26 May 2014


If I were an american or malaysian citizen, I would be supposed to consider cancelling any non-essential travel to Thailand. Anyway I obviously do not feel concerned : like the former 26 trips since 1996, this one cannot be postponed by any means.

Flights and hotels in Cambodia are booked, with three nights in Pnom Penh and four in Siem Reap with my boyfriend. Nice to know that the most famous tourist place in Cambodia is also home to a vibrant gay nightlife, at least by local standards. I am really looking forward at staying in Siem Reap after reading the excellent blog of an Australian expat living there (link updated on the right column) : a lot of information, nice pictures and clearly an invitation to know the place better.

Cute khmer boy
I started to learn cambodian, just in case I love the country but I did not perform well ; this language has a really difficult alphabet and very few in common with thai language except for the figures and some rare words. It stroke me to see on Facebook that many local youngsters write their own language in phonetic English rather than using khmer spelling … very sad if you ask me.

However the faces and attitudes of khmer boys look 100 % asian which I will not lament … What do you think of the nice young thing on this picture from Facebook ?

Besides this one week-trip with my boyfriend, and the mandatory stay in Pattaya, I will allow a rather long time in Bangkok – demonstrations allowing. Thanks to Nok Air nice promotions, I jumped at the chance of doing a sidetrip to Hat Yai as no one seems to be able to update on the scene down there … And there will be another one to Hua Hin with the increasingly naughty Khorat boy, with whom many chats on Facebook thave turned rather lewd recently…

And they would like me to cancel such a nice program ?

Oh and by the way this is post #200 on this blog ... thank you for your reading and your support and good luck to all of you