15 November 2017

Cute 7/11 boys

Can you imagine there is a Facebook page (@711cutegirl) running in Thailand, where thai netizens can post snaps of their favourite 7/11 female clerk ? Of course I tried to find the same for boys : no Facebook page but only some Utube videos mostly aiming at recruiting young talents.

This is a gross injustice that must be corrected, right ? This is why I want to share some of the pics I found on the net. Obviously showing these boys here is by no means an indication of their sexual orientation.

Guess we all have already drooled over some cute Seven Eleven employee, and I am sure some have scored ... I just made some indecent offer to one on Facebook : having a meal together ("I eat a lot") and then going "play in room". Offer happily accepted by this 19/o boy from Udon Thani who is now in Pattaya (but has just left his 7/11 shop to move to the competition) ...

(Perhaps) more about him after my next trip in February... but no picture of him for the time being !

31 October 2017

Seven months late

Long time no see ... Sorry, I failed to update my blog since about seven months and that is a lot too much. I did not even take the time to tell about the end of my stay - not that there was a lot to talk about.

My boyfriend joined me for my last five days in Thailand, longer than I had expected. I feel I have less and less commitment towards him, as if he were now more like and old friend than a boyfriend. He is running a small karaoke bar upcountry and needs some financial help, which I am more and more reluctant to give. The obvious way out would be to break up once and for all but I stil cannot forget all the good times we had together, especially when travelling around the country.

Young thai rider
The highlight of my final days (and that was in April) was the start of the Cycling Tour of Thailand, a perfect combination of my biggest passions : cycling, boys and Thailand. It took place very early in the morning and the scarcee attendance and very loose controls allowed me to enter in the heart of the opening ceremony. I could gaze both at the bikes and at their riders, most of them lean and tanned asian men aged 19 to 25. A pity that I had to leave two days later, as I would happily have followed them (not on a bike though) until their last stage in Chiang Mai. For the record, thai riders did well in the race, with one satge win in Phitsanulok.

Since coming back to my country, I had a lot to do, which explains why I did not update until now. Well, this explains only a little : I could update when I spent most of my time at work, while I am six months late now being a happy pensioner.

Well, not so happy as our present President seems to hate us older people : we are the only class which will have to pay higher taxes while others, mostly the rich, will have huge and useless cuts. Be sure that the extra money I will have to pay for taxes will be saved at home and definitely not in Thailand ! So much for that Macron : the world admires him (or so we are told) but he is actually only a liar and a conceited little jerk.

31 March 2017

Happening city

The second part of my stay was much more usual than the ten days of road-tripping I had spent in the south. But who could say that a visit to Pattaya is uneventful ? As always, every day brought its share of unforgettable events.

I spent most of my days lazying in the sun and despite Jomtien Beach being mostly quiet, It was a surprise never to get bored sitting many hours in the same chair, just looking at the world going by and at the sea. And even when the beach is closed, merely walking along the streets is a nice way to spend some time.

Being alone for most of my time helped a lot, although I sometimes surprised myself to miss my boyfriend. However the boy from Udon Thani had found the right words to join me for three days ; he wanted to visit Koh Larn, which was a quite satisfactory reason for me to accept. He did not show the slightest interest in visiting the gay scene so at least I would not be held morally responsible for a new isan boy falling into the sex industry. Once again we had some great times together, as he is completely unashamed when it comes to sex. Unfortunately he had once again some friends to visit, and I had to spend the third night alone, exactly like what happened last year in Hua Hin. To his credit, I must say we quickly made up for the lost time just before he went back home.

Happy massage in gay Pattaya
Nice masseur in Pattaya
I also had a great surprise when walking along the backstreets of the Tuk.com area ; the massage boy I had missed last year was sitting in front of one of the shops (a shop which has both girls and boys on offer). Speaking frankly, I knew from his Facebook that he was in town but did not expect to find him so easily. I asked for a boy and as he was the only one, I quickly found myself in a private cubicle with this boy of my dreams. The massage was so-so but he quickly noticed my, say, emotion, as soon as he had finished the back part. The price was easily agreed upon (1500 THB if he stripped off completely) and finally I could hug this really handsome young isan boy that I had been drooling over since some months.

I did not visit a lot of bars as I quickly found what I was looking for. In Jomtien, I saw that BC Bar had been deprived of most of its boys who had joined another place in the Complex ; the place to go for nice khmer boys is now @Home Bar further down the soi, and also the Question Mark Bar which seems to welcome new lads on a regular basis. These Cambodian boys are not really experienced and not as good actors as their thai counterparts, but in Jomtien Complex they are almost the only way to go if you are into manly and handsome boys.

