29 September 2013

Soon ....

I just read in one of the gay webboards that when it comes to going to Thailand, there is no time like the first time ... Twenty-five trips and seventeen years after my first trip, I would rather think there is no time like the next time !

For me this next one will be in less than three weeks and I am probably as thrilled as in 1996. I realise much has changed since then, when everything was possible, and noone gave a damn about what was happening in the bars or in your bedroom. However this country still seems to always have something to surprise the most jaded traveller ... "amazing Thailand", the slogan cannot be better.

And this is why, four weeks before my one-month holiday, I am thinking that I will stay in Thailand for a longer time than the time I still have to wait ... petty calculation for bored worker I know but it helps. And then I see this TV magazine which gives the programs until the day when I will leave ... and this announcement on Nicky's Pages about an event where I COULD go ... and my interest for home news fading while I am looking closer and closer at the thai news....

Gracious thai boy and girl
Grace and beauty
Some faint chills down my spine now make me sure that I will soon be THERE, climbing up the bridge over Pradiphat Road, savouring some pla thapthim manao in an open air restaurant, and walking along the streets  the eyes wide opened in front of so much human grace and beauty.