17 July 2011


I had never seen so many building sites in Pattaya : there were at least four running in the immediate vicinity of my hotel – fortunately without any disturbing noise. And when there are construction sites going on, there is a great chance that construction workers come along.

I could by chance take some pictures, which only confirmed that I should one day try to know one of these workers better. They usually match what I say to a mamasan when she asks me about my specs regarding boys : soong, phom, dam (tall, lean and dark-skinned) and of course narak (cute).

Pattaya construction worker with sagging workwear
Sagging workwear

01 July 2011

Still the best

My last week in Pattaya was a little bit uneventful but every second of it was worthwhile. Pattaya is still the best place to go for us, and was much better than what I could have feared.

I staid most of the time with Tam who had taken some free days from his work. He is really not the kind of boy who would spend all his time in a room, so that having good meals and visiting new places were frequent. He brought me to the Floating Market south of Pattaya : a tourist-oriented place full of thai people, which was surprisingly well laid-out with a pleasant atmosphere. And Tam did not event indulge too much in boundless shopping of useless trinkets.

Floating Market in Pattaya
Floating Market in Pattaya
I also had some time of my own which I used as usual to stroll round the bars both in Sunee and Boystown. This was enough to feel relieved after all the bad things I had read on the boards : there are still boys, there are still customers, there is still life. Sure the numbers were not very high especially in Sunee but bar owners who know their jobs can still enjoy a regular customer flow.

I especially liked Nice Boys in Sunee where a waiter approached me, which is not the rule in this bar. He had probably noticed that I could not take my eyes out of him, so we spent a lot of time chatting before taking the plunge. I told him I had one day passed through his home town (Kalasin) and noticed how the boys there were especially beautiful : I could see him blushing at the compliment – and not I am not very good at smooth talking, I really thought this. For me, this bar had by far the best staff all over Sunee.

Happy Boys was once again visited and once again, entering without any other intention than having a quiet drink quickly turned into a strong need to know better the boy who took my attention. He had already taken care of me last time and I did not remember how it went, although I should have printed his dark skin and his long hair in my brain. In this place you just have to be very cautious to turn down any offer by any other boy : some seem to specialise into coming upstairs uninvited.

I was more disappointed by the beer bars : few guys, fewer cuties in my opinion. I felt that you had to go many times in a bar and get acquainted with one guy or two before feeling really welcomed, so this is a definite hindrance for tourists. Not that this is a big surprise for me, as this is exactly the reason why I feel so good in my favourite taproom : Threezone Bar where I have been a loyal customer for the last nine years (and at first because my then boy special had moved to freelance there).

What was the most worrying was strolling along the sois in the immediate vicinity of Sunee Plaza : in either direction, arabic presence is increasingly heavy, making our Sunee looking more and more like the Gallic village in the middle of the roman empire. How much will this last I wonder, and I can only hope that another area would replace it in case of a huge gay drain.

For the time being, there should be still be some boys and bars available next time I go there, in October.