15 November 2017

Cute 7/11 boys

Can you imagine there is a Facebook page (@711cutegirl) running in Thailand, where thai netizens can post snaps of their favourite 7/11 female clerk ? Of course I tried to find the same for boys : no Facebook page but only some Utube videos mostly aiming at recruiting young talents.

This is a gross injustice that must be corrected, right ? This is why I want to share some of the pics I found on the net. Obviously showing these boys here is by no means an indication of their sexual orientation.

Guess we all have already drooled over some cute Seven Eleven employee, and I am sure some have scored ... I just made some indecent offer to one on Facebook : having a meal together ("I eat a lot") and then going "play in room". Offer happily accepted by this 19/o boy from Udon Thani who is now in Pattaya (but has just left his 7/11 shop to move to the competition) ...

(Perhaps) more about him after my next trip in February... but no picture of him for the time being !