29 January 2015

Charming Thailand as ever

Until now, everything bad that I had  read about Thailand has turned out to be false. I did not wait more than one minute at immigration where I arrived yesterday at 3.00 pm, the taxi queue system was OK and quick, and I was not ripped off by the taxi driver who turned the meter like they always had. And of course my hotel in Saphan Kwai was like before and I was welcomed like the old customer that I am.

Mundane trip ?
Arriving after a long flight does not allow to paint the town red (no pun intended dear khun General), so it was a quiet first night probably made easier by the visit I paid to a massage shop. I had read a review on the CFS website about the shop located in front of Liberty Garden hotel, which is very close to mine, so I could stay local for this.

The guy welcoming customers showed me the available boys on a tablet, and I chose him as soon as I saw his picture among the ones displaid : a very polite youngish northern boy,who offered a rather strong service with long and repeated strokes all the way from the feet to the head,  and then concentrating very gradually on the essential. Despite very little interaction, although there was no language barrier, I left happy and went directly to my bed. I saw later that I had been serviced by the same boy as the one in the CFS thread ... thank you to the writer if he reads this entry.

I really got the lay of the town to-day going to Central Latphrao for some shopping, and registering my phone number. The most mundane trip in this country is quickly turned into a feast due to the eye-candy on the way. As ever.

26 January 2015

Wintertime fun ahead

You never know what a holiday in Thailand will bring to you. However on the eve of leaving for my 28th stay in Thailand – the first in winter -, I am sure there will be many great times and, still more, the continuous impression of feeling good, wherever I am, whatever I do.

Unfortunately this trip begins amid a very bad atmosphere in Europe, due to the horrible crimes in Paris, and also to widespread worries about the economic situation. The value of euro has lost more than 17 % against thai bahts since my last trip in June, which will probably cause some unwanted limitations. I had booked flights and some hotel rooms and sent money before the freefall but, not being thai, I always think that what I spend to-day will have to be replaced next year probably at a higher rate.

Siem reap boy
Siem Reap again ...
The program for this five-weeks trip includes four days in Siem Reap, which I am eagerly looking forward to. I will go there alone, and have not planned any visit to the main temples – I already saw them last June in a more quiet atmosphere. So the days will be filled with resting, enjoying the guesthouse, perhaps biking, and of course admiring the local talent. I have been rather diligent at my khmer lessons but this will probably not be enough for having long chats in the local language ; at least I should find further incentive to go on learning.

In Thailand I will trip with my boyfriend to Southern islands. This has been a long dream of me but until now I had never been able to come to Thailand in winter, when the weather is at its best in the area. We will avoid Phuket as the beach situation there seems to be hopeless, but I could have the opportunity to spend one night in Ao Nang, where two low-key boy bars are supposed to be open.

For the remaining three weeks, both Bangkok and Pattaya are on the map. Depending on the atmosphere in the beachside resort, and most of all at the Jomtian beach, I could stay longer in the capital or in some other towns that I never visited.

If I needed only one reason to be happy to go back, it would be enough to have a glance out of the window and see snow falling with more to come at the end of the week. Finally these winters in Europe will not be missed !

01 January 2015

Happy New Year

Beginning a New Year is always
plunging into the unknown

thai boys plunging



24 December 2014


During the last months I have been wandering whether my relation with Thailand has not come to a watershed. There have been a lot of negative news since September, many of them being possibly forerunners for bad things to come.

Burmese boys accused of murder in Koh Tao
First there was this awful crime in Koh Tao, showing that lives are worthless for some people living there. And then there were these two young Burmese who look rather like scapegoats to me, the Royal Thai police having obviously botched the investigation. The boys could now face life imprisonment or death penalty for crimes they probably did not commit, either to protect some high interests, or because of the laziness and prejudices of the Thai police. I feel deeply sorry for these two migrant workers who wanted only to have a better life and to help their families. Of course, no link with the fact that these were two rather cute 21 y/o lads – at least before these gruelling months spent in Thai prisons.

Then there were the new beach regulations, aiming to wipe out the beach operators that most of us love so much when we travel to Pattaya or Phuket or elsewhere. No more chairs to laze around in the heat, no more umbrellas to provide some shade when needed, no more massage boys or sellers, would have been a nightmare, even if I do not go every day to the beach. I understand that, at least in Pattaya, things have not changed a lot and that there will be only some more free space for those who do not need these amenities – which is not bad. As for the reason behind this umpteenth crackdown, there is probably one ...

