31 December 2011

En route for 2012


11 December 2011

Mister Goody Goody

With the floods coming closer every day, I had no time to waste in Bangkok. The Morchit area was already under water, meaning that I could have only three or four days left dry if things had to turn nasty. So I had hardly recovered from my Hua Hin adventures when I decided to call back the Samut Prakan boy. We agreed to meet again at the Baering BTS Station which is the current terminus of the Sukhumwit line (extension to Samut Prakan is due to be completed in 2014).

Once again he arrived on time, walking like a cat despite his lanky body. I proposed him to have a meal in the Silom area, which is a fourty minutes journey away. He had told me he had never used the BTS network alone, which could well be true. I chose to go to Dick's Cafe just for the atmosphere, as I had absolutely no intention to bring him to any gogo bar. Sure this is not the best eating place in town but you cannot beat the place in Bangkok for seeing the world go by in a not too noisy atmosphere. We chatted about this and that, he told me he was gay but no friend of him knew it and it hardly surprised me as Samut Prakan is still very far from Bangkok in terms of tolerance and open-mindedness. As for me, I was more and more impressed by his big black eyes and his attitude, without daring to ask him how he would like to end the evening. I felt really like a teen trying to date his first love – although being perfectly aware the my wallet was probably a big part of the equation.

I brought him then to Soi 4 which was more bustling than ever being on a Friday night. We had still a drink or two on the Balcony terrasse ; I had already noticed that many people were looking at this fresh and innocent-looking boy – probably a rare commodity in the area. So it was no surprise when a waiter brought him a slip of paper where someone had written in thai : "So lovely …" and a phone number. He was smart enough not to give any attention at it ; was he used to this kind of message or did he suddenly realise that he could be a subject of desire by other men, I will never know. Just before leaving, I finally asked whether he would come to my hotel or go back home ; the decision had to be made before the Siam change station where our ways would split.

On the Siam platform, he said me – in thai, as his english is very poor : "OK I go with you but we do not do anything". It was already good news for me : looking at him the whole night long was enough to keep me happy. So after a last drink in Waterloo Bar, one of the Saphan Kwai karaokes, we went to bed in the most platonic way. I thought I had met a very righteous boy who only wanted to know a farang man as part of an experience.

It did not last long. Without a word, the first physical contact in bed was the beginning of a long cuddling and kissing and exploring and exploding. At 6 o'clock on the following morning, he was again all over me and I clearly felt something long and hot trying to find its way between my buns. "Too much, to soon" I told him and he went on groping and kissing till late in the morning.

One week later, I met him again in Pattaya where I had convinced him to come and join me, although he had told he had never gone so far on his own. I brought him to the "Oh Aharn Thai" restaurant, and then to the Panorama Pub. Finally, we went to one of the gogobars in the area where he was quickly approached by the mamasan who was seemingly trying to recruit him. We spoke about all this, and it was another night of uninhibited pleasure.

On the following day, we went to the Buddha Hill, and then to Dongtan Beach and then further towards Jomtien ; I had to make all the schedule, he seemed to accept and to be interested in anything I wanted to show him. When asked whether he liked where he was or not, he always answered telling "chew chew" – the thai slang word meaning "chill out" – making a V with his fingers.

Genuine rookie, or casual moneyboy ; I still cannot figure. We are still in touch through Camfrog and I hope to meet him on my next trip (should there be one), but I really cannot imagine whom I will meet again. What I will remember is an unexpected refreshing experience, which is exactly what I am looking for when I come to Thailand.

29 November 2011

Hua Hin

Shame on me for not updating the blog while being in Thailand … I guess I should get one of those notebooks allowing me to prepare my masterpiece in the room or at the beach rather than in some internet shop … My boyfriend Tam is luckier than me on this one : he convinced me to transfer to his account the money needed for buying one … but for himself. Poor farang with his old-fashioned mobile phone and not being able to afford all the modern electronic gadgets that every thai boy must have ..

After the long trip from Chiang Mai, I would have loved to stay quiet in Bangkok, but the floods were getting closer to Saphan Kwai ; the first thing I made on the following day was looking through the window checking that the car park in front of my hotel was still dry .. and it was. Should I go to Pattaya and come to Bangkok two weeks later when the flood could have receded, or should I spend the time I wanted to stay in Bangkok immediateley, and then go to Pattaya ? I made my mind for the first option, as the floods seemed to be quite slow approaching the inner part of Bangkok. This proved to be the right decision but it was a long time of pondering and worrying.

However I did not stay long in Bangkok, as I wanted to know better Em, this boy from Camfrog who had told me he was in Hua Hin. I also wanted to be on my own after ten days with Tam, who staid alone in Bangkok - and I know he likes it too. So here I was at Victory Monument to find the rot too going there … Not that I like being seated in a cramped mini van recklessly speeding on the highway but the other means of transportation – public bus or train - are definitely too time-consuming options.

