31 October 2006


Saturday, 28th October :

Bus transfer to Phitsanuloke that it would not be fair to call uneventful : in most of the central plain, and especially around Nakhon Sawan, the fields are under the water and local people seem to have a very hard time.

In Phitsanuloke, I wanted to visit the Wat Yai which is well-known for its most-revered Buddha but HR the Princess was visiting the place and relieving the people for their difficulties, so it will be for another time. I staid there until the arrival of the official suite and just had a short glance at the princess. I had to leave quickly because I had reserved a car for hire and had to get it in the airport.

The evening was spent in the local disco (Picasso in Toplands Plaza building) where Tam saw a lot of gay people ... I only saw cute guys in huge quantity ... 

Sunday 29th, Monday 30th October

We both drove the car until Tam's house in Phrae province, but of course Tam was the driver for the last part of the journey so that he could be seen by everyone. Tam drives quite well and I am completely relaxed when he takes the wheel. We arrived at his house with beer in due quantity for the evening.
Alas the party was not up to my expectations ... Tam properly forgot me for the whole evening, leaving me with nice people that I did not know (except for his mother) while he had a birthday party outside with his own friends.

I have to say I did not sleep very well in his bedroom, where I waited him until early in the morning .. in fact he had come back in the night but was so drunken he slept in another room. He told me later that he could not sleep with me because his bedroom had just been built and had still not been blessed by the monks ; having sex in it would have been a great sin and he was afraid he could not control himself because of his drunkenness... Well that makes sense, doesn't it ?

Nevertheless I felt very noijay (hurt, feel neglected by) as thai say, when trying to sleep. To tell the truth, I promised myself this night to break with Tam at the end of my stay or even as soon as the rent car would be returned.

On the following day, we used the car to make some sight seeing with Nuy, a young nephew ; she comes from a very poor family and is a brilliant pupil at school, I just hope she will able to go as far as possible in her studies. I brought her some gifts including an english dictionnary. 

Tam and Nuy in front of Huay Rong waterfall in Phrae province
Tam and Nuy in front of  Huay Rong waterfall in Phrae province

The rest of the day was spent in Tam's house ; relaxing outside, I was more interested by the young neighbour than by my newspaper ... he seems to arouse much interest among the local girls (and I can easily understand them) ; there is always one of them in his house. Sorry for these young people, they will have to go back to school very soon ...

Once again the evening was a great disappointment for me. We went outside for a meal with Nuy, Tam's mother and one of his friend and had a great time. But Tam had invited other friends for a party in the same place, and he quickly made clear that I was not welcome in this party ... so I paid, brought the woman and the girl back home and slept very poorly once again. I was already making plans on how I will get rid of Tam and thought the sooner, the better ... 

Tuesday, October 31st

Before leaving Tam's house, his mother tied white threads around our wrists, and then we left for the north, driving through quiet mountain roads. I drove myself, Tam had probably still a lot of alcool in his blood.

We are now in Chiang Khong, a quiet backpacker place along the Mae Khong. Tam has found an efficient  massage place to relieve his still ailing leg, which makes him quite happy. Just before twilight, we drove along the Mae Khong river facing the spectacular lao territory. And I will not forget the sex session we had in the guesthouse : trying not to make any noise because our neighbours would have heard it was very exciting ...

I love to be with Tam in this kind of place and I think he likes it too ... Breaking with him will not be an easy task ...

Huay Sai viewpoint near Chiang Khong
Mekong view from Huay Sai viewpoint

27 October 2006

Together again !

I have been in Thailand for one week and at last I could meet with Tam this morning. He came from home at about 6 am and the sight he offered was not particularly good as he still suffers from the accident. He cannot walk for a too long time and climbing to Pu Chi Fah will be for next time I guess ...

I am happy to be with him again but in the same time I liked the time I was alone. It looked like going back three years ago, hopping from bar to bar and from one boy to another. Especially in Pattaya I never had seen so many cute boys since many years and I could get my part of it. 

Nice isaan boy
Nice Udon Thani boy
Tam would kill me if he knew I offed a boy twice, it was a (barely legal, as they say in the porn ads) boy from one Sunee Plaza beer bar (Esan Boys Bar) which is known for having quite young lads - in fact my boyfriend of the night was probably the oldest in the gang - and the cutest and friendliest too... I had already met this boy from isaan last time, he came back from his house as soon as he knew I was in town (probably true) and said he loved only me (probably false) and would probably return to Udon after I leave - in fact he is 18 and seems to hesitate a lot about his future : stay in Pattaya with all its dangers and opportunities, or go back to a more normal life at home or in Bangkok. It is not my right to give him any advice but I know he is very cute and could probably find one or more sugar daddies if he stays in Sunee ... As for me, I could take him as a geek and he knows it and does not sem to mind.

To-morrow we will go with Tam to Phitsanuloke where I have booked a car that we will drive to his home and then to Chiang Rai. See you ...