And we also had the police controls in Sukhumwit, the up and downs in immigration rules, the growing numbers of crimes against farangs in Pattaya, road accidents, higher prices and Euro plummeting, Chinese tourists as ill-behaved as ever .. no need to throw any more in. And I do not even dare to think of the forthcoming political turmoil when a certain sad event will inevitably happen.

Finally I chose to spend less time reading Thaivisa, where some contributors are Thai-bashing professionals. I also could read some really good travel reports on the web-boards. And I rather use Facebook where more and more cute boys throng into – including in certain groups where some bluntly offer their (paid) services. All in all, my glasses have lost some of their rose hue (there was not much left anyway), but I am still as eager as ever to go back very soon, in fact at the end of January.

I could manage to plan a short stay in Cambodia – just in case …

19 September 2014

Cambodia : a soul-stirring destiny

I was in my twenties when the khmer rouge regime took power in Cambodia. I was then more concerned about completing my studies, doing my compulsory military service and finding a job. Cambodia seemed a far away place and news were not very clear about the situation. Back then we did pay less attention to what was going on in the world : no internet, no colour TV, and Cambodia was only one of 150 countries on the earth.

Killing Fields memorial park, Choeung Ek
Young Cambodian victims, 1975

It is only when visiting the Killing Fields memorial park last June near Phnom Penh that I realized the extent of the genocide which took place : one quarter of the entire country’s population was swept away in the most atrocious conditions because of some nebulous ideology. I was also upset that most perpetrators of this crime could pass away more or less quietly ; the few that have been recently convicted were only unlucky to live longer than their accomplice.

As I wrote in an older post, visiting this place after having gone through the populous districts of Phnom Penh, among all the smiling young men or women who are the future of the country, is truly soul-stirring from the contrast it shows. In fact, I do not think I would like to go there again.

Young cambodian boys
Young Cambodians, 2014

04 September 2014

Love sick The Series

Pictures, TV series… love between boys is currently fashionable in Thailand.

"Love Sick The Series" is the latest drama that no teenager would miss every Saturday on MCOT (Modern Nine TV) at 8.50 pm. The story follows two 17 y/o high school boys who eventually fall in love after a deal brought them closer together. It also deals with various teens’ issues such as peer pressure, income inequalities, bad boys and so on.

Main actors are White, 19 (June 6, 1995) as Phun and Captain, 16, (February 2, 1998) as Noh. The action takes place in Bangkok and characters are mostly thai-chinese upper class boys so not really my style but, hey, that's a sweet and funny way to spend a rainy afternoon … To-date there are already 9 episodes out, episode 10 next Sunday.

Love Sick the Series

Teaser at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVfeu7Us-wY#t=102.
You can view past episodes at http://banaze.com/love-sick-the-series-รักวุ่น-วัยรุ่นแสบ/

24 August 2014

One month in Thailand : a financial record

It has been a long time since I wrote a financial record of my Thailand trips. Boring for some, I know, but it could bring some useful information to others, especially newcomers.

Every time I come back to my room, I enter every expense I had and make sure that no one has been omitted by checking the money left ; it also makes it easy to be sure that I have not been cheated or stolen. Expenses are split into six or seven main categories, without being too fussy about it. Dividing every amount by the number of nights spent in Thailand (and Cambodia for this time) gives an average daily amount which allows an easy comparison for different trips. So nothing exceptional here.

For this trip, I managed to stay very low on accomodation with 865 THB/night, tips for staff and cleaning ladies included. As I doubled payed four nights being too lazy to pack and unpack for short side trips, the true expense would have been 760 THB/night. Not that I stay only in dumps : all hotels I staid in Thailand had A/C, fridge and swimming pool ; I simply do not like to pay more than I should.

thai boy with moneyEating and drinking (outside entertainment places) amounted to an average 1 200 THB/night, including what I pay at the beach. This is a lot, but my boyfriend who often shares my meals, eats well and drinks good, like my nephew whom I treated twice to dinner.

Transportation accounted for 784 THB a day ; this an highly variable item, which reaches summits with car rentals or expensive flights. No one of them this time, flights to Cambodia were rather cheap although for two travellers : boyfriend and me.