Chico Bar, gay bar in Hua Hin
Chico Bar, gay bar in Hua Hin
I arrived in Hua Hin along with droves of Bangkok residents fleeing the floods ; however my favorite hotel had still a room for me. Being there for one night meant I had to meet the boy, and then visiting the bars, all this within three hours … so I was almost relieved when the boy answering my phone call told me he was not Em, he did not know him and never heard of him. Surprising as this was a phone number I had already used to call him from my country... I also could have got in touch with him using Camfrog, but finding an internet shop with Camfrog in the touristy part of Hua Hin is not an easy task.

I conscientiously visited each bar of the Hua Hin scene which had nicely developped since last year. Red Indian had only three boys, and the Nong Khai boy who stroke up a chat with me was not really my style, so I went on to Grasshopper Bar. I noticed a group of four, one of them being a wonderful young guy but they did not make a lot of eye contact. Hearing that the place had a massage service, I promised myself to come back should I not find the gem I was looking for.

Walking along soi 81, I could find two new boy bars but with very few guys, so I hopped on a motorbike to go to Chico Bar ; it was by far the best one in the evening despite Em not being there … Among the many nice lads working there, there was this 18 y/o guy from Ratchaburi : he would be the first guy I ever offed in Hua Hin, and also the first boy I offed during this trip.

Some hours later, I was back in Bangkok after another hair-rising experience on board of another rot too, with the strange feeling that with all these cars parked along the bridges and the slightest puddle possibly announcing a disaster, I would not want to stay too long in the area.

By the way, Em is now working in Chico Bar and can be seen on one of the very enticing pictures provided on the Sawatdee thread.

27 October 2011

Temperance in Chiang Mai

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Chiang Mai
San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Chiang Mai
Being with Tam, I had a rather quiet stay in Chiang Mai. In fact most of my energy was used to visit further places around the town using our rented car. So we could make it to Lamphun and its temples, the Samoeng loop in the mountains, and another visit to the San Kampeng hot springs.

At night I did not forget to visit the main bars and found them to be as good as ever, be it Freeguys, New My Way or Adam's Apple. The shows are daring enough but very similar one to another, with a lot of nudity.. Only Freeguys bar had a male-only show, the other two having some katoey show as well. I did not go to Circle Pub as I know that this place has never been for my liking.

Another evening was spent in the sleazy allay near Night Bazaar, but I have to say I was not impressed at all by the freelancers who hang around there. The atmosphere did not look as bad as it has been written here and there.

Finally I found the most stunning boys in Chiang Mai were the ones working as waiters in the Sabaidee Pub and Restaurant - a rather hard to find place near Santitham Plaza ( http://www.sabaidee-santitham.com/ ). Tasteful decoration, cute waiters, great food for a very reasonable price, what do you want more ? Another magic place not to miss in Chiang Mai.

I am now in Bangkok after a strenuous 14 hours bus transfer following the cancellation of Nok Air flights. Bad luck I guess but the 1st class Nakhornchai busses are comfortable enough to support such a long punishment. Let now the plan to conquer the Samut Prakan boy's heart now go into action !

24 October 2011

Raw nature

The first part of my stay is now over ; not a lot about the boys here - although they are never far when you are in Thailand - but a long and impressive trip in one of the remotest parts of the country.

As scheduled we got our rented car in Phitsanulok and this was not your usual Honda Jazz ; knowing that the roads will be tough, I had splashed out on a big four wheel Toyota Vigo, not the car that I would dare to drive at home if you ask me (by fear of being labelled as a braggart). My boyfriend Tam was happy about this choice and he drove most of the way, except in the really windy mountain roads which I am more used to.

Unfortunately the bar I had read about in Phitsanulok seems to have closed, at least we could not find it at the location it was supposed to be. I rather think that once again, the information I had being from thai people, it was probably false or incomplete as we spent one hour exploring this famous Soi 19 where nothing was to be seen looking like an open bar or even a closed one.

Our first stop was in Mae Sot and we made the mandatory trip to the so-called Friendship Bridge on the Burmese border. A rather curious place where burmese people come and sell their things - mostly cigarettes - down from the walkway which stretches along the thai side of the river, and under the view of the thai soldiers. Among them, some teenagers who would have a lot of success should they have sold something, say, more private ...

Refugee camp near burmese border, Tak province
Refugee camp near burmese border, Tak province

Our second day took place along the thai-burmese border on very quiet roads with very few people around, except for many police controls. I was especially impressed by a huge refugee camp after Mae Ramat, hundreds of wooden houses all over the hills seeming to shelter so many unfortunate people fleeing their country. Probably a heavy burden for the thai Government. Besides this, there were viewpoints, waterfalls, caves, and a 50 km stretch of a rather small road on the borders of Tak and Mae Hong Son provinces, without any village, gas station, or eating place. You guess that finally arriving in Mae Sariang was a relief. A local karaoke gave a nice end to the day.

Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son was a more civilised ride although with countless curves, and more beautiful waterfalls. To Tam's dispair, the Thung Dok Bua Tong (the Mexican sunflower field) had not blossomed yet, but the Mae Surin waterfall on the same road was in great shape after all this rain. Thanks to a thai guidebook, we visited a little gem of a cave in Mae La Noi ; Kaew Komon Cave Forest Park is a calcite cave and the glittering calcite shines sparklingly in the cave walls, making it look like ice (no picture allowed). In Mae Hong Son, we staid in the Bayoke Chalet Hotel, which doubles at night as a disco for the local teenagers, and of course we could not miss the opportunity to have a drink there. Mae Hong Son population is mostly Thai Yai, and this is a guarantee for fine-looking well-built young men. Also not to be missed is climbing up the hill which offers great views over the ton. At dusk it is also a flirting place for the local youth.

Mae Hong Son town from above
Mae Hong Son town from above

A long rest in a mud spa only 17 km from Mae Hong Son was enough for being ready for the following day driving to Pai ; fantastic viewpoints over the mountains, another beautiful cave near Phang Ma Pha (Tham Lot, where the river flows through the cave) made another great day. In Pai the atmosphere was more touristy, with a huge amount of mostly young farangs, as Pai is known as a paradise for travelers.The population has kept his smile though, and the prices are still reasonable. The C Bar which is sometimes advertised as a gay bar is a very small bar but it seems that only the owner here is gay.

Pai was the first step back to bustling thai cities but it was still quiet, probably due to the long and windy route leading there from both sides. We had still another hot spring and a waterfall to look at before finally arriving in Chiang Mai. Back to the bars and the boys, although the experiences with the boyfriend in tow should be tamer than when I come alone ...

17 October 2011

Noo (rising tone)

Noo (rising tone) is the thai word for "mouse" ; it is also the way parents call their children, or teachers their young pupils. But this boy wants me to call him "noo" as well, and he also always call me "than" which is the pronoun that you should use for people you respect (your parents). He is definitely not a child, and I have been chatting with this this 19y/o guy on Camfrog since about two months. He had told me that when I would see him for real, I would flee the scene because he was not handsome ... of course I was not worried as I know that for some unexplained reason, thai boys always look better in real life than through any camera.

I wanted to meet him near his place, and not near my hotel so that he would not feel uncomfortable. And here I am, like a pre-teen going to his first date, sitting in the BTS train towards the new Bearing Station, as he lives in nearby Samut Prakan Province. The appointment place was not romantic at all as there is an easy to find Esso gas station just under the BTS. I even did not have to wait too long, and he appeared on the back of a motorsai. As handsome as I had imagined, as shy as I had guessed when chatting. We went to the nearby Imperial Word commercial center and had some steaks in a thai only atmosphere (BTW Samut Prakan province is a very populous area with heaps of nice boys all over) . We never had talked about sex on Camfrog, and we never talked sex either on our first meeting. I do not even know whether he is a king or a queen. And I cannot figure why he wants to talk with me ...curiosity, money or anything else. He laughed, I laughed, we promised to meet again and I think we will. I had brought some eau de toilette for him, and slipped a banknote in his hand, telling him it was for helping him start studying again.

He is a common next-door thai boy, meaning a very handsome, always smiling and very easygoing lad. Will we go further together ? Time will tell, but I guess I will have to make the first move if I want him in my bed, which is of course the ultimate goal. Anyway a refreshing experience, so different from the relations with your usual thai rent boy.

This was my first night in Thailand and I did not go anywhere else ; going back from Samrong, I made a short visit to the Silom area for a drink in Dicks Cafe ; I did not see a lot of customers in the whole soi. Same in Soi 6 area where there was almost no one in the Thai Boys 2011 Massage place, but it was already 11 pm and I guess I should have come much earlier to see the nice guys the place is well-known for. I was too tired for going to Super A Bar, this will be for a next time as I plan to stay in Bangkok longer than before.

The travel to Thailand with Lufthansa had been a breeze with very few travellers at Immigration in Suwanaphum airport. During my waiting time in Frankfurt, I wanted to go to downtown where I had a one month work experience about 38 years ago : I did not find anything I had known then and the closest thing to this period of my life was a beer in Romerplatz. I could not find either the "Come-In" hustler bar which I just wanted to visit, despite being in the right street. And I could see once again how quickly my formerly good knowledge of German language had gone away...

I am now awaiting my boyfriend Tam, and we will fly to-morrow to Phitsanulok where we will start our trip to the North with a rent car. Not many boys bars for a while I guess except for the special mission I have been assigned with, namely exploring the only gay bar in Phitsanulok.

I just hope that Don Muang airport will stay clear of flooding like Bangkok is until now. You would not even know of this threatening disaster when staying in downtown Bangkok, if there were not some rare shops (mostly Seven Eleven and banks) having built brick protection walls just in case. Phitsanulok should be better as everyone says the situation in the North is improving at last.

14 October 2011

Halcyon days or ...

