27 August 2011


I am now in the middle of my mandatory stay in Farangland and the setting up of my next trip filled most of my free time. The schedule is complete now, with more time in Bangkok as expected, and also a long car trip in the North with Tam – like in the good old times. I am really looking forward being with him for a long time, even if I will be careful to be on my own for another part of my stay. I still cannot realise how it is possible that we can be boyfriends since such a long time (more than eight years), though I am rather a butterfly, and more inclined to twinks than to more mature men …

The trip will begin in Phitsanuloke where I should gather some information about the two gay places I have already identified there (one bar and one massage place), and also visit the wats – that I had missed because of a Royal visit when I came there before. We should then drive to Tak and Mae Hong Son along the burmese border and to Chiang Mai, with enough time to stop in the most interesting places and make some side-trips.

But for now, most of my freetime goes to using this diabolical Camfrog network, which gives me the impression to be in Thailand every night … Having upgraded to Camfrog Pro, I can now see many webcams in the same time, and looking at some rooms sometimes looks like indulging into a fantastic bukkake party with the most handsome boys jerking-off for you … Seeing a young thai man in his briefs is an absolute turn-on for me, so you can imagine how addictive this Camfrog thing is becoming for me ..

Scantily clad thai boy
I have two or three contacts with guys in Bangkok and hope to meet them for chatting, and then seeing where things can go … one is a young whore from Samut Sakhon, mostly interested in money but with the nicest face in Southeast Asia ; and the second one is his complete opposite : he describes himself as (and looks like) a shy boy "who cannot be easily got", and I think he has contacted me mainly out of curiosity – be sure I am ready to meet the challenge.

The only problem on Camfrog is that very few English is spoken and much less written : at least this gives me a good excuse for lacking assiduity in my thai lessons. And if you could see the expression on the face of the young man when he realises that he is answered in thai …

I am now just crossing my fingers hoping that the final financial collapse will be kind enough to wait for next November. It will then be the time to bury the system who is currently crushing our lives and our hopes.