30 October 2007


I have just come back from 4 days in Chiang Mai ... and as Nok Air had cancelled the CNX-UTH flight I had reserved, I am now in Bangkok instead of going to Udon Thani ... not worth the trouble and the additional time even if the alternative proposals I had from Nok were quite acceptable.

I loved Chiang Mai even if I could not do all what I had planned to do ... the bike shop which should have been near the hotel was no more, so I gave up riding up the mountains and instead chose to hang around in town... and god I was not disappointed ! Nice faces everywhere, treasures at every corner especially as long as school had not started again.

Same same in the bars : Chiang Mai venues are almost ladyboy-free, at least in the bars where I went, and everywhere there was a flavour of masculinity which was a nice change from Pattaya... And they are not too hysteric about the famous age limit which would divide sick paedos from healthy gays ... some boys in the Night Bazaar bars are probably borderline, and if I did not take any of them, it is because I found a serious and loving 22 y/o guy from Burma who made my evenings. The younger ones were pleasant eye candy though.

And last but not least, I had the nicest massage in a not well known place on Chang Phuak soi 2 ... Marn Maai Chai Kha or something like that, easy to spot with the Golden Ball maps in hand ... I entered there at 3 pm not knowing if there will be anyone, and from 7 or 8 guys I chose Art, a 19 y/o male (and I mean, male) who had just come from Mae Rim. The massage was sensual but serious, the boy was not too keen to go too far with the happy ending but his skin and his face were so arousing that it did not take long for me to be sent very high in the skies. I guess that he will be already less shy when you will go there.

A more complete review will follow, but for the time being, I plan to rent a taxi to hang around the Sanam Luang surroundings, and perhaps have one night in Khorat to get my fix of Isaan atmosphere.

23 October 2007


I am now in Pattaya and will go back to Bangkok as soon as to-morrow ... not that I do not like here but I won't want to be in a hurry for the flight to Chiang Mai next Friday. And there is another reason which has just appeared this afternoon in the person of a young lao beauty who has never been in Bangkok ... I will happily be a guide for him and show how you get on the subway, where is MBK and how the Silom bars look like ...

Lao boy in Pattaya
Lao beauty

So sorry for bringing him far from Pattaya (where he had just arrived) for two days : it is only temporary, well that is at least what I am thinking now some minutes before meeting him again. I just hope no farang has already picked him, he his a semi-god with the greatest smile I ever saw in Thailand and the softest voice you could dream of. You will find him from Friday onwards in the #~S¨%<,, Bar.

Pictures are banging together into my mind, at every street corner you stumble into cuties and even in my straight hotel in Pattaya Tai the bell boys, the swimming pool boy, the waiters seem to be in a raging competition to look more beautiful one than another ... You think you have met a jewel, you go with him, only to find the next day that there is a still more sparkling gem in a place where you did not expect to find anyone.

18 October 2007

First hours in gay Bangkok

Sure the first hours in Thailand are not the best moment to update the blog ... in fact I think I will have to do some cheating like for last year's updates : short live messages that will be completed and expanded once back at home (at least if this scared time should happen).

China Town from a Motorbike
My first visit was for bringing some money to Kong, a friend of my Swiss living friend Tok (see posts in October 2006) ; I had met Tok at the airport and he had asked me to bring some swiss francs to Kong. This allowed me to go for the first time in China Town at night, and it was a real mess to find my way among all these busy streets teeming with people.

I then went to the Saphan Khwai bars and was overwhelmed by the quality of the boys I found in Charmming and in Eagle Pub : the word seems to spread out as there were altogether four farangs in Charmming, which I had never seen before. I offed a tall and cute guy from Tak, a real beauty even if the sex was not so good (probably my fault as I had not met a thai guy since so long ...) ; if we were here on a thai weebboard, I could give details especially about his assets which were in line with what the mamasan had described to me before (but they were not the main reason why I took him).

He did not stay the whole night so I went out again in Be High gogo bar which was very quiet : ordinary but nice manly boys, no more than 8 of them as this was late and on a week day) ; I chatted for a long time with a Pathum Thani guy but there was no question of another "off" as I was feeling an urgent need to go sleeping ...

To-night I should visit some places in Silom and to-morrow I go back to Pattaya - for improving my health, as I already explained before. I will perhaps meet Tam, whose status is now "boyfriend-whom-I-lost-contact-with-but-whom-I-still-love". Just in case I brought a gift for him.

16 October 2007

Gateway to paradise

Geneva airport
The Geneva Cointrin airport (GVA) is a small airport which a lot of rich and powerful people frequently use ... Geneva is one of the few towns in the world which can be described as an international place : its symbol is the famous water fountain which sprays from the lake (you can guess it in the upper part of the picture).

GVA is also a curiosity, being both a French and a Swiss airport : when it was built, the swiss had not enough space for it and had to build part of the runways on the French territory (low left side of the picture) : so there is now a small french sector, very convenient if you are french and your thai friend has no swiss visa ... As for me, although being french, I generally use the swiss part which is much more convenient.

And it is also the place where I should arrive in three hours time, being the first step of a so-awaited holiday in Thailand ...

13 October 2007

Cloud nine

Gboysiam boy

Three nights at home, one night on the plane and .. here I am for this so much awaited holiday in Thailand. I should land in Bangkok next Wednesday shortly after noon, and I already know this will be a time of huge happiness.

For the time being, I am on cloud nine, checking once again the boards (so many bars to visit !), packing the bags for endless hours, and wondering what this trip will be like. It is a very special feeling to think that after reading the Pattaya Weekly Report for eleven months from your desk at home, you will read the next one in an internet shop on Pradiphat Road ... or to realise that the boys you see on gboysiam are no more a dream, but could well be a reality at least if you just want it.

By the way my favorite Catmagic (see post from last July) came forward again on the Gboysiam website, but I am a little bit disappointed by his new look ... has no one explained him I am not into boys with a moustache ? He claims to be both top and bottom, and is looking for a maen, meaning he does not like feminine looks. And he is still feeling lonely in Bangkok - can you believe it ?