17 February 2008

Like being there

cute thai boy from GayboysiamNo post for about one month … not that I do not think about Thailand but what I can only do is thinking of it. Is it so boring to wait for the next trip ? Finally not too much : almost every bit of my free time is devoted to Thailand, and I do not mean only surfing the web.

I recently bought a new MP 3 reader and my choice was dictated only by the way I will use it in Thailand : listening to thai music during the flight, and listening to thai radio when sitting at the beach or at the swimming pool. I am now downloading some fantastic thai radio streams that will provide me all the music I want. And these are as many minutes when my mind is in Thailand and not here.

I am also doing my homework in order not to waste any second during my next trip. Reading the new French edition of the Lonely Planet guides (Thailand and Laos have just been updated …) helps a lot, looking after and improving my thai is sometimes demanding after a long day at work but this is more time I virtually spend in Thailand. And beginning to learn speaking and writing lao (more difficult than I thought because more different to thai than I expected) gives me another incentive to be more diligent.

I am not sure to go back in June because of work, but in my mind I will go there on June the 17 th. And I will stick to this perspective as long as I can.