I arrived in the sea resort at 1 in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time for shopping and for a short walk to the beach. My hotel was the PP Villa Resort which doesn't advertise on the net but proposes a perfect location (300 m to the beach and should be the centre of gravity of all the local gay places), big and quiet rooms and a sunny pool for a very decent price (1200 THB high season).

The main reason for my short trip to Hua Hin was seeing again the Nong Khai boys in Faq Thong Massage Place. And the good news was that the three of last July were still there, with a fourth one having joined meanwhile. I chose two of them, the one I had chosen in July and another one, very short and very tanned and who will prove a tireless mouth-kisser. As always when you take two boys from the same place, the performance was tempered by a lot of shyness, but they were so hot that I did not regret my choice.

I paid a short visit to the other places in Hua Hin : Red indian had more boys than last time including some isaan delights, Guys Bar was less exciting than in July, and I finally could locate the Candlelight Bar that I had vainly looked for last July (and it was worth it despite the very few boys in this bar)

Although the beach, with its dead fishes, sandflies and horse dung, didn't appeal to me, I could really have staid longer in Hua Hin without feeling in the least bored. I guess I should consider staying longer there in the future : Hua Hin is definitely not a BYOB (Bring Your Own Boy) place any more. However I went back to Bangkok, without stopping in the famous gay resorts in Potharam ; I would have taken some pride to have been the first one to write a review on the boards, but time is really too short when you are on holiday.

My last visit in Bangkok was another taxi trip to Sanam Luang (Saranrom area). Despite the Royal Cremation events, it was business as usual along the streets including near the entry to Tha Tian pier ; however I went back home alone. I wanted to be on top form for my stay in Pattaya.

04 November 2008

Isan escapade (2)

On the third day, I went to Roi Et which is known for its lake in the middle of the town and also for a big Buddha statue. It is a very short trip from Sakhon Nakhon with at first a beautiful mountain scenery, a bus change in Kalasin and then the typical isaan landscape until Roi Et. The bus from Kalasin to Roi Et was full with gorgeous students, one of them seating next to me.. I will always regret to have answered “one” to the bus attendant who was collecting the travel fare and had asked me “kii thii” (how many tickets) ?”. I should have been swift enough to tell “only one, but I would like so much pay for two …”.

Quiet afternoon in Roi Et . . .
Roi Et town was not quite up to what I expected : I thought the lake would be busy at night but it was not at all despite the place being very romantic and convenient for cruising. There are only two bars near the lake, all of them farang places for the few local expats living there… That will teach me not to believe one word of what local motorsai drivers say : one of them had insured me that boys came at night near the 99 Hotel, but I did not see anyone of them. So it was another lonely night in the Petchara Garden Hotel, a former upmarket place who has lowered its prices down to 550 THB (breakfeast included) probably due to a not very convenient location two kilometers far from downtown. But god how boring these upmarket hotels are ...

The last stay was in Khorat where I had a great disappointment seeing that the alley leading to the Buddy Boys Bar had remained locked up – with no explanation about a possible closure. Sure this place never had a lot of boys but it is (was ?) a very old gay place in Khorat and I hope I just went there on a wrong day (east end of Soi Lampru, 120 meters coming from the Thanon Suranari intersection, find a wooden sign on your right with only thai writing except for the word “IN" in English).

With the help of a motorsai driver, I could locate the Tawan Bar ... closed as well. It is a place in the middle of nowhere with no sign on the house, but this was probably the right location (south west of Sima Thani Hotel but south of the railway) as it fitted with the description I had read on the TMM website. The motorsai driver told me it was a very good bar and was still opened yesterday, but who would believe a motorsai driver ?

In Pailin Square, there is also an all-male disco called Khorat 69, I did not go inside because I was alone, but this one was well alive and had very promising boys standing in front. Another small bar reported to be located in the commercial center along the Sima Thani Hotel could not be found as well, despite an eager search... So much for the Khorat scene on that day (and it was on a Saturday night).

There are still some hookers along the moat near the Ya Mo Monument (in the Cathai Hotel area), but one who solicited me had no ID Card and seemed a little bit dangerous so I did not take him - although being so horny after four nights of chastity …

All in all an interesting trip to Isaan but not for the boys - although I could have done much better with a little bit more luck, daring and experience.

02 November 2008

Isaan escapade (1)

It would be a boring holiday should I have to spend all my time in Pattaya or in Bangkok … this time, my side-trip was a short escapade to some isaan towns, with an aim to see the wats of course, but also to feel the atmosphere. And also to make some progress in my lifelong duty to spend at least one night in everyone of the 76 thai provinces.

The first stop was Udon Thani which has more and more farangs living there and roaming the streets mostly with their thai girlfriend. I had chosen the Thai Airways flight to go there at a time when Nok Air was not too well, and although paying more, I did not regret my choice : Nok had cancelled their midday flight on that day.

As always I chose to stay at the Charoen Hotel close to the main bus station and also within walking distance to the quickly growing entertainment area. Unfortunately there is no boy bar in the two new complexes in front of the Railway Station ; only girlie beer bars and it is hard to see how they could all survive for long.

I went searching the Antz Bar in the Ton Yang Yai area where it should have been but could not find it ; so I guess the only place for people like us still remains the Boy Boy Bar in a small soi not far from the Bus Station (west side of the soi where the Silver Reef Guesthouse is located).

I went there at 20.30 and was really surprised by the quality of the boys in this bar, especially one who was absolutely stunning : short hair, 18 y/o, beautiful face and deep eyes. I invited him, we chatted about his life (very few English spoken here …), I did not tell him he would have been a star in Pattaya as he was still a student in Udon (at least this is what he told me). Finally we agreed on going to a local disco with another of the boys (more dark-skinned, something “gothic” in his attitude but still more beautiful eyes) .. and here we went, three on the same bike along the busy Udon streets … my guy was much too young to be allowed to enter the discos, so we finished drinking our whisky in a less careful place, not too far from my hotel.

Alas what could have been a wonderful night with a magnificent guy failed and I still don’t know why … I had noticed he was smiling to someone else in the second bar but could not see whom (girl ? boy ?). Eventually he brought the second boy to his home after having carefully wrotten down my room number, but he never came back. I had not yet given any tip to him nor to the other boy, so I am still wondering why I spent the night alone … Unfortunately I had not the phone number of the bar so could not get any further news from him. Lesson number one : when you really fancy a guy, go immediately to the essential because precious jewels are the most easy to lose…

I could have staid one day more in Udon as I had no real schedule ; however I chose to go further and my next stage was in Sakhon Nakhon, a completely farang-free place. My hotel was the Dusit Hotel, clean and convenient for 350 THB with the most smiling and careful staff in Thailand - those who would feel ashamed if they paid less than 3000 THB a hotel night in Thailand do not know what they miss.

No boys bar here, but this is the town where someone I had known in Geneva is living, and we had agreed to meet on the day I would go there. I spent a great evening out with him and his delicious wife : great restaurant, and then two late night pubs where I was openly solicited by a (female) friend of his wife who had joined us. Axa Pub is a new pub and they have a band of male students who appears for singing every night. Believe me, the singer is an absolute stunner and gazing at him was enough to make made my evening very enjoyable.

Wat Phra That Choeng Chum in Sakhon Nakhon
Wat Phra That Choeng Chum in Sakhon Nakhon after the rain