15 May 2011


I am sorry I could not update lately, due to the usual reasons : nothing interesting to say, and too much work on my hands. Since I came back from Thailand, I am like inside a tunnel with very little light except when reading the boards, or lurking or chatting the Camfrog rooms.

By the way my boyfriend has now a Camfrog account too but he is on-line not very often – unlike some addicts whom I should worry for if I knew them better. Tam is still working in a restaurant in Pattaya and his life seems better now than the hard-working and boring few years he spent at home.

What seems now completely unreal for me is the fact that I will be soon once again in the land of my dreams. Although overwhelmed by daily routine and stress, I only have to look at the calendar and pinch myself to realize that there are less than four weeks left … and I will be able to smell the heat, the odours in the street, the easygoing peace of life…. All what made me happy as soon as I had set a foot outside of my hotel on my first day in Thailand, - exactly 15 years ago. I had only walked 100 meters out of my room and I was already in love with the country – and I still had to meet my first boy !

This next trip will be three weeks long and the schedule will once again be like a time trial : a short trip to Hat Yai and Phuket just to see how things are going on, a flying visit to Ubon Ratchathani for the atmosphere and Mahasarakham for the boy, and the usual lazy week in Pattaya for the boyfriend and the beach. Flights are booked already and I remember being filled with joy in the middle of another boring day, just because I had successfully – and should I say very easily – bought my Air Asia ticket from Phuket to Ubon.

Little things give people the most happiness...