02 May 2010

Uncertain times

I am currently not in Thailand and far from being there … in fact I am just in the middle of my stay in Farangland and it is still five months and a half before I land again in Suwanaphum – flight booked since one month

Despite being very busy at work, I keep tightly in touch with what's going on in Thailand now and I understand the situation is very hot and could change for the worst at short notice. My opinion about all this doesn't matter except for the fact that all this mess is a very sad time for thai people whom I like so much, and beginning with the Highest Person in the country.

And also it seems another step in a downwards spiral which could bring Thailand to a point where I would not be interested to go there again … I am far from it now, having invested so much time and passion to learn this country, loving it so much and still being excited to go there as if it were the first trip.

You should see me recording thai music on my MP3 for my next trip … Or answering with all the details an inquiry about Ubon gay places on a gay webboard (which gave me a strong desire to plan a short visit there very soon …). Not what you could imagine from a respected mature adult …

Would I go if I were to leave in two weeks ? Of course yes but I would be very worried, not so much about my own security but because of all the hindrances the reds' actions would put across my way. I can live in Bangkok without setting a foot in Silom and Siam Square for sure, although I would miss my frequent jaunts to Dicks Café or the Soi Pratuchai massage places. From what I understand, my beloved Saphan Kwai area is not affected at all, and Saranrom area is still brimmed with boys at night - cute as ever and more willing than ever from what I understand on a thai website - although they moved a little further from the former area.

What is more disturbing are the road checks, time losses, and everything which could happen which would thwart the most carefully scheduled plans … This is why nothing is planned yet : I intended at first to go in Chiang Mai again with short stops in Uthai Thani and Phitsanuloke (where I just heard of a new gay bar) but am now more inclined towards Isaan.

Anyway being able to go there again would be so great in itself in these uncertain times that everything else will come as a bonus.