31 July 2010


You are there so there is a dream
There is a dream so there is hope

These are the first words of one of the greatest lukthung hits of the year by Phai Phongsathon, the cute male singer from Yasothon (mi thoe jung mii khwamfan).

There is hope because once again I should have another stay in Thailand in two and a half month and this prospect fills me with joy – as childish as it may sound for those of you who live full time there.

I have not updated the blog since a long time because of too much work and also too many bad news : troubles in Bangkok, euro's plummetting value, and new rules regarding retirement age in my country : my government wants me to work for about two years more than expected … not very fair if you ask me (more appropriate words being treason and disgrace).

The drought hitting Thailand this year made me also very concerned about my boyfriend Tam who could not work at his farm, and I felt he was quite upset by the severe lack of rain. He has just been hired as a cook in a hotel restaurant in Jomtien and I hope everything will be OK for him.

Even the webboards about gay Thailand could not help alleviate the bad atmosphere. The main one has now turned into a hopeless battlefield where there is very little to read except for some trip reports. One of the posters – the famous LMTU – is one of the few bothering to give interesting information and feelings, but he is generally ranted at by some posters who seem to spend their whole aimless life behind a computer screen (although I admit not knowing – and not being interested by – the whole story). Gaybutton starting a new board again is a good news and the first threads seem to be encouraging (link on the right) - and yes this will be make all of us youger by many years !

I am now in the process of planning my stay and have a lot of housework arranging flights and hotels with the aim to visit some new places in Isaan and also taking my time in Bangkok and Pattaya. And I have to say I am more and more often thinking of having Tam or another brown-skinned Thai boy in my bed …