14 October 2011

Halcyon days or ...

Rayong boy in Gayromeo
Rayong boy in Gayromeo
Thirty three hours more and I will land at Suwanaphum airport .. or wherever. I made more planning this time than ever and everything could as well be cancelled because of the terrible floods that thai people have to face now.

I can only hope that I will be able to fly from Don Muang to Phitsanulok on next Tuesday ; from there, it will be travelling the way I like it : a car, a boy - my boyfriend of eight years - and freedom to stop and to go wherever we wish. Should the weather be nice, it could be great from Mae Sot to Chiang Mai via Mae Hong Son .. albeit without any boy bar (except one I have spotted in Pai).

Until then, I have only to pray that Saphan Kwai will stay dry so that I can taste the atmosphere once again. If no one of the Camfrog boys is free, it could as well be a trip to some massage place in the Silom area ... And if the area is wet, the closest boy bar is only one hundred meters from my hotel.

Holidays have begun and the magic is here once again.


Frischmix said...

Enjoy your time. And spend some money for the poor flood victims.
i watch some youtube-vids.
Verry terrible.
But i think any tourist should go coz they need every baht...

naklua said...

Have fun!
Gayromeo boy looks hot...