Rayong boy in Gayromeo
Rayong boy in Gayromeo
Thirty three hours more and I will land at Suwanaphum airport .. or wherever. I made more planning this time than ever and everything could as well be cancelled because of the terrible floods that thai people have to face now.

I can only hope that I will be able to fly from Don Muang to Phitsanulok on next Tuesday ; from there, it will be travelling the way I like it : a car, a boy - my boyfriend of eight years - and freedom to stop and to go wherever we wish. Should the weather be nice, it could be great from Mae Sot to Chiang Mai via Mae Hong Son .. albeit without any boy bar (except one I have spotted in Pai).

Until then, I have only to pray that Saphan Kwai will stay dry so that I can taste the atmosphere once again. If no one of the Camfrog boys is free, it could as well be a trip to some massage place in the Silom area ... And if the area is wet, the closest boy bar is only one hundred meters from my hotel.

Holidays have begun and the magic is here once again.

25 September 2011


Waterfall boy
Waterfall boy

Thai are crazy with waterfalls ... OK some are worth the visit but many others are really very ordinary, at least for this mountain boy.

However I guess that this eagerness to visit the slightest cascade could have something to do with the atmosphere that you generally find in these places. They offer a nice relief for those wanting to escape the scorching heat, and especially during week-ends, many people gather with their families or whatever group they belong. Could this be the main reason why waterfalls attract so many people ?

18 September 2011

National parks

Cute boy in wonderful natural park Phu Kradung
Some will think I am busier at visiting new towns than natural tourist attractions. They may be right, but should not forget that it is easy to go to every town in Thailand, but you have to be on your own wheels as soon as you want to go in the countryside.

Moreover, I cannot come to Thailand during the best months, and being in the middle of nowhere in the mud and surrounded by all kinds of mosquitoes and leeches is not my idea of hard-earned holidays.

There are 48 national parks in Thailand and I think I only visited 4 of them : Doi Inthanon and Doi Suthep-Pui in Chiang Mai, Mae Yom in Phrae and Had Nopparatthara-Mu Ko Phi Phi in Krabi. And each one for too short visits. However, more will follow next month during the planned trip to North Thailand. Many others are on the must-do list.

On the top of the list are most isaan parks, among them Phu Kradung (picture above) which is well-known for providing fantastic natural views ...

11 September 2011


Those coming from hot areas cannot realise how great it feels to have a drink or to eat outside ... a pleasure that I very rarely indulge in at home, as temperatures are on the fresh side most of the year.

This is the most likely reason why I like to sit in a beer bar or an open-air restaurant everytime I can. Despite all the little bugs you could meet in these places...

04 September 2011

Why I love LOS

So many reasons why I love Thailand - the Land of Smiles ...

One of them is the convenient transport network .. be it by road or by train, by boat or by air, it is really not a problem to get from point A to point B in this country. Something we could take for granted, coming from so-called developped countries .. however I find using most means of transport (except cycling) more convenient in Thailand than in my own country. And more rewarding for the eye too.

27 August 2011


I am now in the middle of my mandatory stay in Farangland and the setting up of my next trip filled most of my free time. The schedule is complete now, with more time in Bangkok as expected, and also a long car trip in the North with Tam – like in the good old times. I am really looking forward being with him for a long time, even if I will be careful to be on my own for another part of my stay. I still cannot realise how it is possible that we can be boyfriends since such a long time (more than eight years), though I am rather a butterfly, and more inclined to twinks than to more mature men …

The trip will begin in Phitsanuloke where I should gather some information about the two gay places I have already identified there (one bar and one massage place), and also visit the wats – that I had missed because of a Royal visit when I came there before. We should then drive to Tak and Mae Hong Son along the burmese border and to Chiang Mai, with enough time to stop in the most interesting places and make some side-trips.

But for now, most of my freetime goes to using this diabolical Camfrog network, which gives me the impression to be in Thailand every night … Having upgraded to Camfrog Pro, I can now see many webcams in the same time, and looking at some rooms sometimes looks like indulging into a fantastic bukkake party with the most handsome boys jerking-off for you … Seeing a young thai man in his briefs is an absolute turn-on for me, so you can imagine how addictive this Camfrog thing is becoming for me ..

Scantily clad thai boy
I have two or three contacts with guys in Bangkok and hope to meet them for chatting, and then seeing where things can go … one is a young whore from Samut Sakhon, mostly interested in money but with the nicest face in Southeast Asia ; and the second one is his complete opposite : he describes himself as (and looks like) a shy boy "who cannot be easily got", and I think he has contacted me mainly out of curiosity – be sure I am ready to meet the challenge.

The only problem on Camfrog is that very few English is spoken and much less written : at least this gives me a good excuse for lacking assiduity in my thai lessons. And if you could see the expression on the face of the young man when he realises that he is answered in thai …

I am now just crossing my fingers hoping that the final financial collapse will be kind enough to wait for next November. It will then be the time to bury the system who is currently crushing our lives and our hopes.

