27 October 2011

Temperance in Chiang Mai

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Chiang Mai
San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Chiang Mai
Being with Tam, I had a rather quiet stay in Chiang Mai. In fact most of my energy was used to visit further places around the town using our rented car. So we could make it to Lamphun and its temples, the Samoeng loop in the mountains, and another visit to the San Kampeng hot springs.

At night I did not forget to visit the main bars and found them to be as good as ever, be it Freeguys, New My Way or Adam's Apple. The shows are daring enough but very similar one to another, with a lot of nudity.. Only Freeguys bar had a male-only show, the other two having some katoey show as well. I did not go to Circle Pub as I know that this place has never been for my liking.

Another evening was spent in the sleazy allay near Night Bazaar, but I have to say I was not impressed at all by the freelancers who hang around there. The atmosphere did not look as bad as it has been written here and there.

Finally I found the most stunning boys in Chiang Mai were the ones working as waiters in the Sabaidee Pub and Restaurant - a rather hard to find place near Santitham Plaza ( http://www.sabaidee-santitham.com/ ). Tasteful decoration, cute waiters, great food for a very reasonable price, what do you want more ? Another magic place not to miss in Chiang Mai.

I am now in Bangkok after a strenuous 14 hours bus transfer following the cancellation of Nok Air flights. Bad luck I guess but the 1st class Nakhornchai busses are comfortable enough to support such a long punishment. Let now the plan to conquer the Samut Prakan boy's heart now go into action !

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