12 February 2005

Valentine's Day

Almost three months since I came back and nothing to write on my blog ... boring life, boring work and boring place ...

Once a week I chat with Tam on the phone ; I wrote him for New Year and Valentine's, sent him some money for his birthday... but I still do not know when I will see him again. He is staying at home with his mother and would like to open a restaurant in his town - if I understand correctly what he explained me in thai.

I love him but I remember my thoughts when leaving him in the airport : I feel he is depriving me from my freedom when I am in Thailand and I do not like this. Reading some posts on the CFS website (about what happens in some sleazy bars in BKK) makes me think I would like to have some crazy nights like the ones I had before we met ...

The problem is that I know well that if I break with him, I will immediately be looking for a boy like him, and will probably NOT meet this kind of boy so easily.

But probably I think too much ???