20 October 2006


Here I am again in Thailand ... and on my own for the first time since 3 years, as Tam has still not recovered enough to come and see me in Bangkok. This makes me feel a great sense of freedom, but in the same time I miss Tam when getting up in the morning, having meals and going outside together ... I think we should meet next week but he doesn't recover very quickly it seems.

After having read lots of bad stories about the new Suwannaphum airport, I was pleasantly surprised because everything went quite smoothly ... I arrived yesterday at about 3pm flying Austrian Airline Y class... besides the too small arrival area, everything was at least about as good as Don Muang. It was a little bit hard to find the escalator for going down to the public taxi area and finally got there easily (1st floor) ; I waited no more than three minutes and a nice taxi driver came, he even did not take the route I suggested him and he was right as his choice was better. All in all 207 THB + 50 airport surcharge + 65 THB tolls + tip = 365 THB.

Arrival in  new Suwannaphum airport  On the way to paradise .....

I was in my hotel about 1 hour after landing, longer than coming from Don Muang but thai are not to be blamed if I choose to stay in Saphan Kwai rather than closer to the new airport ...

Yesterday I used my new freedom and went to a small message place (Eve House) in Suriwong. I had a nice message by a young beauty from Tak, but he was very shy when the "special" part came ... I went then in the next-door gogobar named Night Boys ; I had read someone telling that the boys there are cuter than average and he was absolutely right (drinks 200 THB)...

Before going to bed I still found some energy for going to Be High in Saphan Kway (very nice boys, as it is generally the case, drinks 140 THB) and still to Eagle Pub where most boys were already "offed".

Good start for a first day in LOS ...

15 October 2006


I went to Geneva this afternoon. Geneva is the most interesting town near my home, it is also the place where I fly from.

Geneva is also the place where I met the first thai boy I ever met ; he was a hustler (there were many street hustlers ten years ago in Geneva), a beautiful guy from Chiang Mai. I "offed" him some times ... not so many as everything - and everyone - in Switzerland is expensive for French people. I met him in August 1995, he brought me to Zurich where I met other thai boys, and June 1996 was the first of my trips to Thailand. My life had changed.

In February 1997, I met another thai hustler in Geneva ; his name was Tim and this was the beginning of a strong friendship which still lasts to-day. There was sex between us for the first two or three years and then we met not very often, but each meeting was very special for me. I think he now is the only guy in Europe who knows I am gay. He is now still working in Geneva as a waiter.

To-day we met just before his work, we had a drink and chatted about nothing like two old friends. He gave me about 14.000 bahts for Kong, a friend he still has in Bangkok (a poor guy, a halfwit chinese ladyboy) ; I hope to find Kong in the Chinatown restaurant where he works.Tim also ordered me a French-Thai and a Spanish/Thai dictionnary, which I will probably buy in SED Books in MBK.

Still three days before taking-off from Geneva, it seems I am already overthere !

08 October 2006


Tam had an accident last Tuesday when he was riding his motorbike near his place in Phrae province ; a girl cut his way and he went down and had to be led to the hospital where he is still now.

From what I understood, his leg makes him suffer a lot although it is not broken, and he hopes to get out of the hospital in two or three days. Still one week and he should be able to walk. However I do not know if he will come and see me in Bangkok where I should arrive on Tuesday 19th.

The motorbike is out but it seems it could be repaired and the girl will pay for it as she was responsible for the accident. Tam had already broke a bike last year and he will be probably more careful from now on ...

I just hope he will recover very soon because I know he would be very disappointed not to be able to stay with me (I have no intention to spend four weeks in his home !) ... The time we spend together is also a nice time for him ; he can travel, buy things, go out, see friends in Bangkok and Pattaya, and this time he was looking forward to drive the rent car to his home, and also to use the new airport (he is probably much more excited about Suwanaphum than I am !!)

01 October 2006

Trip planning

Planning the next trip is generally the best part of it, some say ... This is what I usually do as soon as I am sitting in the plane bringing me back to Farangland.

The program is almost set up now and should be not too exhausting ; many days in Bangkok and Pattaya and only a one week side trip to the north.

Phu Chi Fah
Phu Chi Fah
One night in Phitsanulok is already booked and paid, as well as another night in Chiang Rai five days later and the return flight to BKK on November 2sd. What we will do in this 5 days period will depend on the weather but we will probably rent a car, go to Tam's place in Phrae province for one or two days (and visit the house he is currently building for him and his mother). Tam also agreed on my suggestion to climb to Phu Chi Fa which is a mountain on the thai-lao border in Chiang Rai province. Phu Chi Fa is a well-known place for thai tourists, but is never mentioned in any tourist guide for farangs although it seems to have great views and good accomodation.

When I said him that we will go to Chiang Rai, I could almost see Tam's face illuminating when he answered me : "OK, so we will go buy cheap CDs in Myanmar" ... he always regretted not to have bought more last time we went in Mae Sai (he was afraid the customs would check his bags ... which they did not).

Still 17 days and reading everything about what expects me in the new Suwanaphum airport ...