18 October 2007

First hours in gay Bangkok

Sure the first hours in Thailand are not the best moment to update the blog ... in fact I think I will have to do some cheating like for last year's updates : short live messages that will be completed and expanded once back at home (at least if this scared time should happen).

China Town from a Motorbike
My first visit was for bringing some money to Kong, a friend of my Swiss living friend Tok (see posts in October 2006) ; I had met Tok at the airport and he had asked me to bring some swiss francs to Kong. This allowed me to go for the first time in China Town at night, and it was a real mess to find my way among all these busy streets teeming with people.

I then went to the Saphan Khwai bars and was overwhelmed by the quality of the boys I found in Charmming and in Eagle Pub : the word seems to spread out as there were altogether four farangs in Charmming, which I had never seen before. I offed a tall and cute guy from Tak, a real beauty even if the sex was not so good (probably my fault as I had not met a thai guy since so long ...) ; if we were here on a thai weebboard, I could give details especially about his assets which were in line with what the mamasan had described to me before (but they were not the main reason why I took him).

He did not stay the whole night so I went out again in Be High gogo bar which was very quiet : ordinary but nice manly boys, no more than 8 of them as this was late and on a week day) ; I chatted for a long time with a Pathum Thani guy but there was no question of another "off" as I was feeling an urgent need to go sleeping ...

To-night I should visit some places in Silom and to-morrow I go back to Pattaya - for improving my health, as I already explained before. I will perhaps meet Tam, whose status is now "boyfriend-whom-I-lost-contact-with-but-whom-I-still-love". Just in case I brought a gift for him.

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