I never forget to pay a visit to soi Sunee where Sky Bar stays a welcoming place along with the Red Ting Tong Bar. I did not really like the gogo bars there, including the new Winner Boys where the atmosphere and the prices are quite interesting but the boys definitely too girlish for my taste. And finally I could not miss going to the Cupidol Bar which is doing so well according to the forums ; they are right, they offer a nice selection of boys which should content everyone’s taste.

18 March 2017

Gay Phuket changes ... or not ?

In the middle of my trip from the South back to Bangkok, I found it was a good idea to spend some days in Phuket where I had not set a food since many years – except as a landing point on the road to Koh Yao two years ago. After a rather tiring journey from Trang, I arrived in the new Bus Terminal from where it was still a 35 minutes drive to Patong for a reasonable 450 THB fare. I had chosen not to stay in my usual Rendez-Vous Hotel due a much cheaper in the neighboring Adonis Guesthouse – a nice place too and still more quiet than Rendez-Vous.

After six years, the scene in Phuket has changed of course but not so much. Most venues are still located along the way out from Paradise Hotel, offering some thrill to the busloads of tourists going out of their hotel. Much happens on the street with regular parades of gogo boys and lady boys praising their venue. The boys are mostly masculine and well-built men with very few twinks, and prices remain fair but vary from one place to another : I paid 120 THB for a Chang Beer in one bar and 200 THB for the same in the next one.

Taengmo is across the street from its former location and is now Mo2, and My Way has morphed into Yes ! Bar with three stages and the same good atmosphere I had met in the namesake six years ago. Passport is still there bit not really worth going in of you are on a tight schedule. And then there is Zag and Boat Bar which are known for their shows that I was not persistent enough to wait for. The soi has many beer bars too which offer fresh air, pleasant company and a view over the continuous flow of boys, tourists and customers doing their own things.

Massage places are booming all over the Complex and many offer a very good selection of boys ; they are more hidden along the side alleys and some offer both boys and girls. A special mention goes to Kai boys which is both a beer bar and a massage shop facing the Rendez-Vous Hotel ; like in the Sunee Plaza beer bars, the hardest is to pick the right boy and bringing him to your table, as many are busy with their mobile phones and will not even look at a new customer.

Phuket beach ... the way I like it !
As for the beach, the new regulation allowing the sundecks back was a fantastic news. The chairs were much less packed than in Jomtien, with quite friendly prices (100 THB for a sun lounge) ; the gay beach is no more but did it really exist ?

After Phuket, back to the sticks with two very friendly towns ; Ranong and Chumphon. Ranong is basically one street with all the banks and a surprisingly vibrant nightlife due to more and more backpackers on their way to the new-found paradise (Koh Phayam) – but you just have to stick to the thai places if you want to avoid them. One or two days more would have been nice to visit the local hot springs. After a very scenic drive over the Kra isthmus, Chumphon would be my last stop before the long bus journey back to an overcrowded and over- heated Bangkok. At least I will not have to pack and unpack my luggage every day any more …

11 March 2017

Road trip to the south

I has been a long time since I did not undertake a long trip on my own in Thailand. The last ones were on a private car and with my boyfriend, with all the advantages and drawbacks involved. So relying only on public transportation, it had to be a little bit more constrained but at least I could go wherever I wanted. The aim was to go to Hat Yai and then slowly coming back to Bangkok with stopovers all along the way, and with the added bonus to increase the number of thai provinces where I have spent at last one night.

And so I arrive in Hat Yai which was a nice introduction to the south, being an always buzzing city full of hotel, restaurants and commercial centers. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about gay places and especially gay bars. From the four that were still there ten years ago, only one still remains open after the recent closure of Buddy Boys. City Man seems to do quite well as there were some customers every time I went there, and some boys were offed. There are six or seven manly lads working there, and on some evenings the bar even maintains the old format of the local bars ; a short gogo show where the most daring boys strip to their underwear and dance more or less energetically. The owner is a very playful and welcoming isan guy who will be more than happy to chat with you ; I was explained that the vanishing value of the malay currency had taken its toll on the businesses in Hat Yai and especially on the bars – a speech that we are used to hear to as far as euro or pound are concerned too.

Cable car in Hat Yai
Surprising cable car in the tropics
For the rest, I was curious try the newest tourist attraction in Hat Yai which is a cable car bringing you to the top of a hill (where in fact the view is less spectacular than from the foot …). I had dealt with ski resorts for most of my working life and so was curious to see how they had set this out … This cable car is part of a big park which lays a few kilometers away from downtown Hat Yai, and has also a huge standing Buddha and a nice viewpoint over the area.

