26 December 2010


Five weeks after my flight back, I am not thinking of my next trip yet. Remembering the wonderful month I had in Thailand is enough for the moment to help me facing the everyday boredom.

Once again the best memories were collected outside Bangkok and Pattaya ; the boys and places in Ubon and Udon were really a big deal from every point of view, and the times I had in Pattaya and Bangkok looked rather like routine when compared. Sure the fact that my trip to isan was the only time when I was on my own had someting to do with it. Moreover I visit Bangkok and Pattaya everytime I go to Thailand, when trip to other places are less frequent.

Construction worker in Udon Thani
Construction worker in Udon Thani
Not that I am complaining about being in Pattaya or Bangkok .. I had my share of surprises, great times and nice boys there too. And if I did not fulfill some fantasies like bringing a construction worker to my room, I saw enough of them which could have done the trick.

However I noticed some changes in my everyday life and would like to know if they are due to me getting older or the scene changing. I hit less bars and more massage places, I spent more time with Tam and less with casual encounters, I spent more money in the restaurants and less in the discos. All this had some effect on my finances as I was able to spend less money in euros than last time, despite the fact that our currency had lost something like 15 % against the thai baht during the same time …

Tendencies to be checked next time – economics and health allowing !