24 August 2014

One month in Thailand : a financial record

It has been a long time since I wrote a financial record of my Thailand trips. Boring for some, I know, but it could bring some useful information to others, especially newcomers.

Every time I come back to my room, I enter every expense I had and make sure that no one has been omitted by checking the money left ; it also makes it easy to be sure that I have not been cheated or stolen. Expenses are split into six or seven main categories, without being too fussy about it. Dividing every amount by the number of nights spent in Thailand (and Cambodia for this time) gives an average daily amount which allows an easy comparison for different trips. So nothing exceptional here.

For this trip, I managed to stay very low on accomodation with 865 THB/night, tips for staff and cleaning ladies included. As I doubled payed four nights being too lazy to pack and unpack for short side trips, the true expense would have been 760 THB/night. Not that I stay only in dumps : all hotels I staid in Thailand had A/C, fridge and swimming pool ; I simply do not like to pay more than I should.

thai boy with moneyEating and drinking (outside entertainment places) amounted to an average 1 200 THB/night, including what I pay at the beach. This is a lot, but my boyfriend who often shares my meals, eats well and drinks good, like my nephew whom I treated twice to dinner.

Transportation accounted for 784 THB a day ; this an highly variable item, which reaches summits with car rentals or expensive flights. No one of them this time, flights to Cambodia were rather cheap although for two travellers : boyfriend and me.

I spent 734 THB/night in gay bars and discos, a constantly decreasing amount since many years, due to both me and my boyfriend getting older. However I gave tips to boys for chatting, massaging and “taking care” for as much as 1 021 THB/night, boyfriend not included. Most of these well-deserved rewards went to the Khorat devil and to massage boys, whose talents I often used.

Finally everyday expenses (newspapers, laundry, pharmacy, personal care, phone cards ...) reached 481 THB/day. Clothes and a new mid-range smartphone are not included in this record, as these are purchases which I will keep for use in my home country.

So I spent as much as 5 123 THB/day, of which 38 THB/day unaccounted-for. What I gave to my boyfriend adds up, as well as the flight costs. I guess I will have to adjust a little and I have a clear view on which item I need to cut back, but how to do it ?

06 August 2014

Blog editing

Some pictures of my blog had disappeared after an unfortunate action by myself (thank you Google system and their impenetrable interactions). I could find them again and download them where they belonged. So everything is back like before, along with a rewriting of the most recent posts.

I took this opportunity to make some editing, here correcting a typo, there pruning some longish description or adding a picture, and this starting from the very first post. This took some time and I am sorry for the inconvenience. The final lay-out on your screen may be odd depending on which browser, which screen size and which operating system you use : sorry, this is something that I cannot handle.

This « work » allowed me to go again through my best times in Thailand, so it was a pleasure to live again all these past years. I could also notice some defects and there were some lessons to be learned from this thorough re-reading. I also added the much needed labels list to find past posts more easily, and developed some tools for improving the traffic (not that I want to accept any advertising).

There are probably still many mistakes remaining, please do not forget that english is not my native language.

Thank you everyone for your faithful interest in this unpretentious blog and hoping for the best in your experiences in gay Thailand and Southeast Asia.