19 September 2010


Smiling thai boy
Only four weeks to go .. I have just come to the point when I have less waiting time than the total amount of time I will spend in Thailand, and this is exactly the point when the next stay turns from an unreachable illusion to a possible fact.

No must-to-do list this time as two-thirds of what I schedule usually stay undone. I only have a booked flight form Bangkok to Ubon on October 28 th and the rest of the stay will be organised from day to day. I just noticed that there will be a long holiday around the 23rd of October so I will have to come to Pattaya some days before. Better to stay flexible as weather, politics, health hazards (and boys) could shatter any tight schedule.

Am I getting older ? I feel that I should be much more cautious this time with many things. I am really concerned about mosquito-borne deseases especially as I will spend some days in the Northeast. And some stories about the atmosphere getting worse in Pattaya are worrying .. not so much about crimes as it is only a matter of not being in the wrong place at the wrong time : but dealing with some of the new patronage Pattaya is now attracting seems more and more difficult for this farang who likes peacefulness, politeness and good eduaction, all of which do not seem to be the main characteristics of some of the new Pattaya visitors.

Hey, it could be worse .. what would be really worrying would be not being able to go to Thailand any more because of money, health, or work … for the time being I am as excited as before my second trip because I know since then that Thailand is the place where I always find happiness.