16 October 2007

Gateway to paradise

Geneva airport
The Geneva Cointrin airport (GVA) is a small airport which a lot of rich and powerful people frequently use ... Geneva is one of the few towns in the world which can be described as an international place : its symbol is the famous water fountain which sprays from the lake (you can guess it in the upper part of the picture).

GVA is also a curiosity, being both a French and a Swiss airport : when it was built, the swiss had not enough space for it and had to build part of the runways on the French territory (low left side of the picture) : so there is now a small french sector, very convenient if you are french and your thai friend has no swiss visa ... As for me, although being french, I generally use the swiss part which is much more convenient.

And it is also the place where I should arrive in three hours time, being the first step of a so-awaited holiday in Thailand ...

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