17 July 2011


I had never seen so many building sites in Pattaya : there were at least four running in the immediate vicinity of my hotel – fortunately without any disturbing noise. And when there are construction sites going on, there is a great chance that construction workers come along.

I could by chance take some pictures, which only confirmed that I should one day try to know one of these workers better. They usually match what I say to a mamasan when she asks me about my specs regarding boys : soong, phom, dam (tall, lean and dark-skinned) and of course narak (cute).

Pattaya construction worker with sagging workwear
Sagging workwear

01 July 2011

Still the best

My last week in Pattaya was a little bit uneventful but every second of it was worthwhile. Pattaya is still the best place to go for us, and was much better than what I could have feared.

I staid most of the time with Tam who had taken some free days from his work. He is really not the kind of boy who would spend all his time in a room, so that having good meals and visiting new places were frequent. He brought me to the Floating Market south of Pattaya : a tourist-oriented place full of thai people, which was surprisingly well laid-out with a pleasant atmosphere. And Tam did not event indulge too much in boundless shopping of useless trinkets.

Floating Market in Pattaya
Floating Market in Pattaya
I also had some time of my own which I used as usual to stroll round the bars both in Sunee and Boystown. This was enough to feel relieved after all the bad things I had read on the boards : there are still boys, there are still customers, there is still life. Sure the numbers were not very high especially in Sunee but bar owners who know their jobs can still enjoy a regular customer flow.

I especially liked Nice Boys in Sunee where a waiter approached me, which is not the rule in this bar. He had probably noticed that I could not take my eyes out of him, so we spent a lot of time chatting before taking the plunge. I told him I had one day passed through his home town (Kalasin) and noticed how the boys there were especially beautiful : I could see him blushing at the compliment – and not I am not very good at smooth talking, I really thought this. For me, this bar had by far the best staff all over Sunee.

Happy Boys was once again visited and once again, entering without any other intention than having a quiet drink quickly turned into a strong need to know better the boy who took my attention. He had already taken care of me last time and I did not remember how it went, although I should have printed his dark skin and his long hair in my brain. In this place you just have to be very cautious to turn down any offer by any other boy : some seem to specialise into coming upstairs uninvited.

I was more disappointed by the beer bars : few guys, fewer cuties in my opinion. I felt that you had to go many times in a bar and get acquainted with one guy or two before feeling really welcomed, so this is a definite hindrance for tourists. Not that this is a big surprise for me, as this is exactly the reason why I feel so good in my favourite taproom : Threezone Bar where I have been a loyal customer for the last nine years (and at first because my then boy special had moved to freelance there).

What was the most worrying was strolling along the sois in the immediate vicinity of Sunee Plaza : in either direction, arabic presence is increasingly heavy, making our Sunee looking more and more like the Gallic village in the middle of the roman empire. How much will this last I wonder, and I can only hope that another area would replace it in case of a huge gay drain.

For the time being, there should be still be some boys and bars available next time I go there, in October.

21 June 2011

Longer stays

It was good to be in Bangkok again. Sure the place is hot and overcrowded but there is always something to do there - the first being updating the blog after one week in the sticks.

I always find myself promising to spend more time in the capital, but I say the same about spending more time in Pattaya and also spending more time in the provinces. So I guess the problem could only be solved by a so much awaited retirement, which is not within sight for the time being. This time however, one week in the South and in the Northeast was enough, probably due to the fact I had packed to many things into a too short period of time.

I could not help but going again to the infamous Soi Anuman Ratchathon area, and if I managed to avoid Nature Boy, I was more than happy to enter the Nice Boys Bar. Not for the many questionable boys hanging about there, but for the boys on the scene who were rather intersting to say the least. I did not take one but chatted for a long time with a tall slim dark-skinned guy who was hiding behind the others.

In fact I had reserved my evening for the Boys Bangkok 2011 Massage Shop (under Super A Bar) where I had been so impressed by the overall cuteness of the staff. The best was still the one I had already taken - although I do not like to choose a boy for massaging more than once. And so we went up stairs with Bank, his stunning smile and his good skills for everything you want in a boy massage place (including massage).

On the next day, I went checking the situation in the Saranrom area, as I had not read anything new about it since a long time. I am happy to say that even on a Sunday evening, the place had many guys of all ages and all shapes, in fact more than I had seen last year. As usual you have to be cautious enough and also to know that the truth at, say, 10 pm, may be very different thirty minutes later. Most potential customers use a car or a taxi to drive around the place but as a pedestrian I was welcomed by most boys.

The other places I visited were Solid Bar in Silom and Charmming Bar in Saphan Kwai where they have every day a steady flow of nice young men.

Pattaya will follow and I am already sure that the place is far from dead despite all comments that you can read here and there on the boards.

20 June 2011

Isaan fix

I had not planned to visit the northeast this time as my schedule was very tight and I wanted mostly recover from a long hard-working period. However there was this boy from Camfrog, and there was also the opportunity of a fast direct flight from Phuket with Air Asia (they offer three flights a week directly to either Ubon or Udon).

