08 October 2006


Tam had an accident last Tuesday when he was riding his motorbike near his place in Phrae province ; a girl cut his way and he went down and had to be led to the hospital where he is still now.

From what I understood, his leg makes him suffer a lot although it is not broken, and he hopes to get out of the hospital in two or three days. Still one week and he should be able to walk. However I do not know if he will come and see me in Bangkok where I should arrive on Tuesday 19th.

The motorbike is out but it seems it could be repaired and the girl will pay for it as she was responsible for the accident. Tam had already broke a bike last year and he will be probably more careful from now on ...

I just hope he will recover very soon because I know he would be very disappointed not to be able to stay with me (I have no intention to spend four weeks in his home !) ... The time we spend together is also a nice time for him ; he can travel, buy things, go out, see friends in Bangkok and Pattaya, and this time he was looking forward to drive the rent car to his home, and also to use the new airport (he is probably much more excited about Suwanaphum than I am !!)