I spent 734 THB/night in gay bars and discos, a constantly decreasing amount since many years, due to both me and my boyfriend getting older. However I gave tips to boys for chatting, massaging and “taking care” for as much as 1 021 THB/night, boyfriend not included. Most of these well-deserved rewards went to the Khorat devil and to massage boys, whose talents I often used.

Finally everyday expenses (newspapers, laundry, pharmacy, personal care, phone cards ...) reached 481 THB/day. Clothes and a new mid-range smartphone are not included in this record, as these are purchases which I will keep for use in my home country.

So I spent as much as 5 123 THB/day, of which 38 THB/day unaccounted-for. What I gave to my boyfriend adds up, as well as the flight costs. I guess I will have to adjust a little and I have a clear view on which item I need to cut back, but how to do it ?

06 August 2014

Blog editing

Some pictures of my blog had disappeared after an unfortunate action by myself (thank you Google system and their impenetrable interactions). I could find them again and download them where they belonged. So everything is back like before, along with a rewriting of the most recent posts.

I took this opportunity to make some editing, here correcting a typo, there pruning some longish description or adding a picture, and this starting from the very first post. This took some time and I am sorry for the inconvenience. The final lay-out on your screen may be odd depending on which browser, which screen size and which operating system you use : sorry, this is something that I cannot handle.

This « work » allowed me to go again through my best times in Thailand, so it was a pleasure to live again all these past years. I could also notice some defects and there were some lessons to be learned from this thorough re-reading. I also added the much needed labels list to find past posts more easily, and developed some tools for improving the traffic (not that I want to accept any advertising).

There are probably still many mistakes remaining, please do not forget that english is not my native language.

Thank you everyone for your faithful interest in this unpretentious blog and hoping for the best in your experiences in gay Thailand and Southeast Asia.

28 July 2014

At odds

Google screwed me over
I am really at odds with the Google system.  I wanted to delete pictures on my tablet and guess what ... this deleted them on my blog too ! Of course I never had any warning that this unfortunate action would have such an awful effect. As if anyone was supposed to know the impenetrable relations between Picasa, Google Plus, Blogger, Drive and the like ....

So for some time now many pictures will be replaced by a very nice grey road sign, and I guess I will need some days to find the former pictures and download them again.

I will try to add some new ones to make up for the inconvenience - stay tuned !

07 July 2014

Enticing massage shops

I spent nine nights in Pattaya and what struck me first when arriving was the low numbers of cars in the streets, a clear signal of low tourist numbers. Low numbers at Jomtien Beach too with full ranks of empty chairs, and tiny attendance in most bars I went.

I visited many of them, both in Boyztown and Sunee Plaza ; no great atmosphere in most except in Eros Boys where I had hardly stepped into the bar that a young cutie from Surin pounced on me – and I was the one thinking that Eros boys were not known as the most handsome in town !

The last den of sleaze remains Good Boys bar, where I had long chats with one of the boys here ; finally we could go behind the screens, at my request, as this one was not keen on having a private encounter – and a higher tip. No jerking-off contest that night (ten contenders and reward 500 have I been said), but more than one cubicle was the scene of very intimate activities.

On a different note, for the first time since eighteen years I was treated to a round of drinks by the owner of a Sunee Plaza bar ; this was in Sky Bar, where Tam and me spent some time – but not that much - chatting and looking the world go by. A kind attention which is for me the best incentive to go back if the place is nice, which it is.

To find more life, we had to go to Jomtien where the bars were very well attended ; however the cutest boys were already looked after by regular customers. Lack of Cambodian boys who had fled the country due to a groundless rumour, was also obvious as they are usually a nice addition to the place. And we did not forget our usual visit to see the show in The Venue, as good as ever.

Among a deserted Sunee Plaza, I indulged only once into closer encounters, and it was in Happy Boys where I chose to try their massage service – at least this is the way they call it. When I think of it, I remember having had more pleasure roaming the Day and Night area and looking at the massage boys, than visiting Soi Sunee. They have really hot guys there, and at least three shops are now boy-only places. In Relax@Me, a sturdy 20 y/o from Udon managed to get me to visit three times – good chemistry was enough.

thai boy massage
It seems that I am now more and more enticed by the massage shops rather than the bars : everything is so more convenient with on-site activities : no need to care about
transportation, meals, hiding the money ... and telling lies to the boyfriend to have the hotel room vacant ...