So after a short 3 days stay in Phuket, it was a sharp transition from an over touristy island to an almost farang-free Isaan. My first night was in Ubon Ratchathani which I had liked so much last October. This time I chose to stay in downtown Ubon in a simple thai hotel : Krung Thong Hotel (welcoming staff, 450 THB a night and with very clean rooms), whose main advantage is to be next door with the Black Beans Karaoke.

After an afternoon of shopping and strolling around the Thung Sri Muang park, I went straight to the bar. However contrary to my last year's visit, they had less boys, and these were not really interested in this poor lonely farang. I was not treated to detailed introductions of every boy like last year, but left alone sipping my beer. A pity as the boys seemed to be on the interesting side as far as looks were concerned. As for the other places in town, I could not visit "Famous Bar" ; the place was now called "G-Place", not knowing whether the "G" would stand for "Gay" or for "Girls", which obviously would change completely the interest of the place. Just one word to say that the other place is still open and well.

I was a little bit intimidated to think that I would meet in real life the Camfrog boy with whom I have been chatting for a long time. And when I saw him sitting on his moped in front of my hotel in Mahasarakham, it seemed to me that I had been knowing him for ages. Everything went well, we spent two days and two nights together and he was far from being the shy student I had pictured.

Faces in Mahasarakham
Faces in Mahasarakham
By the way Mahasarakham is a vibrant small city with many students, and a general good atmosphere. I staid in the high-end Taksila Hotel (Wasu Hotel was full) which has everything you could want from the best hotel in town (except a swimming pool) ; it is rather conveniently located close to the market and the bus station. Nevertheless I do not really feel at ease in these "Hi So" places - even when they come at only 1000 THB a night. Having a young-looking boy (aged 21) in tow did not help, although the staff was absolutely delightful.

Coming back to Bangkok was an eight hours chore with an unexpected bus change in Khorat, and the dreadful section from Saraburi to Morchit where there is absolutely nothing to see except traffic jams, countless trucks and soulless factories. It was huge relief to be back in Saphan Khwai. Alone, meaning : with the whole town for myself.

16 June 2011

Resting in Phuket

I usually choose to stay in Phuket only for a few days because I know that except for the beach there are not many things to do there : everything is expensive, especially transportation, and as I can never go there when the weather is at its best (December to February), I have already spent many afternoons in my room catching upon my reading. Not my idea of a trip to a seaside resort, although my accommodation at the Rendez-Vous Guesthouse was as good as ever.

Phuket beach
Phuket beach

I had a nice day which I lazily spent on the beach, which ended with a wonderful sunburn. Curiously enough, the boys do not seem to know a lot about the so-called gay beach although it is well signposted with the rainbow flag.

As for the evenings, I visited my favorite Yes! Bar every night - only for the boys and the atmosphere as I did not time enough to look again at the show. Another bar of interest was Mamasan Bar which is a little bit hidden at the end of the main soi (turn left when going towards the mountain). They also have a staff of energetic boys, although obviously lacking some discipline. I took one from there for a nice evening. My Way was not on my list as I had read some bad reports, however I paid a short visit to find older boys, but some with a very nice face; like in most bars, not many boys due to the very low season I was assured.

Spartacus is as always specialised in rough isaan guys who lacked a little bit of distinction. And Super Boys is still sleazier than before with only four boys. Another bar has opened next door as a host bar (Backstage Bar) and seemed to be much classier from what I could see.

As for the beer bars of which there has to be more than a dozen all over Paradise Complex, they obviously had not a lot of staff but a deeper examination could have lead to find gems for sure.

14 June 2011

Possibly best gay bar in Thailand

I came into Phuket being a little bit worried about the scene there in the middle of the low season, and my first steps into Paradise Complex seemed to confirm this : few people and few boys in the open-air bars.

So I am delighted to tell that after a first evening, things are much better than expected. First there are a lot of gay places now, open-air bars, massage places and gogo bars. The boys are there and if they are probably in fewer numbers than in the winter, they still outnumber the customers.

I began the evening with a massage in Spartacus Bar, where they had many boys on the premises ; one of them was so insistent on providing a massage, and so good at selling his services, that I could not resist. The place is not really designed as a massage place with very little privacy in the rooms, but that could be more exciting for some …

I made a quick visit to Tangmo Bar where I had memories of a place filled with nice boys … it seems to have changed for the worst, but this was perhaps only one bad evening, or perhaps there was not anyone meeting my requirements.

I left then for a small place which has opened probably not a very long time ago ; one row for the customers on the length of the bar, facing the scene where the boys were dancing in two shifts. The place is called “Yes !’ Bar and is located on the main way to Paradise Hotels (which is now the way out). The first impression was great with probably one of the best mix of boys for everyone’s taste, two funny captains, and a boy which I thought was the usual underage boy hanging out in street clothes ; he told me he was in fact the mamasan and that he was 20 years old – which I still not really believe. No pressure from him, no boring words, a very cute face – I would vote him without any hesitation as the cutest and nicest mamasan in Thailand.

