27 April 2007

Songkran Festival


I never attended Songkran festival in Thailand and never will until the glorious day when I will retire ... seven long years if it ever happens ...

However it seems worthy to be there if I judge after this picture that I found in a french blog .... what is the percentage of cuties on this car ? About 100 % I would say ....

14 April 2007

Missing Thailand

Time elapses so slowly now ... like every year I am entering the period when I have loads of work, and in the same time I am craving for sun and heat after the winter (although this one was a little bit TOO bearable ..).

If I had not my family, good friends and nice pastimes (such as bike riding if you want to know), I would feel like a prisoner counting every day ... and I have not yet fulfilled half of my sentence here in Farangland ! Useless to say that reading the boards are my daily breath of fresh air ... I would feel so miserable without them !

Some readers could think that when in Thailand I only go to the bars ... not really true but these places are probably what makes Thailand so special to me. Beaches, temples and mountains can be found in many countries all over the world, but where can you find these magic places ? Looking at these beautiful thai boys, inviting them for a chat and more, this is exactly what I am beginning to miss here.
I am very fond of every news I can read about closures, new bars, transformations ... like every year there will be new places to discover, and reading about them makes your imagination wandering to new decors, new atmospheres ... For example I cannot wait to go to this Happy Boys Bar near Sunee which seems to be very promising from what I read on the Ting Tong board. Just hoping they will still be there next October !

One bar which closed since I left is the Focus Bar (facing New Paradise Inn in Sunee Plaza) ... although employing some questionable lads, it was a quiet place that I liked - although I would never have taken a boy from there ! A German website had a picture of this bar that I am happy to see again (especially as I had a long talk with the boy in the orange/grey jersey). A poster wrote that this place could open again, perhaps it has now ?

Another place where I want to go is the former "La Cage" Bar, which is said to have been sold. I knew this place when it was a sleazy nameless joint (although some called it "Young Guns" bar, a name which fitted perfectly with the place ...) and liked it, especially as I had met my former boyfriend there (a sturdy long-haired Udon guy, who was fresh from the farm when I met him but became too quickly a Pattaya boy)...I could never go back there after it became "La Cage" : too clean, too bright ... Will the new owners turn to the former format ? I doubt it, but you just can hope when you are 9 500 km from where the action is ...