25 May 2008


I am now slowly emerging of a very difficult period when I have had a lot of work and very little time to think of what is really important in life : thai boys. This dreadful time is almost over and I can enjoy again the prospect of having more freedom soon.

In fact what is now bringing me back to life is my next trip to Thailand … I am already booked for June 19th and it is the same bliss as every time … nothing in life is more important than this next stay. The outlook for the future is not grim anymore, and there will always be oil to feed the planes that bring us to Thailand – since there will be enough kerosene on June the 18 th at 5.15 pm ....

I have already done my homework for this trip : another flight is already booked for Phuket where I have not set a foot since the tsunami. I should stay there only a couple of days, as I know that this place can be quite boring during the day when the weather is bad. I will then slowly make my way back to Bangkok with a short stay in Hua Hin where I never had the chance to be on my own - the listings recently provided on the Sawatdee Gay Board being duly saved.

I should then stay three days in Bangkok : because of the Euro 2008, I surmise that a lot of boys will go to Sanam Luang to repay their gambling debts, and this could provide some interesting company . . .

And then it will be the usual stay in Pattaya where a lot of new places are awaiting me – including the bars which have been closed by the police and should reopen just before I arrive.

Call me a sex tourist if you want ! But I have also planned a day trip to Chachoengsao town (near Bangkok) where there are more wats than boy bars .. and I will probably take a look at the Phra Sri Nakharin park too !