19 February 2018


Coming back from Udon Thani, my first plan was to stay alone in Bangkok for two days before heading towards Pattaya for my last eight or nine days. But I had not expected that my first date in Bangkok would be so hot, and I could not wait to meet him again. And so here I was again in Ekkamai BTS station at 6 pm, waiting for him like two weeks ago. He showed 45 minutes late but there is nothing boring looking at the world going by in a Bangkok station.

Let's call him Noo
Let's call him Noo, as this is the way I call him, and the way he calls himself when speaking to me. So Noo wanted to watch a film and I agreed as it seems that thai cinema owners have finally understood that too cold temperatures were both costly and useless. We ended at MBK which is one of the few cinemas I can exactly locate in Bangkok ... two movies in two weeks while I had not set a foot in a cinema since at least ten years, this boy has really special powers on me. He was then curious to visit a gogo bar and we went to one well-known place outside of Soi Twilight ; although he is only 18, he looks a little older so we could easily enter. He did not really like it but I guess he just wanted to check this kind of place as a possible way to make some money later. I will just say that the following night was really fantastic, I could not imagine it was possible to have such a good time with a boy after so many years in Thailand.

On the next day, Noo went back to his room and I could use this free time to deal with some important matters : buying a new phone, looking for information about the upcoming cycling Tour of Thailand, renewing my bank passbook and ... resting ! I could not even sample the bars in Saphan Khwai, but could see that Charmming Bar had definitely closed, and Staxx was also closed while next door Heaven karaoke seemed to be well-stocked with nice boys. U-Turn is still there but the former owner (who had opened the short-lived David Bar some years ago in Pattaya) was nowhere to be seen. Street Boy, Adam and Waterloo seemed to do well at least on Fridays and Saturdays. And Talent on Phahonyothin Soi 11 is still open and eager to welcome customers.

After these two busy days in Bangkok, it was time for me to go for my ritual stay In Pattaya. I had agreed with Noo that he could come to Pattaya for two nights, and he finally staid four nights, without having to insist a lot I must say. Between visits to his sister who lives there, trips to Jomtien and (shortly) to Koh Larn, and strolls to Central Festival, he seemed to like this stay with me. I liked it too, and not only for the great sex we had at the most unexpected times of the day. No pressure for buying expensive items, no request for money, this boy was really a gem, and he was of course duly rewarded when he finally went back to Bangkok after these four days.

I now just hope that he will not be too spoilt when I will meet him again ... and I will meet him, even if I have to go to his place in Buriram for this.

13 February 2018

Isaan Tour, grande finale

I finally escaped Yasothon and arrived safely in Kalasin after a quick bus change in Roi Et. Curiously enough, no minivan in this area but good old buses which provide more security and more space too. In Kalasin, I had reserved a room in Phaiboon Place, which is a good enough place for the price (550 THB) and mostly for its very convenient location close to the bus station.

Cute boy in Kalasin, Thailand
Kalasin boy
Kalasin is said to produce some of the cutest boys and girls in Thailand (along with Phayao in the north). After a short stroll in town and to the local plaza, I would not dare contest it. Much more lively than Yasothon too, even if being there on a Saturday makes a difference. My planned encounter with a local lad met my expectations, except for the fact that the boy could not stay very long with me. So all my proposals to have a meal together were turned down and we immediately headed for the room where this 19 y/o country boy was really brilliant : once again I could not stop looking at his incredibly cute face after the deed was done. He had come from his place (30 km away) with a friend and had to go back soon, loaded with a nice if not huge tip.

On the road again on Sunday with a longer trip to Udon Thani, again on a minivan whose driver was cautious enough on the narrow roads through the rice fields. As no room was available in my usual Charoen Hotel, I had reserved for two nights in Kavinburi Hotel in the same area : new hotel, so well-equipped and welcoming but where everything is really small : room, bathroom, swimming pool.

My young student friend was already on his way when I arrived and he was soon knocking on the door. As he entered, he immediately closed the curtains and took off his clothes almost without one word : he too had very little time as the last bus to the University left only two hours after. We made the better of it, and he took some unusual initiatives probably knowing he had to pass this exam too so that he could get further financial rewards. He comes form a very poor family and does well enough at his studies, so I try to help him as much as I can - which is not a lot. Result : exam passed with distinction !

Thai student in Udon Thani, Thailand
Friend in Udon Thani
He could not come with me on the following day (Monday), which I spent mostly at the swimming pool and walking in the streets. Atmosphere in the UD Town food area and market was as good as ever, and I knew that I could have found many other willing boys to share my bed if I had wanted so. Udon, a place to consider for a possible relocation to Thailand ?

I flew back to Bangkok with regrets but also some excitation as I had already made up my mind to meet my new-found sex machine again.

09 February 2018

Isaan trip

Handsome young thai boy in Isaan
Dark-skinned boy in Surin
Leaving Bangkok and arriving in the heart of isan is always a shock, especially when the destination is the Buriram airport, which has been built in the middle of nowhere 20 km north of the town.

