27 October 2004

So many things to do ...

So many things happen as soon as you are in Thailand that you do not have 5 minute to write about your travel ... How different from Farangland !

On Day 2, I staid in Bangkok with Tam and we just went to Talent (karaoke bar in Saphan Kwai) where the atmosphere was good. Stopped for a drink in Eagle where they do not have a lot of boys but there is always one in this bar to catch your attention.

Day 3 was a bus ride to Chiang Mai where there was no more car for rent at least in the best-known companies. So we staid for one night in Royal Lanna and made the trip to the boys beer bars near Night Bazaar. We staid a long time in Chez Nous Bar near the Climbing Wall - too long as far as the number of beers is concerned.

Driving in Thailand is not easy not because it is Thailand but because they drive on the wrong side of the road ... very difficult to get used to it after more than thirty years in a "normal" country. Anyway got to Tam's village in Phrae province without any problem. First evening was a feast for all the relatives, second day we went with Tam, his mother and a young girl of his family to visit some places in the province, including the local Tesco Lotus.

Yesterday was a short drive to Phayao which is a great place if you like farang free places, beautiful landscape, romantic walking along a lake and great cheap food. Would recommend at least one night there to everyone.

Phayao lake
Phayao lake

Now in Chiang Rai getting prepared to visit the local bars at least if my boyfriend is OK. He should be, because we had another great day of touring, with a short trip in Myanmar and a long walk in the Doi Tung gardens.

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