After Hat Yai I visited Satun, a mostly moslim town which has however a nice atmosphere and a surprising fine French restaurant. Another day was for Phattalung where I climbed upon the Khao Ok Thalu, a steep ride to a hole in the mountain with one again nice views on the countryside ; unlike the Tham Sua Krabi, no one there except a couple of teens who seemed to be looking for a quiet place for whatever reason. And then it was one night in Trang, another welcoming with its night market and smiling locals.

Handsome isan boy lost in Hat Yai
Too handsome for me
Unfortunately I could not secure any contact through Facebook with any local lad before ; the only one was an isan boy lost in Hat Yai for his studies who was OK for having a meal with me (which in my mind could have lead to more). I must say he was so handsome that I finally did not contact him, and will only leave his beautiful face for you (and me) to dream about. I hope some more fun in Phuket where I will stay three nights.

28 February 2017

New trip ahead

When working, I could not understand that a pensioner could claim having no free time. I have to admit now that this is exactly what happened to me since my last trip in November, due to activities of various kinds, both leisure and family duties. Of course I could not update the blog, and had anyway not a lot to tell about.

With many Facebook accounts and groups having been hugely toned down due to a relentless control by the Zuckerberg's vice squad, no bawdy activity and only some new boys who could be interested by a meeting ; most are clearly looking for a longer and rewarding commitment that simply does not interest me any more.

scantily clad isan boy
Affectionate isan boy
The young Udon Thani beauty could be one of them ; after a very short but very hot encounter in an Udon Thani rest room and some days together in Hua Hin last October, I can say that he could already be a keek (thai language for boyfriend number 2 ...). But I am not really interested in meeting him too often despite a lean body that I like and the kind of boy-next-door face that I cherish (picture to the right by special permission from him). Our meetings were nice, he is a very affectionate lad but unfortunately he is bottom only when I prefer all kinds of activities.  I helped him a little for his studies but told him that I cannot and do not want to support him full-time, which he understands.

However he is very keen on continuing his studies ; he told me he could even go all the way to selling himself, but how many customers could he find in a remote place in isan ? I do not know if I should encourage him in this way and wonder what I would answer if he asked me to put him up some days when I am in Pattaya.

The matter could happen very soon as students will soon begin a long holiday, and I will myself soon trip again to Thailand ; to tell you the truth, this is not really a mere coincidence. My schedule is not very busy except for a ten days trip to south Thailand where I will visit some provinces I never travelled. I should also stay three nights in Phuket, and so am very happy about the new regulations about sundecks on the beach. The remaining twenty days or so will be spent between Bangkok and Pattaya, making the most of what is left of the scene after these rumors of crackdown and regulations.

22 November 2016

Happy end

The last days in Bangkok were once again spent on updating my blog, as I do not really have time to write it when I am in Pattaya or elsewhere. I could type it in my hotel room but it is too much of a hassle with the need to have a swift wifi connection, a big screen for the many windows I have to open (including some much needed French/English dictionaries), and a nice keyboard with visible keys as I use the QWERTY lay-out only in Thailand. So what is best than a good old computer to work efficiently ? And what is nicer than seeking inspiration while ogling at the incredibly cute young clerk managing the store down the corner from my hotel … A pity that I have only a few hours left, I would happily have handed my calling card to him, his broad smiles had let me hoping for the best.

Soi Twilight, Bangkok gay street
Bangkok Boyztown
When I am alone at night in Bangkok, I often ride the long journey from Saphan Kwai to Soi Twilight where I feel much more at ease eating alone at Dick's Café. Everyone knows that Soi Twilight at night is a show by itself, with all the touts, the boys and the tourists happily mingling in a festive atmosphere. This makes for an almost free entertainment which widely outperforms the shows offered at an outrageous price in the local bars, before heading to a beer bar or giving the eye to massage boys eagerly waiting for a customer.

However I had not found someone to my taste (or had not looked carefully enough), so I decided on the last night to have a meal at the famous Hotel Malaysia where I used to stay in my first years in Thailand (before a Saphan Kwai boy convinced me to choose a place closer to his bar). En route to Soi Ngam Duplee, I knew that there were some massage places along Rama IV and along the soi and that I should walk on the (dangerous) left side of the soi to have a closer look at the boys.

