30 September 2015

Indecent offers

This morning, I had at first a message on Messenger at about 4.30 am (so 9.30 am in Thailand) : "open your cam and let's jerk off together" ; it came from a Facebook "friend", a young student in Buriram who seems to spend his whole life on the net where he is openly looking for a long-term sponsor. And one hour later, another distant friend in Bangkok sent me the same offer - no money asked in both cases. I duly rejected both offers, partly because I was not in the mood so early in the morning, and mainly due do the fact that I do not really know the actual age of these two guys - and in these hysterical times, better safe than sorry.

Why did I get these indecent - albeit very nice - offers ? At first I lay blame on the full moon period, and on the beginning of an exciting one-month holiday for the boys - a matter of seasonal hormonal boost. But then I thought of all what I had became familiar with, due to months of (too long) daily Facebook sessions. Athough not being able to understand 100 % of what the boys write, I am now rather familiar with the way they interact and what they think, or rather how they want to be regarded. And I cannot help wondering to see how brazen, sex-driven, shameless, thai teenagers (and probably teenagers all over the world) are now appearing.

They do not hide being gay and download lots of pictures with their flirt du jour, they use the word yet (fuck) as if fucking was as common as breathing, and their state of mind is ngian (horny) almost as often as the usual nuay (tired). And being under or over 18 does not make any difference, including for (thai) people much older.

Is it only a posture, or have teenagers changed so much since the years when we were teenagers ourselves? I would rather guess that I am the one who is naive and out of fashion.

Not that I am complaining about this new frame of mind ...

Horny thai teenager