30 October 2004

Closing times ...

Even when you would want to ignore the sad truth about Thailand now, reality will catch you ... yesterday we had just arrived with Tam (and two boys from one of the Night Bazaar Bars) in Fashion House, a thai-oriented disco in Robinson Plaza near Chiang Mai airport. The place was crammed and everyone enjoying the good music and then ... all of a sudden all lights on and everyone going out, it was only 1 in the morning. One of the boys told it was because of a religious day (Ook phansaa), because this place generally closes much later. Well OK but these early closures suck big time ... I will probably not advise anyone to go to Thailand now except for the wats and the cooking ...

A new occasion to have a hot conversation with Tam about Thailand politics ... not that he favours early closing times but he seems to think this is good for the country and especially for the young ... so bad my thai is too limited to have deep discussions about Toxin and his gang... Anyway the mood was away and we came back after only 5 minutes in the disco.

Doi Inthanon nature trail
Boyfriend on nature trail
To-day was a tour to Doi Inthanon (private tour with a travel agency) ...some nice views despite the haze and the clouds, and great waterfalls. We bought some winter clothes for Tam yesterday and he looked incredibly cute in them, this boy really turns me on. We walked along the nature trail on the summit of the mountain (highest point in Thailand, 2325 m above sea level)

To-morrow I will have to suffer all the Halloween craziness and on Monday back to BKK with Nok Air that I never tried before.

The Chiang Rai boy phoned yesterday and we should meet him on next Tuesday in Morchit and then go together to Pattaya ; we will introduce him to the owner of the bar. I keep you informed about his new life in Pattaya.

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