15 October 2006


I went to Geneva this afternoon. Geneva is the most interesting town near my home, it is also the place where I fly from.

Geneva is also the place where I met the first thai boy I ever met ; he was a hustler (there were many street hustlers ten years ago in Geneva), a beautiful guy from Chiang Mai. I "offed" him some times ... not so many as everything - and everyone - in Switzerland is expensive for French people. I met him in August 1995, he brought me to Zurich where I met other thai boys, and June 1996 was the first of my trips to Thailand. My life had changed.

In February 1997, I met another thai hustler in Geneva ; his name was Tim and this was the beginning of a strong friendship which still lasts to-day. There was sex between us for the first two or three years and then we met not very often, but each meeting was very special for me. I think he now is the only guy in Europe who knows I am gay. He is now still working in Geneva as a waiter.

To-day we met just before his work, we had a drink and chatted about nothing like two old friends. He gave me about 14.000 bahts for Kong, a friend he still has in Bangkok (a poor guy, a halfwit chinese ladyboy) ; I hope to find Kong in the Chinatown restaurant where he works.Tim also ordered me a French-Thai and a Spanish/Thai dictionnary, which I will probably buy in SED Books in MBK.

Still three days before taking-off from Geneva, it seems I am already overthere !

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