I did not have to go further than the former Lomchey shop, which has been now renamed as Zee Massage : half a dozen of boys were there, most of all worth a second look. I did not have the time to choose and was immediately assigned a fresh isan lad who had just come two weeks ago. He explained me later that the customer could choose his masseur when entering, otherwise he would get the first boy on the queue … no problem, I would have taken him anyway (my boot-licker side …). Before doing any inappropriate gesture, the boy also explained me that it would have been better value to pay 500 baths to the shop (the price for a one hour oil massage) and take a boy for the night … first time I hear a massage boy advertising an "off" out of his place ! From this point there was no doubt that there would be more to the massage, which he delivered in a very nice way. Much better – although less classy - than the neighbouring "Magic Hands" which I had visited some years ago and where the boy did nothing despite obvious hints that I wanted more. Depends on the boy or on the shop, I don't know.

Legendary coffeeshop in gay Bangkok
Legendary coffe shop in Hotel Malaysia
The meal at Malaysia Hotel was satisfying, but I was rather surprised to see many girls and even a group of locals, when the dining room was usually filled with farangs with their boy(s). I could not even smell the unmistakable odour of the place, which I can swear was still there last year, and saw that they have renovated their façade. Hoping that these facts do not convey a trend towards the standardization of this former cult hotel, overloaded with souvenirs for I guess a lot of people like us.

16 November 2016

Back to sprawling Bangkok

Bus rides from Pattaya to Bangkok are not what they used to be : no more stops in every hamlet along the route, but a smooth trip of two hours – traffic jams in Bangkok allowing – and here you are in Morchit close to everything in Bangkok. I know many well-to-do farangs would not be caught dead in a vehicle that they deem unworthy of their self-assigned social position   ...  more power to them ! As for me, I like this way of transportation which is quick, safer than these dreadful vans, and cheap. And by the way the news that Morchit Bus Terminal would stay in Jatujak was greeted as the best news of my holiday !

With only two days and a half left in Bangkok, I had to plan things very carefully so that I could pile up as many sights, odors, information, before going back home. Boys being also part of the collection although I was looking for quality more than for quantity … and my favorite Chang Beer too as it is still impossible to find it in my area.

Central Plaza Westgate in Bang Yai, Nonthaburi
Huge shopping mall in Bangkok outskirts

I spent the afternoon checking the new Purple Line train which goes a very long way from downtown Bangkok until the end of the Bangkok metropolis in Nonthaburi province. The trains do not have a lot of users, due to a very poorly planned link with the existing MRT network : from Bang Sue station which is the end of the present MRT line, you have for now to hop on a (free) bus to Tao Pun, which is the temporary end of the Purple Line. Although operated by MRT which also runs the underground Blue Line in Bangkok, the Purple Line is entirely an elevated train from Tao Pun onwards to its last station.

With few people, no advertising darkening the windows (probably not for long !) and very friendly fares, the travellers can have apleasant exerience enjoying an unobstructed view over the Nonthaburi area ; the suburban landscape is rather non-descript but many shopping malls dot the route. I visited the Central Plaza Westgate easily reached from the penultimate station (Talat Bang Yai) : a really huge shopping center which would deserve a further visit when students are not at school and hang out in the place, or only for some hours of shopping and eating, or … both !

Two thai gay boys enjoying pool
New condos all over the place
The Purple Line also allows a very convenient access to some gay massage places in the area like iSpa, 88 Massage, Pakin Spa, BodySlide, HiClub and probably much more … a whole new world opening for massage addicts. For real estate developers too : you could spot every station from from afar only looking at the new condo developments which spring up like mushrooms … not sure every one is sold though …

Two days left and still so many things to do …

14 November 2016

Alone, finally

My boyfriend went back home and a new holiday began, but for only a few days left. He was not very happy with me "chasing" him but then I had told him I wanted to stay alone for most of my holiday.

I finally could try to meet the two boys I had known from Facebook ; the first one was another isan boy who had to drop out of school at the end of the school year last March when he was still 17 y/o, because of lack of money. He then came to Pattaya working in a massage shop that I could identify as Ice Massage ; however I never saw him during my stay and then learned he had moved to a girl massage place in the same area. Unfortunately he was also nowhere to be seen, and I guess I will try to forget him. Especially as his Facebook now shows him in a high end hotel in Jomtien where some lucky farang is probably enjoying his charms.

I was luckier with another target, a cambodian guy working in a Jomtien Bar. I first stopped in the bar when coming from from the beach to reacquaint myself with some boys I had taken in the past – not difficult as the staff here is very friendly and eager to share drinks with customers. One of the guys I knew from two years ago suggested that I could bring two or three boys to Kor Larn which they never had the opportunity to visit : himself of course, my target boy, and another one that I "offed" when seeing that target boy was not available.

