25 January 2018

Local attractions

Still two days and I will board a plane which will lead me to Thailand for a 32nd trip ... Once again, it will be a one-month only stay - I would not dare call it a holiday as I am now retired and every day is holiday time ... At least if I forget all commitments that I still have in Farangland, the main one being taking care of my beloved mother.

Date arranged in ... isaan !
As usual most of my trip has been planned : hotels, transport, and even the "friends" I will meet. Does careful planning removes the charm of uncertainty ? Planning only means having lines on a map going from point A to point B on which day. And avoiding to be at the wrong place on the wrong day, for example arriving in Pattaya on the Chinese New Year's Day ... What will happen in A or in B remains to be seen.

However I had too many contacts on Facebook not to make some of them come true. And their locations built the frame for my oncoming trip - the only other requirement being to visit, even shortly, provinces that I never went to. And this gave a road trip that I am very excited to make : flight to Satuk in Buriram province to meet a dark-skinned clerk in the local department store, then one-night stands in Surin, Si Saket and Amnat Charoen. Yasothon is scheduled for two days which could be too much ... or not, but when on the road I like to sit down somewhere, if only to take care of the laundry !

It will then be a short jump to Kalasin that I went through many years ago promising to come again due to the cuteness of the local lads .. good idea, I should sample one of them who promised to come to my place for some fun (and of course other rewards). Final days in Udon Thani where I will meet my young friend of two years. Oops .. for those who never go out of Pattaya, perhaps I should make clear that all these beautiful (?) towns mentionned above are located in the North-East of Thailand ?

I will not forget Bangkok and Pattaya and also have some dates there ; seems to me there will be no need to go to any bar for finding company, but of course I will go. And if I have some time left, I finally could know a little bit more about a boy house in Ang Thong province which advertises on some Facebook groups. Not sure I will have the energy to visit.