27 October 2013

In the sticks (1)

I had spent more time preparing my trip to the North than listing all the gay venues that I should not miss … perhaps I am becoming older or I like more being with my boyfriend than roaming the bars ? True but I akso happen to love Thailand and discovering everything this country offers.

Road to Phu Hin Rongkla National Park
Up to Phu Hin Rongkla National Park
This trip brought whatever I was awaiting, except some nice weather. Tam enjoyed every second of it, as he likes to drive a car (I left him driving all the time, as he is of course used to drive on the left side of the road, and he drives quite well). His smile was a reward in itself, he still has the most beautiful smile in Thailand when he is happy. And like every thai he likes to show where he has gone tripping, which he regularly made through his Facebook and his Line accounts. By the way he allowed me to post his picture on my blog so he will now appear here and there.

After an uneventful flight with Nok Air (1000 TH all flights if booked at a certain period in July ...), we took delivery of our rental car - Toyota Vigo 4x4 - from the Budget desk in the Phitsanuloke airport. Unfortunately it was a rainy and foggy day which made the landscapes in the Khao Kho mountain (Petchabun province) almost invisible. We could just enjoy the new wat being built on a hill along the famous Route 12 to Lomsak, which will probably become another well-known touristy attraction in the few years to come - some russian tourists were already there !.

Pha Chu Thong in Petchaboon province
Pha Chu Thong

The weather on the second day was thankfully better and after a long drive up into the mountains we got to the Phu Hin Rongkla National Park which is known as a battleground between the thai Governmemt and the communist rebels from 1967 to 1982. The highlight is the Pha Chu Thong where the thai flag has since long replaced the red flag. Beautiful landscapes and views all the way up and down.

We then arrived in Uttaradit for the night, after a visit to the Chat Trakan waterfall ; the waterfall offers spectacular views but the beautiful boy who served as a guide on a Youtube video was nowhere to be seen. We arrived there along with a group of young (male) cyclists coming from Phitsanuloke Uni. Look at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv43xcAFR-0 for the waterfall (or the boy).

Uttaradit is a lively town with very welcoming people. Our hotel was the Siharat Hotel (see Agoda for prices), which offers one of the best quality/price ratios in Thailand, as well as good eating places and a commercial center nearby.

Sri Sachanalai Historic Park, Sukhothai province
Boyfriend in Sri Sichanalai
On the following day, Tam had the good idea to visit the Sri Satchanalai historic park rather than the Sirikit Dam. Many wats in a very quiet atmosphere, and all can be easily accessed by a car which was good news for a somewhat lazy boyfriend.

We then headed for another waterfall in Phrae, Tam's native province, just beyond the iconic Cho Hae wat. The evening took place in a local karaoke with local boys, including a beautiful guy (Tam's nephew) due to enter the army three days later.

24 October 2013

Flying start

Three days since I landed in Suwanaphum and I still did not see a lot of Thailand. Not that I am sick but I hardly had the time to unpack my luggage that the boy I had met last year in Khorat was calling me : "Are you already in Thailand ? Can I see you as promised ?" Of course I answered yes as I am not the guy who does not keep a promise. And one hot session on Camfrog had been enough to convince me that I should not miss the chance to meet this boy again.

Three hours later I was in Morchit for welcoming him : he had never come to Bangkok and he would not have found his way alone to my hotel.

Useless to say I did not regret these three days. As he was a rather shy guy, I did not have to go outside too often which could have made me somewhat uncomfortable : he is 19 y/o and looks younger so I prefer not to have been seen with him in too many public places. However I was once again a guide for leading him at least to the not-to-be-missed places like the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. And I was pleasantly surprised that the mandatory trip to Mahboonkrong did not turn into a shopping spree as this boy was very budget-conscious : three or four tee-shirts for him and his friends and it was over.

Sexy thai boy
Another Khorat boy that I would like to know better
He was not shy at all in bed and I am still marveling at how these late teens are skilled when it comes to sex. Of course I gave him a large sum of money for helping him with his studies, and he now would like to go to Pattaya with me. Not sure however that the boyfriend would be OK with this. Sorry, still no picture allowed for this boy ...

I will now have one free day before my boyfriend joins me for a one-week trip to the North. Probably not a lot to say about new boys, but I am really excited at seeing some of the remotest places in Thailand. It will also be another chance to spend quality time with my boyfriend of 10 years, and that is the most important.