Great idea, as going with this gang of three khmer boys allowed me to live one of these days that make a holiday in Thailand so special. They were all on-time at the pier where boats leave for the island, which was a good beginning. And on the island they decided to ride a banana tour without asking money from me : they knew I was not interested and I guess the tip I gave to the one I had "offed" was partly used to pay : nice mindset. I really had a blast looking at these three friends playing in the water as if there were no to-morrow, forgetting their hard life and their worries, and offering their perfect bodies to the sun (and to my eyes). And they sincerely enjoyed this escape from everyday life. I could also get more intimate with my target boy and make clear I wanted to take him, which I did.

Fun at beach with khmer boys from Jomtien gay bar
Happy khmer boy in Koh Larn

I spent my last evening drinking beers with the three of them who seemed sincerely thankful for this trip, and for the tips I gave them for this great time together. I must say that my heart has been moved by one of the three guys : not the older one, not the target boy, but the third one who is a winner in the flesh despite being quite ordinary on pictures (I think I had even "unfriended" him on Facebook, not knowing he was working in this bar).

And that's all for Pattaya 2016, once again a great time thanks to the boys, the beach and the sun.

11 November 2016

Pattaya the way I like it

Years follow one another but don't look alike. I was in Pattaya last year at the same time (early November) and did not like it ; but I really enjoyed my time this year. With less tourists around, and especially at the beach, Pattaya is a nice place to be, which I had forgotten.

Sure a construction site going on near my hotel had been a disappointment on arrival, not too much because of noise but as it could mean less privacy and a less sunny rooftop swimming pool in the future ; then hotel rooms in Pattaya are not used mostly for looking at the landscape. Which was more rewarding was the always welcoming staff and the fact that the customer base still includes mostly well-behaved farangs despite low prices and a good location.

When I had spent only two afternoons in an overcrowded Dong Tan Beach last year, I found myself happily stuck in my usual concession almost every day. The operation is rather small and quiet, and we were blessed this year by the daily attendance of the young son of the operator's girlfriend : a gorgeous 14 y/o isan boy, who spent most of his days lazily playing with his phone... an obviously elusive dream for still some years to come. Cuties were few and far between and as always ice-cream sellers were at the top of the list as far as looks – and sales success – were concerned.

With the boyfriend in tow, it was difficult to elaborate scenarios to lure boys to my room … I would have liked to give my calling card to some waiters or sellers but what about setting anything up if they had called me back ? This obviously spoilt part of my stay, and I will make it clear that my next stay in Pattaya will be entirely on my own. Not that I did not appreciate my friend's presence in our evening escapades which lead us to Sky Boy Bar, Oh Aharn Restaurant or to the always great show in The Venue Jomtien. We also tripped to Kor Lan where beaches are also closed on Wednesday but has some private spaces where sunbeds can be rented.

Koh Larn, another paradise
Quiet Wednesday in Koh Larn

We also went to a boy karaoke along with three of his friends and a boy offed from Sky Bar. This shop is located near the Pattaya Tai / Pattaya 3 crossing on a soi linking with Soi Ko Pai 4. Every hour or so, a full staff of about 20 boys goes on the scene and every table is strongly pushed to ask for 1 or 2 of them to join, with a fee of 200 THB added to the bill. The boys go from very cute to ordinary, and from shy to eager, which makes a rather pleasant although expensive experience. My boyfriend and the Sky Bar boy agreed on letting me sleep with the latter, which I did not even really intended to do, but I happily obliged while my boyfriend went to another place with his friends.

Besides this I paid some visits to Good Boys, Nice Boys, Vassa, 360 Bar, with no real interest for what was on offer. Sunee Plaza was mostly very quiet as described on the boards, and I visited only some beer bars, chatting or not with the boys. One of them in in Diamond Bar was especially friendly, and very straightforward about what he would do in bed, but not my type. And I never forgot to stop in one of the Jomtien Complex beer bars where I still have some naughty target to hit.

Not being able to off anyone in my room, I fell back again on the massage places, and must say that I was rather delighted by the two boys I chose (separately) in Ice Massage (next door to Salt and Pepper Restaurant). The first one immediately took good care of my rear part, making sure that my hand was pressing his package, and the second one – a brow skinned young lad from Ubon – took off his clothes immediately to his briefs, and after some light massage, insisted on my crotch ; this obviously lead to more nudity, two happily erect dicks, and even passionate French kissing which is a rare occurrence in this kind of places.

I finally convinced my friend to go back home for preparing the reopening of his business, which will leave me by myself for five or six nights between Pattaya and Bangkok.