28 February 2017

New trip ahead

When working, I could not understand that a pensioner could claim having no free time. I have to admit now that this is exactly what happened to me since my last trip in November, due to activities of various kinds, both leisure and family duties. Of course I could not update the blog, and had anyway not a lot to tell about.

With many Facebook accounts and groups having been hugely toned down due to a relentless control by the Zuckerberg's vice squad, no bawdy activity and only some new boys who could be interested by a meeting ; most are clearly looking for a longer and rewarding commitment that simply does not interest me any more.

scantily clad isan boy
Affectionate isan boy
The young Udon Thani beauty could be one of them ; after a very short but very hot encounter in an Udon Thani rest room and some days together in Hua Hin last October, I can say that he could already be a keek (thai language for boyfriend number 2 ...). But I am not really interested in meeting him too often despite a lean body that I like and the kind of boy-next-door face that I cherish (picture to the right by special permission from him). Our meetings were nice, he is a very affectionate lad but unfortunately he is bottom only when I prefer all kinds of activities.  I helped him a little for his studies but told him that I cannot and do not want to support him full-time, which he understands.

However he is very keen on continuing his studies ; he told me he could even go all the way to selling himself, but how many customers could he find in a remote place in isan ? I do not know if I should encourage him in this way and wonder what I would answer if he asked me to put him up some days when I am in Pattaya.

The matter could happen very soon as students will soon begin a long holiday, and I will myself soon trip again to Thailand ; to tell you the truth, this is not really a mere coincidence. My schedule is not very busy except for a ten days trip to south Thailand where I will visit some provinces I never travelled. I should also stay three nights in Phuket, and so am very happy about the new regulations about sundecks on the beach. The remaining twenty days or so will be spent between Bangkok and Pattaya, making the most of what is left of the scene after these rumors of crackdown and regulations.