13 February 2018

Isaan Tour, grande finale

I finally escaped Yasothon and arrived safely in Kalasin after a quick bus change in Roi Et. Curiously enough, no minivan in this area but good old buses which provide more security and more space too. In Kalasin, I had reserved a room in Phaiboon Place, which is a good enough place for the price (550 THB) and mostly for its very convenient location close to the bus station.

Cute boy in Kalasin, Thailand
Kalasin boy
Kalasin is said to produce some of the cutest boys and girls in Thailand (along with Phayao in the north). After a short stroll in town and to the local plaza, I would not dare contest it. Much more lively than Yasothon too, even if being there on a Saturday makes a difference. My planned encounter with a local lad met my expectations, except for the fact that the boy could not stay very long with me. So all my proposals to have a meal together were turned down and we immediately headed for the room where this 19 y/o country boy was really brilliant : once again I could not stop looking at his incredibly cute face after the deed was done. He had come from his place (30 km away) with a friend and had to go back soon, loaded with a nice if not huge tip.

On the road again on Sunday with a longer trip to Udon Thani, again on a minivan whose driver was cautious enough on the narrow roads through the rice fields. As no room was available in my usual Charoen Hotel, I had reserved for two nights in Kavinburi Hotel in the same area : new hotel, so well-equipped and welcoming but where everything is really small : room, bathroom, swimming pool.

My young student friend was already on his way when I arrived and he was soon knocking on the door. As he entered, he immediately closed the curtains and took off his clothes almost without one word : he too had very little time as the last bus to the University left only two hours after. We made the better of it, and he took some unusual initiatives probably knowing he had to pass this exam too so that he could get further financial rewards. He comes form a very poor family and does well enough at his studies, so I try to help him as much as I can - which is not a lot. Result : exam passed with distinction !

Thai student in Udon Thani, Thailand
Friend in Udon Thani
He could not come with me on the following day (Monday), which I spent mostly at the swimming pool and walking in the streets. Atmosphere in the UD Town food area and market was as good as ever, and I knew that I could have found many other willing boys to share my bed if I had wanted so. Udon, a place to consider for a possible relocation to Thailand ?

I flew back to Bangkok with regrets but also some excitation as I had already made up my mind to meet my new-found sex machine again.

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