25 September 2011


Waterfall boy
Waterfall boy

Thai are crazy with waterfalls ... OK some are worth the visit but many others are really very ordinary, at least for this mountain boy.

However I guess that this eagerness to visit the slightest cascade could have something to do with the atmosphere that you generally find in these places. They offer a nice relief for those wanting to escape the scorching heat, and especially during week-ends, many people gather with their families or whatever group they belong. Could this be the main reason why waterfalls attract so many people ?


christianpfc said...

Watching Thai men swimming at a waterfall and hooking up with one of them is a phantasy of mine, I hope I can fulfil it one day.

I think I know the boy in the picture last year, he now lives in Europe.

abgimi@gmail.com said...

Care to recommend some good ones near bkk? I'll be visiting in April. Thanks.