Yes ! fantastic gay bar in Phuket
Yes Bar! in Phuket
The better came with the show : not a cabaret show like those you usually find in the Phuket bars, not a sex show with the usual tricks, but and absolute success. The actors were some of their own gogoboys, and when you find that the one you had fancied will be part of the show, this is a first good news. When you then see that all acts are perfectly laid out, totally innovative, with good looking boys, a communicative atmosphere, you think you have had a good evening. They have made the traditional candle show a feast for the eye, and if only one boy could be seen in the nude (and not in the in-your-face way), the whole performance was an hymn to the young male beauty.

When you think of all the shows you have already seen in Thailand (be it in Adam’s Apple in Chiang Mai or of course the Soi Twilight ones), you can only conclude that you have never been fascinated by any show like this before. The conclusion is simple : nice mamasan + great looking boys for everyone’s taste + innovative and wonderfully performed show ; this bar has to be one of the best (or possibly the best) in Thailand now. As my Michelin guide says : “vaut le detour”.

13 June 2011

Down to the South

The second day in Bangkok was less adventurous than the first one but quite as enjoyable. Tam and Phi Kor joind me for the evening and we could not have begun it better than by a great meal in my favourite Saphan Kwai open-air eatery - Rakhang Thong near Elisabeth Hotel for those who do not remember.

We then headed to Silom for a show ; on an advice by a boy from Maxxis Cafe we first went to Hotmale but quickly decide to change for entering X-Boys ; we had what we were looking for. Not really my cup of tea but you really have to see anything what Thailand can offer. I preferred by far our last stay in Staxx Bar in Saphan Kwai listening at thai songs and chatting again and again.

On the next morning, Tam and Khor brought me to the airport on their way back to Pattaya, as I had booked a flight to Hat Yai. I like to go to these towns where they do not see many farangs, especially if I know that there are a few bars that could interest me.

The situation has just changed a little since my last visit. The bars are still within walking distance one from another in the southern part of the town. The good news is that the overall quality of the boys has much improved and there was much more variety and numbers than before, even on a quiet Sunday evening. So for the record you have to know that Buddys Bar has opened again after a two year closure. G-Men seemed to be less interesting, but City Man (same street as G-Men) had really a good bunch of nice men from all over Thailand. They even provided a show as there were some customers (including a group of more or less true women) - very tame show by Bangkok standards though.

Drink prices were 120 THB in City Man and 150 in the other two ; and in Buddy Boys you off a boy paying 1200 THB for short time and 1700 THB for the whole night including the tip for the boy - an old Hat Yai tradition due to the fact that some customers (did I say from Malaysia ?) used to offer ridiculously low tips to the boys before this rule was introduced. Although I did not ask in the other bars, I guess that the rule and the prices are similar.

All this is probably not enough to be worth the trip but you could combine it with a trip to the south to discover an almost farang-free scene reminding the good old days in Thailand ... and also a bustling city which is a shopping paradise.

See you now in Phuket...

11 June 2011

Life starts again

Yes life has just started again. I have been in Thailand since 24 hours and it is as if I had never left. My hotel has the same outdated charm as ever and the boys seem to be cuter every year ... don't tell me about being bored, I will be if Thailand turn into a new Singapore, and I hope it will never happen.

The flight with Swiss was a delight as I was lucky enough to have two seats for myself (some empty seats on the flight, which I have rarely seen before). And at the airport, I had just showed up when an immigration booth just opened in front of me .. good things can happen for me too.

As I had just left from work to go to the airport (with only two hours to have a meal, a shower, and finish packing my bags), no wonder I was quite tired for my first night in Bangkok. So I immediately went where I had dreamed to go : have a massage in Silom. In fact I wanted badly to try the new place below Super A and God I was not disappointed ; the staff is made only of gorgeous boys, and you would need more time than I have to try them all. I chose a young man from Bangkok who began with an almost serious massage, but the situation quickly changed as I felt his cock more and more close to my skin until he put it just in my willing hand. What could I do ? He had the face of an idol, he did not mind French kissing and he was the perfect introduction to three weeks in Thailand.

After this I went to Dick's Cafe just to see more cute faces in the massage places around and to tatse my fist Chang Classic since such a long time. Back to Saphan Kwai then with a short stay in Street Boy where I could not see many street boys that I like so much. And then I went to Be High which had about six very macho boys, including a young lad just arrived from isaan but with too many tatoos on his skin. I had a long chat with a young man from the north and he was very happy to tell me about his life which began in the Shan State in Burma.

To-day will be another day to get used to my new life in the three forthcoming weeks. Tam will come visit me during his weekly free day along with Phi Khor from Threezone Bar and it should be a nice evening. And to-morrow back to scouring the country for new places and new boys : I am booked on a flight to Hat Yai where I should stay for one or two nights.

