23 October 2007


I am now in Pattaya and will go back to Bangkok as soon as to-morrow ... not that I do not like here but I won't want to be in a hurry for the flight to Chiang Mai next Friday. And there is another reason which has just appeared this afternoon in the person of a young lao beauty who has never been in Bangkok ... I will happily be a guide for him and show how you get on the subway, where is MBK and how the Silom bars look like ...

Lao boy in Pattaya
Lao beauty

So sorry for bringing him far from Pattaya (where he had just arrived) for two days : it is only temporary, well that is at least what I am thinking now some minutes before meeting him again. I just hope no farang has already picked him, he his a semi-god with the greatest smile I ever saw in Thailand and the softest voice you could dream of. You will find him from Friday onwards in the #~S¨%<,, Bar.

Pictures are banging together into my mind, at every street corner you stumble into cuties and even in my straight hotel in Pattaya Tai the bell boys, the swimming pool boy, the waiters seem to be in a raging competition to look more beautiful one than another ... You think you have met a jewel, you go with him, only to find the next day that there is a still more sparkling gem in a place where you did not expect to find anyone.

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