29 November 2011

Hua Hin

Shame on me for not updating the blog while being in Thailand … I guess I should get one of those notebooks allowing me to prepare my masterpiece in the room or at the beach rather than in some internet shop … My boyfriend Tam is luckier than me on this one : he convinced me to transfer to his account the money needed for buying one … but for himself. Poor farang with his old-fashioned mobile phone and not being able to afford all the modern electronic gadgets that every thai boy must have ..

After the long trip from Chiang Mai, I would have loved to stay quiet in Bangkok, but the floods were getting closer to Saphan Kwai ; the first thing I made on the following day was looking through the window checking that the car park in front of my hotel was still dry .. and it was. Should I go to Pattaya and come to Bangkok two weeks later when the flood could have receded, or should I spend the time I wanted to stay in Bangkok immediateley, and then go to Pattaya ? I made my mind for the first option, as the floods seemed to be quite slow approaching the inner part of Bangkok. This proved to be the right decision but it was a long time of pondering and worrying.

However I did not stay long in Bangkok, as I wanted to know better Em, this boy from Camfrog who had told me he was in Hua Hin. I also wanted to be on my own after ten days with Tam, who staid alone in Bangkok - and I know he likes it too. So here I was at Victory Monument to find the rot too going there … Not that I like being seated in a cramped mini van recklessly speeding on the highway but the other means of transportation – public bus or train - are definitely too time-consuming options.

Chico Bar, gay bar in Hua Hin
Chico Bar, gay bar in Hua Hin
I arrived in Hua Hin along with droves of Bangkok residents fleeing the floods ; however my favorite hotel had still a room for me. Being there for one night meant I had to meet the boy, and then visiting the bars, all this within three hours … so I was almost relieved when the boy answering my phone call told me he was not Em, he did not know him and never heard of him. Surprising as this was a phone number I had already used to call him from my country... I also could have got in touch with him using Camfrog, but finding an internet shop with Camfrog in the touristy part of Hua Hin is not an easy task.

I conscientiously visited each bar of the Hua Hin scene which had nicely developped since last year. Red Indian had only three boys, and the Nong Khai boy who stroke up a chat with me was not really my style, so I went on to Grasshopper Bar. I noticed a group of four, one of them being a wonderful young guy but they did not make a lot of eye contact. Hearing that the place had a massage service, I promised myself to come back should I not find the gem I was looking for.

Walking along soi 81, I could find two new boy bars but with very few guys, so I hopped on a motorbike to go to Chico Bar ; it was by far the best one in the evening despite Em not being there … Among the many nice lads working there, there was this 18 y/o guy from Ratchaburi : he would be the first guy I ever offed in Hua Hin, and also the first boy I offed during this trip.

Some hours later, I was back in Bangkok after another hair-rising experience on board of another rot too, with the strange feeling that with all these cars parked along the bridges and the slightest puddle possibly announcing a disaster, I would not want to stay too long in the area.

By the way, Em is now working in Chico Bar and can be seen on one of the very enticing pictures provided on the Sawatdee thread.