15 May 2011


I am sorry I could not update lately, due to the usual reasons : nothing interesting to say, and too much work on my hands. Since I came back from Thailand, I am like inside a tunnel with very little light except when reading the boards, or lurking or chatting the Camfrog rooms.

By the way my boyfriend has now a Camfrog account too but he is on-line not very often – unlike some addicts whom I should worry for if I knew them better. Tam is still working in a restaurant in Pattaya and his life seems better now than the hard-working and boring few years he spent at home.

What seems now completely unreal for me is the fact that I will be soon once again in the land of my dreams. Although overwhelmed by daily routine and stress, I only have to look at the calendar and pinch myself to realize that there are less than four weeks left … and I will be able to smell the heat, the odours in the street, the easygoing peace of life…. All what made me happy as soon as I had set a foot outside of my hotel on my first day in Thailand, - exactly 15 years ago. I had only walked 100 meters out of my room and I was already in love with the country – and I still had to meet my first boy !

This next trip will be three weeks long and the schedule will once again be like a time trial : a short trip to Hat Yai and Phuket just to see how things are going on, a flying visit to Ubon Ratchathani for the atmosphere and Mahasarakham for the boy, and the usual lazy week in Pattaya for the boyfriend and the beach. Flights are booked already and I remember being filled with joy in the middle of another boring day, just because I had successfully – and should I say very easily – bought my Air Asia ticket from Phuket to Ubon.

Little things give people the most happiness...

20 February 2011


Although I praise myself for being rather impervious to everything artificial and useless, I must confess I have nearly be taken in like a beginner …

During my last stay in Pattaya, the Threezone bar's owner showed me the Camfrog website and suggested me to use it at home so that we could keep in touch …and six weeks ago I finally decided to take the step and downloaded this software. Of course he had taken care to warn me that I should stick to Camfrog Thailand only …

For those who do not know it, just let me quote what Uncle Wiki tells about it : Camfrog client is like other instant message programs in that it allows users to instant message each other privately. Users can also interact via a private one-on-one audio / video chat. Unlike most instant message programs, users can also connect to one of thousands of chat rooms available, to view other users live video, text chat and audio chat.

It was not long before I discovered that this software could be the best way to spend all my free time in a virtual world that I did not want to be involved with. There are about ten to twenty chat rooms for gay thai boys, and each room is like a candy store where scores of thai lads mostly in their undershirts or in their pants show their face and more. It is like a dream come true, where you have instant confirmation that many thai boys are really absolutely beautiful men if you like the boy-next-door type. This is someting you could easily forget given what you can see in more than one gay bar. And not only are they beautiful, but some loose all inhibition and show more than you have ever seen even in the most daring bars : jerk-offs, and if you are lucky live sex and group sex, are common in the rooms that allow it.

Call me an innocent, but I did not know it was so easy to enter such a paradise … I did not know either that I would still meet so arousing sights which brought me to heaven more often that I could think of …

On the first days, I kept on going from one room to another, riveted to my computer, listening to the D'Js in charge of convincing as many users as possible to put off their clothes and to help themselves in front of everyone. And God these D'Js are not only funny, they are also not fussy at all .. ; I could hear one of them yesterday openly courting a 17 y/o guy and convincing him to show what he had between his legs although he was in a public internet shop ... and the boy seemed so aroused by the situation that he quickly looked around him to check that no one was seeing and suddenly plunged his hands deep inside his trousers … in front of dozens of invisible lurkers, and more than once.

Sure speaking thai is almost a must if you want to grasp most of what is said by the Djs who has the duty to lead you to the most "interesting" users. And reading thai is still better as you could well be greeted by one of the users who will send you an instant message – and most of them are not really at ease with english. Although not hiding my true age – which is much higher than most thai Camfrog users, I have got more than one message, and have been invited to private virtual shows – which I happily obliged. To be true, farangs are a rare sight in these rooms as almost everything is spoken and written in thai.

(Cute) Camfrog user in Mahasarakham
The novelty has now faded a little – although I still spend too much time on Camfrog and not enough updating the blog and learning thai. Camfrog is not only a matter of sex, as most users come there for chatting and looking for friends, and not for exposing their body. What is really refreshing and interesting is being able to meet guys who do not belong to the bar scene : chatting with them gives you a much broader idea of what a thai boy's life looks like. I feel that strong friendship ties could develop – or more.

I am now in regular contact with a student in Mahasarakham who is as sweet and as fresh as you could imagine – and allowed me to post one of his pics. I also guess that it should be much easier to meet someone anywhere in Thailand – more easily than through Gay Romeo where you never have any visual contact with your new-found friend.

I still have to test in which way virtuality becomes reality and will try it next time I go to Thailand. Knowing too that I have a boyfriend who is quite real, and that virtuality will never replace reality.

01 January 2011

2011 + 543 = 2554

Best wishes for a New Year filled with peace, prosperity, happiness ...
and boys
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  and thank you for your fidelity !