I had planned to spend my first night in Isaan in the Surin town where I had never gone. But a 19 y/o boy that I had contacted on a Gay Surin Facebook group was in fact working in Satuk, Buriram province, just where the Buriram airport is located. So rather than spending seven hours on a bus (there is no flight to Surin), I had thought it would be a good idea to fly and see him directly in his place. What I had not forecast was the change of schedule by Nok Air which made me arrive at 17.00 in Satuk, so that the whole day was anyway wasted.

This boy had seduced me not so much by his money problems (debts, low wage, broken phone, you guess it), but by his good looks and easy-going attitude. Dark-skinned like everyone in this part of Isaan, he was as usual cuter in the flesh than on the pictures. He was woking part-time in the local Tesco-Lotus and badly needed money as he had no-one of the (few) benefits that regular workers may enjoy.

Unfortunately he was not in a good shape : cold temperature had taken its toll on him and he clearly had caught a cold. We had a meal on the bank of the river and then he went to bed with me, where things were quickly done, in a good enough way when compared to professionals... Tip rather high but I guess there are probably not many chances to sell this kind of services in these small towns.

He left for his work at 7 in the morning, and I could go on with my isan trip. Traveling here is quite easy as main towns are connected by frequent van services. My second stop was in Surin, where I had no appointment and spent my time walking the streets and enjoying the swimming pool. My hotel was the excellent Thong Tharin, right in the middle of the local nightlife ; fun here is 100 % lady-oriented, but I understand there is an all male massage shop in the eastern outskirts of town. Romeo did not provide anything and anyway I already had my fix of Surin boys

I had a nice impression of my two next stops which were in Si Saket and Amnat Charoen, both low-profile towns with a lively and friendly atmosphere. Amnat Charoen is basically a crossroad but the central place hosts a nice night market where all the local talents gather providing unlimited eye candy. No appointment there as well, I preferred to enjoy the atmosphere on my own.

Now in Yasothon which some label as the most boring town in Isaan – and they are probably right : no department store in town, no decent night market, large streets lined by shops selling car batteries and motorbikes, and I had foolishly planned two days here ! By chance there is a very quiet internet shop near my hotel (RP City, big and clean rooms for 500 THB) and that is enough to keep me busy for some hours after having visited the Big Toad park which is the tacky symbol of the town (five floors and a nice viewpoint from inside the mouth).

Next two days will be busier with a young man available for everything in Kalasin and then my horny student in Udon Thani.

03 February 2018


Already one week and as always time elapses very quickly … no surprise for everyone I guess. Two internet shops closed since my last trip so updating the blog will be still more difficult than ever.

After one year, Thailand seems more and more busy, be it at the airport or on the streets. Wait at the immigration, wait for the luggage, traffic jam on the motorway, I guess I will have to get used to it or to change my destination.

I like BTS ...
I had an appointment on the first evening and here I was at Ekamai BTS Station, waiting for this young man to arrive. Of course he did not come and artlessly answered he thought the appointment was not for that day. But “we could meet to-morrow, same place, same time”’ This boy had contacted me on Facebook some months before and we had chatted a lot already. His life had followed the typical route of a rural boy in Buriram : last child in a family of 5, not really brilliant at learning, left school at 16 and came to Bangkok for working. But a persistent acne and perhaps some laziness make it a little difficult for him to face the harsh realities of life. So his time was mostly revolving around Facebook, Youtube and the likes. However what I had remembered from our few video chats was a very nice face, and after some inhibitions he did not seem reluctant to a meeting and more.

So I came again at Ekkamai on the following day and after half an hour I finally got a phone call telling he was on his way – just at the moment when I was beginning to think of leaving. After some words, he was OK to go looking at a movie at Samrong – opposite direction to my place, but the sky-train makes every place so close in these days. During the screening, I put very softly my hand on his kneel without reaction from him, but did not insist as I did not want to offend him. The moment of truth came when I asked him whether he will go back home or come to sleep to my place : “OK’ was his answer with a smile.

From then on, it was one night and one day of bliss. Still some shyness at the beginning, including from my side, and he then became more and more bold. Kissing was no more a problem, hugging and cuddling lasted most of the night and things became lewder in the morning ... a genuine sex machine ! This boy had obviously easily gone from virtual life to reality. In fact I still wander if I had had such good sex in Thailand, except with my boyfriend. He had to leave after two days as he had now a job in a local Family Mart, but I obviously hope to see him again.

I also spent two days in Pattaya, both for booking my next stay (which will be during Chinese New Year) and also for trying a hotel in Jomtien. I liked the convenience of being on site both for the beach and the bars, but the Complex seemed somewhat a little too artificial for me, so for the moment I will stick to my usual place in Pattaya Tai.

To-morrow will be a new life with eight days on the road in Isan. Some meetings are already arranged, will they be as rewarding as the first one ?