25 August 2013

Best time

« The best time in love is when you climb the stairs », said a former French politician. I am not sure this applies to a trip to Thailand, but it was again a great pleasure to prepare my yearly holiday in this fantastic place.

Like two years again, it will be another trip to the North, and another trip with my boyfriend of ten years. The idea is to rent a car in Phitsanuloke and then to follow the lao border from Petchabun to Chiang Rai, visiting National Parks, mountains, and waterfalls along the way. It will be only a one-week trip, but should be as interesting as the one we had along the burmese border in 2011.

Why is it that I am attracted to discover as many places as possible in Thailand when I am far from being so curious about my own country – which is another beautiful place by all accounts ? Frankly, I guess a part of the answer is that most tourist attractions may possibly come with some eye-candy (in the form of nice looking young men), and that is probably what makes the thrill, and the difference.

I know that the natural beauty of waterfalls are sometimes enhanced by such welcomed additions, and hope I will be lucky enough to find some... in all good faith of course as my boyfriend will be in tow.

Waterfall boys
Nature at its best