30 October 2004

Closing times ...

Even when you would want to ignore the sad truth about Thailand now, reality will catch you ... yesterday we had just arrived with Tam (and two boys from one of the Night Bazaar Bars) in Fashion House, a thai-oriented disco in Robinson Plaza near Chiang Mai airport. The place was crammed and everyone enjoying the good music and then ... all of a sudden all lights on and everyone going out, it was only 1 in the morning. One of the boys told it was because of a religious day (Ook phansaa), because this place generally closes much later. Well OK but these early closures suck big time ... I will probably not advise anyone to go to Thailand now except for the wats and the cooking ...

A new occasion to have a hot conversation with Tam about Thailand politics ... not that he favours early closing times but he seems to think this is good for the country and especially for the young ... so bad my thai is too limited to have deep discussions about Toxin and his gang... Anyway the mood was away and we came back after only 5 minutes in the disco.

Doi Inthanon nature trail
Boyfriend on nature trail
To-day was a tour to Doi Inthanon (private tour with a travel agency) ...some nice views despite the haze and the clouds, and great waterfalls. We bought some winter clothes for Tam yesterday and he looked incredibly cute in them, this boy really turns me on. We walked along the nature trail on the summit of the mountain (highest point in Thailand, 2325 m above sea level)

To-morrow I will have to suffer all the Halloween craziness and on Monday back to BKK with Nok Air that I never tried before.

The Chiang Rai boy phoned yesterday and we should meet him on next Tuesday in Morchit and then go together to Pattaya ; we will introduce him to the owner of the bar. I keep you informed about his new life in Pattaya.

29 October 2004

Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai is definitely a place to add in the gay places list in Thailand. There are only two gay bars in town, very close to each other and with the same format : one guy is dancing in his briefs for about 10 minutes and then another. Most guys are local guys and all complain about the lack of customers so guys if you happen to go in the North please go patronize the local gay places - both are located close to Wang Come Hotel.

Tam gave some advice to one of the boys in Regency Bar, and almost convinced him to go to Pattaya in one of the Sunee Plaza beer bars .. wonder if the boy will follow his advice ... Tam promised to introduce him to the owner of his bar and the boy should phone us on November 3rd so that we go there together from Bangkok.
These Northern boys are really not only cute but also seem to have a better attitude than some of the isaan boys that most of us (including me) cherish so much.

Yesterday we came back from Chiang Rai along a nice road in the mountains. After getting a room in Porn Ping Tower Hotel, we went to San Kampeng hot springs where you can hire a bungalow for one hour and bathe in the hot water. So bad we hired two bungalows, it would have been really "hot" to bathe in the same bath (although the tubs are quite small).

In the evening we went to Adam's Apple to look at the show. Very imaginative and daring as it has always been ...difficult to think that the place has just reopened from a one-month closure ...

To-day was rest time after bringing the car back to North Wheels ... a good adress if you have to rent a car in Chiang Mai.

To-night ? I don't know except that I am really in love with Tam and this keeps on surprising me because I thought I was only a butterfly and I could not get on with a boy for more than two or three weeks ...

27 October 2004

So many things to do ...

So many things happen as soon as you are in Thailand that you do not have 5 minute to write about your travel ... How different from Farangland !

On Day 2, I staid in Bangkok with Tam and we just went to Talent (karaoke bar in Saphan Kwai) where the atmosphere was good. Stopped for a drink in Eagle where they do not have a lot of boys but there is always one in this bar to catch your attention.

Day 3 was a bus ride to Chiang Mai where there was no more car for rent at least in the best-known companies. So we staid for one night in Royal Lanna and made the trip to the boys beer bars near Night Bazaar. We staid a long time in Chez Nous Bar near the Climbing Wall - too long as far as the number of beers is concerned.

Driving in Thailand is not easy not because it is Thailand but because they drive on the wrong side of the road ... very difficult to get used to it after more than thirty years in a "normal" country. Anyway got to Tam's village in Phrae province without any problem. First evening was a feast for all the relatives, second day we went with Tam, his mother and a young girl of his family to visit some places in the province, including the local Tesco Lotus.

Yesterday was a short drive to Phayao which is a great place if you like farang free places, beautiful landscape, romantic walking along a lake and great cheap food. Would recommend at least one night there to everyone.

Phayao lake
Phayao lake

Now in Chiang Rai getting prepared to visit the local bars at least if my boyfriend is OK. He should be, because we had another great day of touring, with a short trip in Myanmar and a long walk in the Doi Tung gardens.

17 October 2004

Three days to go ...

Still three days to go ...

The packs are almost ready and my boyfriend Tam will come and see me at the airport ; I phoned him so that he knows the flight number and the exact arrival time. He will come back from his home in Phrae next Tuesday and will stay at a friend's place until Thursday. He warned me to bring winter clothes as the temperature is rather low now.

I phoned my usual hotel in Bangkok and was pleased that the clerk now remembers me. First time the price was 800 bahts and then 700 bahts and last time 600 bahts ... closer and closer to the price for thai which is 450 bahts !

Of course I am as excited about this stay as every time I go there ... this will be the 14th trip in nine years and I am due to stay 26 nights in L O S (Land of Smiles).