21 June 2014

Hat Yai revisited

Why did I chose to go for a two-days stay in Hat Yai rather going to Pattaya two days earlier ?. In fact I do not know myself, even if a promotion by Nok Air (2160 THB return all inclusive) was an enticing offer. I think only curiosity lead me there, as this town has not a lot to offer except good shopping opportunity.

First surprise : I was the only farang on board, both outwards and return. I knew that the town had been recently affected by some assaults by the local rebels, but I had not heard of any travel warning for the Songkhla province. In town, farangs were very free and far between, the population being clearly divided between the chinese and the locals.

The main reason for my curiosity was obviously the current situation of the local boys bars, which gets very few updates on the boards - I guess someone has to do the job, right ? Not a lot of changes since my last trip three years ago ; two bars which are still alive and well, and more and more saunas and massage places - that I did not visit. However I could not find the place advertised in the Bangkok Post Nightlife Guide as "Boys Pub Bar", with as address : Nipat Uthit Soi 3 (not very accurate, as there are three Nipat Uthit Roads, all very long and running parallel one another, and from the maps only one has a Soi 3).

Buddy Men Club, gay bar in Hat Yai
Buddy Men Club, gay bar in Hat Yai
These two bars are located close one to another : Buddy Men Pub along Sriphunawat Road (along a short cut to Akarn Road to be more accurate) and Top Man Pub along Akharn Road, so in the south part of town. Buddy Men Club was surprisingly well staffed with about seven rather good-looking young men - mostly coming from the North of Thailand. And Top Man Pub had mostly local southern boys and a welcoming owner from Khorat.

I took a boy from Buddy Men, a 21 y/o from Chiang Mai which told me he was a tribe boy - rather useless in bed. Pity I had not chosen another one which proved to be much more affectionate when I chatted with him on the next day - a thai yai from Burma. Off rate 1500 THB short-time and 2000 THB for the night, including tip for the boy (who gets respectively 1000 THB and 1500 THB). An additional tip is always welcomed.

So much for Hat Yai, but I guess I will have to update myself once again in one or two years, as none seems to really bother about these remote areas ... the Buddy Men owner having told me he sees about one farang a year in his place,  ...

20 June 2014

More to Siem Reap than the temples

Besides being the mandatory entry point to the Angkor Complex temples, Siem Reap is also fast becoming the hip capital of Cambodia, with a thriving nightlife ; surprisingly enough, gay tourism is an integral part of this development, although with a limited numbers of bars and accomodation.

Most farang-oriented nightlife is concentrated in Pub Street area which is the local Khao San Road. Truth to be said, I did not really appreciate it : very commercial, full of the same young farang you can find in Pai, Vang Vien or Kho Phangan - but to each its own. At least this produces a very lively atmosphere where people seem to really enjoy themselves - I could not help thinking of Pattaya which seems to have lost part of this kind of customer base.

The Linga Bar is the only real gay bar in the place with a high-end and trendy atmosphere and some freelancers. We ended our evenings there trying out many of their cocktails ; however we were not impressed at all by the 10.30 week-end show. Pity we could not attend the other one in the Station Wine Bar - said to be much better at least for now.

Boy massage in Siem Reap
"good massage, special massage Sir ...."
I was more interested by the massage places which are located on the edge of Pub Street area and along the sois leading to Siem Reap Night Market. No boy-only place but these shops advertise cheap service ; rather young boys and girls try agressively to lure you into, strongly hinting at happy endings. No private room or private bathroom however, so I wonder what happens when there are more than one customer at the same time - not mentioning risks of theft.

I went twice with a sweet 19 y/o local guy with a face to die for, and not shy at all when it came to kissing, hugging and more. Massage was really too light but he was eager to please, very loving and careful. I bought a shirt for him only to have change enough for paying the massage fee (he had a good tip too), which made him very fond of me. Sorry for him, but there are so many other gorgeous boys in this area that I would have liked to try them all.

There are gay-only massage places too, including nearby Hatha Blue Khmer, which I did not try although the boys standing in front were very inviting. Moreover, boys on the street and some tuk-tuk drivers seem readily available for everything, and there is probably a more discreet scene to be explored  : sure I have to go back one day - preferably alone and without any commitment...