20 January 2008

Financial report

It has been two months since I came back from Thailand, and I am now living the usual depressing gloomy life of someone who is waiting to go back. When ? I still do not know but my brain is programmed to go in June.

When in Thailand, I try to log every expense I make in order to better plan for the next time and also to compare them on a long period. I thought I could open my books for everyone in case this helps, especially those who like me are not rich and cannot afford throwing their hard-earned money down the drain.

Soi Twilight in gay Bangkok
. . . . . Sparkling neon signs and flowing money . . . . . .

I have split my expenses into seven main items and then divided each subtotal by the amount of nights I spent in Thailand (which roughly equals the number of full days, as I generally arrive in the afternoon and leave in the evening .The results are the following :

- Accomodation (including tips) : 881 THB – up from 713 THB on my previous holiday ; this would had been even lower if I had not paid two extra nights for my own convenience. For this price I always stay in full-comfort hotels with TV – pool – fridge – air-con and restaurant, including four nights in the Chiang Mai Novotel.
- Meals (including casual drinks and snacks) : 884 THB – down from a previous 967 THB – fewer expensive restaurants with Tam I guess …
- Transport : 517 THB down from 827 THB in 2006 when we rent a car for many days, and of course I had to pay for Tam’s tickets.
- Bars, discos, massage (drinks and fees ; « tip for boy » not included) : 1 601 THB which seems to be very high but some nights out with Tam and his friends could explain this.
- Tips and gifts for boys – including Tam : 2 715 THB / night, down from 3 269 THB in 2006 : spent fewer days with Tam, tried not to off the same boy for many days (but could not achieve it because of the lao cutie) – and was too generous by Pattaya standards. I did not take a boy every night.
- Others (laundry – books – newspapers – clothes – internet – health and so on) : 760 THB. I generally buy all my new clothes in Thailand.

Grand amount – flight not included : 7 357 THB a day … way over what I can afford but at least I know that more than half of it are paid to the bars and the boys. And it is markedly cheaper than when Tam was staying with me during my whole holiday - we have been staying together for only five days in 2007.

I guess I will REALLY fly back next June (another problem being what my boss will think about it) …