14 September 2008

From bliss to darkness

Five weeks and I will land in Suwanaphum for another happy and carefree holiday … I should of course jump for joy but why is it that I am not as blissful as I should be ?

However hard I try to deny reality, I just cant'help thinking that every trip could be as well be the last one. Some personal concerns especially regarding work, and many more general problems ranging from rising flight costs, weakening euro and thai prices going up, lessening numbers of boys due to the economic crisis … the outlook for the sex tourist's future in Thailand is rather bleak now. The current political turmoil is of course not taken into account by this seasoned traveller, but the security concerns in Bangkok and Pattaya could be.

These grim thoughts are another reason why I will try to make the best out of from my one-month trip … like I have always done. I have planned only a short sidetrip to Isan with one or two nights in Udon and then one-night stays in three or four towns like Roi Et and Khorat … hoping for nice encounters or fulfilling my lifetime mission to visit everyone of the 76 thai provinces, I don't know…. But some words I got from boys saying there are now gay bars in Sakhon Nakhon and Buriram did not fall on deaf ears for sure !

For the remaining time, I should stick to Bangkok and Pattaya ; you also will have to tie me firmly if you do not want me to go to Hua Hin for one night, trying to meet one (or all) of the three isan cuties who were in Faq Thong massage place last June … Tam will probably join me for my last days in Pattaya : I hope that this will help him to overcome the hard times that the chao naa like him have to face now because of the unusual amount of rain this year …

This will be my twentieth trip to Thailand in thirteen years. And this is also my hundredth entry in this blog .. thank you to all for taking the time to read it and I really hope there will be another hundred and more in the future.